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IDHS: ***DRAFT FOR COMMENTS*** TANF State Plan for January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021
Public Posting Announcement: Draft TANF State Plan Illinois prepared the draft Temporary Assistance to Needy Families TANF State plan renewal effective January 1, 2020, in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, and in accordance with Title IV-A, Section 401 of the Social Security Act SSAas amended.
Illinois' new State Plan makes only minor changes to its currently approved State Plan; the only substantive changes are indicated by the following symbol:.
The Draft State Plan will be posted on the Illinois Department of Human Services website for a 45 day public comment period.
Public comments should be mailed to: Terri Vaniter, Illinois TANF Director, 100 S.
The Plan retains and builds upon concepts successfully implemented in recent years that have dramatically altered welfare in Illinois and provided the impetus for thousands of families to become fully or partially self-supporting.
The Plan describes the program to be administered commencing January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2021.
The Illinois Department of Human Services IDHS is the administering agency.
Families Families must contain at least one eligible child under the age of 18, or under the age of 19 if attending secondary school full time and may contain no more than two adult caretakers who are related to the children.
All siblings residing in the home, including half siblings of children included in the assistance unit, must be included in the assistance unit.
Parents of the children living with them must be included in the assistance family unit, and their income must be considered when determining eligibility and assistance levels.
Other related caretakers may choose to be included in or excluded from the assisted family unit if they have insufficient income to support themselves according to agency standards.
They are not required to be included.
Pregnant women and, if living in the home, their husbands, with no children in the home, may be eligible upon application and verification of her pregnancy.
To be eligible a child must live with a caretaker adult related to the child to the fifth degree of consanguinity.
Children and their married minor parent s under age 18 living with the minor parent's parents will be considered separate family units from their parents and siblings.
If both legal parents are living with the children, one or both are minors, and they are not married, they will be considered a separate family unit even if living with the children's grandparents.
An unmarried parent under the age of 18 and the minor's children will be included in any existing assistance unit of the minor parent's parents if all three generations are living together.
Minor Parents Unmarried parents under the age of 18 and their children living with them will be assisted only if residing with their parent, legal guardian or other adult relative, or in an adult supervised arrangement as identified in Section 408 a 5 of the Social Security Act.
The unmarried parent may receive assistance for up to six months while an adult-supervised living arrangement is located.
Families headed by unmarried parents under age 18 are exempted from this requirement if the adult parents or guardians are deceased or their whereabouts are unknown, the minor or a child's https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/royal-vegas-casino-bonus-code-2020.html or emotional health or safety would be in danger living with the adult parent or guardian, or the adult parents or guardians will not allow the minor parent and child to live with them.
The five-year time limit on receipt of assistance does not apply to minor parents under age 18.
Minor parents under age 20, married or unmarried, with no child under the age of 12 weeks must attend school unless they have successfully completed high school or have a GED certificate.
Disabled Person Individuals who receive disability benefits from Supplemental Security Slot car racing 2020 SSISocial Security, Railroad Retirement, or Black Lung, based on their disability are not eligible for TANF cash assistance if the benefit level equals or exceeds the difference in the payment level between the individual being included or excluded in the assistance payment.
However, the disability income up to the SSI level for an individual with no other income is disregarded when determining the TANF eligibility and payment amount for the other family members.
The preceding paragraphs also apply to individuals receiving benefits from the Veterans Administration based on a 100% disability.
Temporary Absence from the Home Assistance for a child may be continued if the child is temporarily absent from the home for a period not to exceed three months.
The child's absence does not affect eligibility if the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services certifies the child will shortly be returned to the home.
In no instance are children eligible to receive assistance concurrently in more than one case.
TANF eligibility is not affected whenever the caretaker relative is temporarily absent from the home for a period that does not exceed three months.
Residence Families assisted by the Illinois TANF Program must be residents of Illinois.
Illinois residence is established by living in the State and having no current intent to leave.
Illinois does not treat families moving into the State from other states differently than other families.
The rental or ownership of a home is not required for the establishment of residence.
Those without a fixed permanent home are Illinois residents if staying within the State with no intent to leave.
If a family is homeless the Responsibility and Services Plan RSP will focus on helping to stabilize the housing situation.
Citizenship Status TANF cash assistance in Illinois will be available to citizens of the United States and to the noncitizens specified below with any applicable limitations.
There are limited exceptions to click to see more as detailed in some of the categories described below.
Noncitizens who receive TANF will participate fully in the program.
The same benefits and services available to others will be provided to eligible noncitizens.
Felons Probation and parole violators and fugitive felons will not click assisted.
Persons who have been convicted of a Class X or Class 1 felony for an act occurring after August 21, 1996, involving the possession, use, or distribution of a controlled substance under Illinois, or comparable Federal, law are ineligible to receive TANF.
Other persons who have been convicted of any other drug-related felony under Illinois or Federal law and are not in or have not successfully completed treatment or aftercare will be ineligible for two years.
Aftercare includes programs such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, which can be used while the individual waits for an open treatment slot or that meets the continuing requirements of a successfully completed program.
The remainder of the family may be eligible if the convicted individual is not the only child in the family.
However, the income and resources of the excluded parent or child will be considered available to the family.
An individual convicted in State or Federal court of misrepresenting an address to receive assistance from programs funded by the TANF grant, Title XIX, the Food Stamp Act of 1977, or the Supplemental Security Income Program in two or more states is ineligible to participate in the Illinois TANF Program for a ten-year period beginning with the date of conviction.
Assets A family's assets are not considered in the determination of TANF eligibility.
An earnings disregard will be applied at application in the amount of the difference between the Assistance Payment Level and 50% of the Federal Poverty Level FPL for the applicable family size.
Applicants will not be eligible if the monthly income, less the earnings disregard if applicableexceeds the Assistance Payment Level.
Except as specified in the following sentence, applicants for TANF will not have three of every four dollars earned exempted when determining eligibility.
However, employed families who received TANF during the six months prior to application, who lost eligibility because of their earnings and child support, and for whom child support payments have ceased, will receive the earned income exemption when TANF eligibility is determined.
Families already found eligible for assistance who are working will remain eligible until their earned income, minus the earned income disregard, plus their unearned income is greater than the appropriate Assistance Payment Level.
The earned income disregard is three of every four dollars earned, i.
All earnings of children receiving assistance are disregarded.
Payments based on the disability status of a parent in the home are disregarded in amounts up to the Supplemental Security Income payment level for one person with no income.
This disregard is applied to disability benefits from Link Security, Railroad Retirement, Veterans' Administration if the disability is 100%and Black Lung.
Unearned income from sources specified as exempt from consideration click the following article law is disregarded when determining eligibility and payment amounts.
Department of Agriculture donated foods surplus commodities.
This includes both the benefits click here known as the circuit breaker and "additional grants.
Families with earnings include those engaged in wage supplementation programs, On the Job Training, Job Corps, VISTA, Work Study, or any other program that pays wages in exchange for services.
Unearned income from other sources is considered dollar for dollar when determining eligibility and assistance payment levels.
The "per person" share is based on the payment level size for the following persons: TANF clients included in the case, the excluded spouse, and any dependents of either spouse who are not included in the TANF unit.
The remaining amount is deemed available to the assistance unit and deducted from the Assistance Payment Level.
Lump sum payments are considered as income in the month received.
Payment levels The Payment Levels are flat, monthly standard amounts and are established for all counties.
The amount for an assistance unit is based on the number in the assistance unit and the presence of an adult in the assistance unit.
The TANF payment amounts shall be apportioned so that 75% of the grant will be designated for the child or children of the assistance unit and 25% shall be designated for the adult member or members of the assistance unit.
Working families receiving TANF will file a report of earned income following the end of the fifth month of each six-month period.
Paystubs for amounts received during the fifth month are submitted with the report.
The report and paystubs will be used as a basis to forecast earnings and hours for the following six months and to determine the amount of earnings to be considered for reducing the assistance payment.
The monthly countable earnings visit web page will not be changed unless the family reports a change.
If the client reports that the job has ended, earnings will stop being deducted for the month after the last paycheck is received.
This system brings stability to the family's assistance payment and aligns reporting requirements with SNAP.
Employment and Child Support Requirement TANF will not be provided to families if an adult refuses, without good cause, to be available for work or refuses, without good cause, to pursue child support enforcement.
In the first 30 days after application, individuals are expected to work toward stabilizing their family situation and are not required to engage in work activities.
Once approved, if they fail to cooperate with an aspect of the Responsibility and Services Plan RSPor fail to cooperate with a child support enforcement activity without good cause, the progressive sanction policy contained in Article VII of this Plan will apply.
Individuals who have been cooperative in employment and child support activities and subsequently state they are not available for work or will not cooperate with child support enforcement and good cause is not present are subject to the provisions of this Topic.
If good cause exists for failing to cooperate with the RSP or with a child support enforcement activity, a cash penalty or sanction will not be imposed.
A statement refusing to participate in child support activities without good cause during the application process results in family ineligibility.
For an active client, failure to follow an RSP with no verbal refusal to participate in either the employment or child support programs is a circumstance subject to the sanction provisions contained in Article VII of this Plan.
When an individual maintains, without good cause, an inability or refusal to be available for work activities or child support enforcement, an explanation of the consequences is provided.
If, after receiving the explanation, the client continues non-participation, existing benefits will be terminated.
All denial or termination actions based on this policy will be reviewed by a higher administrative level to assure proper application of the policy.
Personal Responsibility Responsibility and Services Plan All adults and minor parents applying for or receiving assistance will be required to sign a Responsibility and Services Plan RSP and follow through with its provisions.
The RSP will be periodically updated and staff will monitor the family's progress and compliance.
The goal of each person's RSP is to obtain the skills needed to become employed.
Based on the Family Assessment, the RSP may include assignment to core and non-core work and training activities, as well as address child immunization, appropriate school attendance, family well-being, and economic self-support goals.
However, a sanction will not be imposed if good cause exists for the failure to adhere to the RSP.
The failure of the Department to make available a supportive service agreed upon in the RSP as necessary for complying with the RSP is always considered good cause.
School Attendance TANF families shall be subject to the School Attendance Initiative.
The Initiative is a partnership among IDHS, Community-Based Organizations CBOand local elementary and middle schools that choose to participate.
The schools define initial indicators of truancy and refer the family to a CBO for services designed to improve the child's attendance.
If the family fails to participate in the CBO program or attendance fails to improve, the assistance payment is directed to an alternate payee for its management.
If the truant behavior is not corrected within three months, the family is subject to the sanction provisions in Topic VII of this Plan.
Child Support Parents will be required to cooperate in establishing paternity for children born out-of-wedlock and in securing child support enforcement.
This is both a Federal and State limit.
Assistance provided to families with both parents present and able to work with 35 hours of earnings per week will be provided from State funds not reported as MOE only and will not be counted against the 60-month limit.
Assistance provided to families headed by minor parents will also be provided by State funds reported as MOE only and not counted against the 60-month limit.
Applicants for the Illinois TANF Program will be orally informed of the time click and will be provided with a clearly written explanation of them.
If the client is in the appeal stage of the SSI application, there must be legal or advocacy representation, unless the client can show legal representation is unavailable.
An exception to the 60-month limit will be granted for this reason only if the client's involvement in the program precludes the ability to obtain or retain employment of at least 30 hours per week.
L which allows a month to not be counted towards the 60-month limit.
The client must request an exception in writing.
A written request for an exception may be filed at any time and will be required if the client makes a new application for TANF after the 60 month limit has been exhausted.
The client will be informed of the decision on the request in writing.
IDHS will periodically review each case to determine if it still meets the criteria for an exception.
When IDHS determines the client is no longer eligible for an exception, the client will be notified in writing and will be provided an additional three 3 months of TANF eligibility.
A family's TANF payment will not increase as a result of a strike.
Families with strikers may receive TANF if they would have been eligible immediately before the strike began.
Workers locked out of a worksite are not considered strikers even if the lockout is a response to a strike.
Application Disposition and Initial Date of Eligibility All applications for TANF are to have a disposition made within 45 days.
If the family is eligible the assistance begins on the 30th day after the date of application.
Redetermination of Eligibility Every effort will be made to complete a redetermination of eligibility timely and accurately in accordance with Federal guidelines.
Program Model Illinois will provide self-sufficiency activities for adults and minor parents in accordance with the following model subject to the availability of limited resources.
The family assessment serves as a basis for creation of the RSP, and the monitoring of the progress of the individual in fulfilling the activities of the RSP is used to identify when an individual is ready to engage in work.
Clients who are identified as having substance abuse problems which prevent them from maintaining successful employment will be referred for treatment.
Clients who do not participate in treatment will be subject to sanction.
Supportive services include child care, transportation, books, fees e.
Supportive services of transportation, employment expenses, costs of books and fees will be provided to clients in accordance with their RSP.
Child care will be provided via the State's Child Care Program which is funded, in part, by the Federal Child Care and Development Fund.
Services in general will be available Statewide.
However, each area of the State within IDHS and the community will be asked to develop, coordinate, and target resources needed to serve the population in the area.
Partnerships will be developed with the Workforce Investment Area WIA program, adult education providers, community colleges, employment and training centers, community-based organizations, and substance abuse, mental health and domestic violence providers to develop a comprehensive service delivery system for the TANF population.
Work and Training Participation Requirements A.
Work Eligible Individuals - Exclusions A work eligible individual is an adult receiving cash assistance under the TANF Program or under a Separate State Program for whom Maintenance of Effort MOE expenses are claimed or a non-recipient parent living with a child receiving assistance, unless the individual is excluded.
Work eligible individuals are included in the Federal work participation rate.
F of this Plan.
The other individuals receiving assistance under a Solely State Funded Program for whom MOE expenses are not claimed may be required to participate in work and training activities.
Individuals Included in the Federal Participation Rate but Exempt from Work Participation Requirement Individuals age sixty or older who receive assistance under TANF or under a Separate State Program for whom Maintenance of Effort MOE expenses are claimed are included in the Federal work participation rate but are excluded from the work participation requirement per State policy.
Work and Training Activities A.
Unsubsidized Employment Unsubsidized employment is full or part-time employment in the public or private sector where the employer is not subsidized by the TANF Program or any other public program.
Self-employment is included as unsubsidized employment and includes farming, sales, small business, domestic work, and providing child care.
Subsidized Employment Subsidized employment is paid employment in the private or public sector for which the employer receives a subsidy from public funds to offset some or all of the wages and costs of employment.
The purpose of subsidized employment is to increase the employability of the client by providing needed work experience that will help transition the client to unsubsidized employment.
Work Experience Work experience is a work activity that is performed in return for TANF and SNAP benefits.
Partnerships with individual employers are created to provide individuals with experience in a work setting to develop work skills while receiving their TANF assistance.
Work First Illinois' pay after performance work experience program under the TANF Program is Work First.
Work First enables individuals to develop work skills and work habits while earning their assistance as if it were a paycheck.
This program seeks to open doors of potential employers for TANF participants.
Community Service Community Service is a structured program of activities in which the client performs work for the direct benefit of the community.
Community Service programs serve a useful community purpose in fields of health, social service, environmental protection, education, urban and rural redevelopment, welfare, recreation, public facilities, public safety, and child care.
The goal of Community Services is to improve the employability of a client.
Vocational Education Vocational education training is an organized educational program that is directly related see more the preparation of an individual for a specific occupation that requires training other than a bachelor's or advanced degree.
Vocational education programs are provided by vocational-technical schools and may also include degree or certificate programs based in secondary schools but may not consist of secondary school training.
Vocational education programs may also be provided by postsecondary educational institutions.
Clients may participate in vocational education for up to 12 months without a work requirement.
Job Search and Job Readiness Activities Job Search is the act of seeking or obtaining employment.
Job Readiness is the preparation necessary for a person to seek or obtain employment.
Job Readiness includes barrier reduction services such as substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, and rehabilitation activities.
Job Skills Training Job Skills training is training or education for https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/dimensions-of-a-crap-table.html skills required by an employer to provide an individual with the ability to obtain employment or to advance or adapt to the changing demands of the workplace.
Job Skills training may be customized training for a specific employer or specific employment.
It may also include participation in training or retraining that develops or enhances skills in the areas of writing, reading, math, oral and written business communication, or new industry technology.
Education Directly Related to Employment Education directly related to employment, in the case of a client who has not received a high school diploma or GED, means education related to a specific occupation, job, or job offer.
This includes adult basic education, English as a Second Language, and GED classes where required as a prerequisite for new illinois casino laws 2020 child support />Satisfactory Attendance at Secondary School Secondary school attendance is an education program for teen parents age 19 or younger who have not completed secondary school or received their GED.
It includes enrollment in a secondary school, a course of study leading to a GED or a basic remedial education.
The degree program must be administered by an educational institution accredited under requirements of State law.
Other Self Sufficiency Activities A.
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Adults identified as having an alcohol or substance problem must participate in treatment unless employed 30 hours or more per week.
Family Violence Program Persons participating in a Family Violence program may also participate in other activities, if recommended by the provider.
Mental Health Treatment A work-eligible adult who is identified as having a mental health issue that presents a barrier to becoming employed must participate in treatment.
Work Verification Plan In accordance with 45 CFR§261.
Sanctions Unfortunately, some clients fail to fulfill the obligations they agreed to and only reconsider when their benefits are affected.
Exempt clients who volunteer to participate in work, education and training activities are best slots in las vegas 2020 subject to sanctions for not complying with those outlined activities.
A sanction is the tool of last resort and represents a failure of the family to be properly engaged in the self-support process.
However, failure to pass the GED test as specified in the RSP is not sanctionable.
Good cause for failing to take indicated actions will be defined in the Illinois Administrative Code.
Sanctions for failure to cooperate will be applied to families participating in the Illinois TANF Program.
The first instance of non-cooperation without good cause will result in the assistance payment being reduced by 50% until the cooperation requirement is satisfied or three months of reduced payments have been issued.
If cooperation has not occurred at the end of three months, the entire assistance payment is discontinued.
The second instance of non-cooperation without good cause will result in the assistance payment being reduced by 50% for a minimum of three months.
If cooperation has not occurred at the conclusion of three months, the entire assistance payment will be discontinued.
The third instance of non-cooperation without good cause will result in the payment being discontinued for a minimum of three months and will not be resumed until cooperation has occurred.
Under each sanction step Illinois will seek to engage the individual in the required activity.
A pre-sanction meeting will be offered to the client prior to the imposition of any sanction.
This meeting will provide the client the opportunity to show good cause or to remedy the situation by immediately complying with the requirement.
When the hours assigned based on this calculation are fewer than 20, the client is deemed to have participated in the 20 core hours needed to meet the Federal participation rate as long as the client completes the maximum number of hours assigned.
In order to count a family as having satisfied the 20-hour core activity requirement when it participates, the maximum number hours allowed by dividing TANF and SNAP benefits by the minimum wage, Illinois adopted a mini-simplified SNAP program.
Under the mini-simplified SNAP program, when a family fails to cooperate with the TANF work activity requirement, both TANF and SNAP benefits are sanctioned with one exception.
If the TANF adult has a child under age 6, the SNAP benefits are not sanctioned.
Client Notifications Applicants for cash assistance will be sent written notification of the disposition of the application.
If the application is denied for all or any family members, the written disposition notification will identify who was denied and who was approved, a statement of the reason for the denial, and a citation of the policy that resulted in the denial.
Families receiving TANF cash assistance will be sent advance notice when an assistance payment is to be reduced or discontinued.
The notice will identify the amount of reduction, the reason for the reduction, and provide a citation of the policy that resulted in the reduction or discontinuance.
The notice will be sent at least ten days prior to the effective date of the action.
If the reduction or discontinuance is caused by a client cooperation factor, such as failing to provide available information to determine eligibility, and the client cooperates within ten days of the date the benefit became or would have become available, assistance will be restored retroactive to the date of reduction or discontinuance.
The preceding paragraph does not apply to notices of anticipated sanctions.
Right to Appeal The application disposition notice, the notices of adverse action, and the written material provided to applicants all contain an explanation of the client's right to appeal.
The client has the right to appeal the failure of IDHS to act upon requests, the failure to accept or process an application for benefits, the failure to provide proper notice of adverse actions, issues of program policy, the amount of assistance determined by IDHS, the new illinois casino laws 2020 child support of an application, and the learn more here or discontinuation of assistance.
If proper notice of the action has been issued by IDHS the client or representative must file the appeal within 60 days after the date of notification.
The 60-day limit is not applied if proper notice was not provided.
If the appeal is filed by the date of the change, or within 10 days of the date of the notice, the action under appeal is not taken until the issue has been resolved.
An administrative hearing is held on appeal issues.
The appellant has the right to be represented, present evidence, and question IDHS' representative.
If the final administrative decision does not resolve the issue to the appellant's satisfaction, the client may opt for a judicial review.
Client Grievance Procedure Applicants and recipients have a client grievance procedure available to use if they believe they have not been treated new illinois casino laws 2020 child support courtesy, consideration, and respect by a staff member.
A management staff member not associated with the grieved action is appointed to investigate the matter.
An informal meeting is held among the parties within 10 days.
The grievant may bring a representative.
Within 15 days of the conference the grievant is informed of any action taken in response to the grievance.
Specific employee discipline actions are not included in the disposition notification.
Vendors contracting with IDHS are required to maintain the same nondiscrimination policy.
Complaints of discriminatory acts or treatment may be filed with the IDHS.
These are investigated and resolved by the IDHS' Equal Employment Officer.
Interpretive Services Interpretive services are made available to assist Limited English Proficiency applicants and recipients.
Interpretive services and TTY devices are available to communicate with individuals who are communication impaired.
Confidentiality Client information may only be used for the administration of the program.
This include establishing the family's initial or continuing eligibility, establishing financial need, establishing services need includes self-support servicesfinding and making needed services and resources available to families, assuring the health and safety of the family members, and assisting the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services in investigating allegations of child abuse or neglect.
Use of information for commercial, personal, or political purposes is prohibited.
Law enforcement agencies are provided the current address of a client for whom they have an outstanding arrest warrant without the family's consent when the law enforcement officer provides the name and Social Security number of the client, evidence that the individual has an outstanding arrest warrant, proof that apprehension of the client is within the officer's official duties, and evidence that the request is made as a proper exercise of the officer's duties.
Families who apply for benefits and contain immigrants will be advised that IDHS will verify their status with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services if the immigrants are applying to be included in the assistance unit, claim to have assistance qualifying immigration status, and provide some documentation of their status.
Applicants will also be advised that IDHS will not verify the status of immigrants unable or unwilling to provide information concerning their status, or not requesting assistance for themselves.
The release or use of information concerning families participating or applying for the Illinois TANF Program is restricted to persons or agency representatives who are subject to standards of confidentiality comparable to those of IDHS.
If IDHS concludes, as a result of the evidence presented at the conference, that the Work Experience Sponsor has caused displacement by use of TANF participants in addition to the participants involved in the grievance, IDHS shall terminate those TANF participants' assignment to that Work Experience.
Retaliation will result in the termination of the Work Sponsor contract.
Additional Program Provisions A.
Benefits Delivery TANF Program benefits are delivered by means of an electronic benefit transfer system, Illinois Link.
Clients may also choose to have their cash benefits directly deposited into their financial institution accounts.
Under Illinois law, it is illegal for any ATM owner to attach surcharges to any cash transaction completed with an Illinois Link card.
The Illinois Link brochure informs recipients they may withdraw cash or request a balance large slot machine wins at an ATM two times per month before being charged a fee, and that they may avoid a fee by withdrawing cash at stores which accept the Illinois Link card and provide cash back.
Statewide Program Uniformity Illinois will assist needy families statewide in an objective and uniform manner.
The monthly income maintenance support level will be determined by the county in which the family resides.
There are three groups of counties and all counties within a group use the same monthly income maintenance levels for each family size.
Individual self-sufficiency planning and support services will also be universally included in the program, although local circumstances may determine the availability of some services.
Child Support Enforcement Link Families who apply for the Illinois TANF Program will in the same action apply for child support enforcement services.
The application process will secure information pertaining to the need for paternity establishment and child support enforcement and electronically transmit this data to the child support enforcement component of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services.
The child support link is vital to self-sufficiency efforts for families with children having an absent parent.
A combination of child support, earnings, and the earned income tax credit are a solid foundation for a family to become independent of assistance.
With the continued aggressive establishment of paternity already initiated by the Illinois Child Support program, and the establishment of new hire reporting, IDHS anticipates even more families will benefit from the receipt of child and spousal support.
In recognition of the importance of the combination of child support and employment, the TANF Program will employ a special disregard of three dollars of every four of excess child support distributed by the child support agency to a family with earnings.
Under Illinois law, an applicant or recipient of assistance automatically assigns support rights to the State.
Recoupment of Overpayments Families participating in the Illinois TANF Program who have received an overpayment of AFDC prior to July 1, 1997 or TANF, and have not repaid the money, will have the overpayment recouped from the TANF payment.
Native American Tribes There are no Native American tribal organizations receiving TANF Block Grant funds in Illinois.
All Native Americans have access to the Illinois TANF Program equal to that of any other Illinois resident.
EBT Use Restrictions Cash benefits may not be used in any Illinois Link transaction in any liquor store; any casino, gambling casino, or gaming establishment; or any retail establishment which provides adult-oriented entertainment in which performers disrobe or perform in an unclothed state for entertainment.
Clients are informed of this prohibition by means of a approval notices; b the Illinois Link brochure; and c posters displayed in each of the Illinois Department of Human Services Family Community Resource Centers.
In addition posters are hung in liquor stores which are not SNAP approved retailers.
The Illinois Casino Gaming Association voluntarily blocks ATMs at all casinos.
Clients may be subject to sanction if they violate this provision.
SECTION 3 - ADDITIONAL USES OF TANF BLOCK GRANT FUNDS AND STATE MAINTENANCE OF EFFORT FUNDS In addition to the program described in this Plan which provides cash assistance and supportive services to needy families meeting the financial criteria contained in Sections III.
For some programs, Illinois will claim qualified third party expenditures toward its MOE requirement via a Memorandum of Understanding with the third party.
Programs Funded by TANF Block Grant Funds The following programs were in Illinois' approved State Plan under Title IV-A on August 21, 1996.
The use of TANF Block Grant funds is authorized under Section 604 a 2 of the Social Security Act 42 USC 604 a 2.
Programs Funded by TANF Block Grant Funds or MOE Funds to Families with Income Below 200% The following programs are provided to eligible families whose income is below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level using TANF Block Grant funds or MOE funds or TANF Emergency Contingency funds.
May include transporting homeless students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6 to their school of origin and picking up homeless youth at their temporary residence.
Outreach programs designed to ensure that all homeless youth and their families are served are included.
Persons are eligible if they have at least one qualifying child living with them and are qualified for the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit.
Programs Funded by TANF Block Grant Funds that Meet Purpose 3 or Purpose 4 The following services meet either Purpose 3 or Purpose 4 under Section 601 a of the Social Security Act 42 USC 601 a.
Purpose 3 is to "prevent and reduce the incidence of out-of-wedlock pregnancies.
Programs Funded by Maintenance of Effort MOE funds: The following services, by their nature, are provided to persons whose income at the time falls below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.
When a client is requesting assistance during their time of crisis we accept their statement that their income is below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.
Subsidized Employment Programs TANF Block Grant funds and MOE funds will also be used to fund subsidized employment programs, including transitional jobs programs.
SECTION 4 - PROGRAMS TO ATTACK DEPENDENCY RELATED ISSUES 2020 casino codes bonus dreams latest no deposit />Teen Pregnancy Prevention Strategies and Programs The most important factors in preventing teen pregnancies are academic success, involvement with a caring adult and the development of expectations for future success after completing school.
Illinois has successfully reduced its teen pregnancy rate from 12.
While the State has been successful in this area, the out-of-wedlock birth percentage has remained steady at approximately 40% i.
To maintain the out-of-wedlock pregnancy rate as well as the reduced teenage pregnancy rate, Illinois continues to focus on teen pregnancy prevention strategies.
Consequently, the services provided feature parental involvement and work with adult mentors; school completion; health education and access to health care; and development of decision-making skills.
The programs emphasize enrichment, recreation, life skills education and mentoring, with active parental involvement.
Intervention strategies include classroom instruction, supervision and mentoring.
Projects may be focused toward junior and senior high school students in the areas of self-concept, nutrition, health education and sexuality education including abstinencealcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse, developmental crisis, peer relationships, violence prevention and improved communication between teens and adults, particularly parents.
Services target 10- to 14-year-old males at risk of school drop-out behavior problems.
Services include Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment EPSDTscreening, immunizations, family planning services on-site or by referralcounseling, health education, acute treatment, sexually transmitted disease STD testing and treatment and school or sports physicals.
Program services include health education, contraceptive services, pregnancy testing and counseling and sexually transmitted disease services.
The ability to avoid unplanned pregnancy is essential for women striving to leave welfare and become economically self-sufficient.
Special training is being provided to local office staff by the Family Planning program to improve staff's knowledge stars casino night 2020 the Family Planning program and to help them encourage women to use family planning services.
TPS is a part of the TANF Employment and Training program.
TPS services include: intensive case management, comprehensive family assessment, individualized counseling, referral to social service agencies, and reimbursement for child care and transportation to attend school or TPS activities.
Since the younger siblings of a teen parent are at increased risk of becoming teen parents themselves, special prevention programs are being developed to serve this population.
Therefore, substance abuse prevention efforts also help reduce teen pregnancy and illegitimacy.
Illinois' substance abuse prevention program is one of the most comprehensive in the nation.
It includes a mix of local, regional and Statewide programs provided by 100 agencies.
Substance abuse prevention programs new illinois casino laws 2020 child support comprehensive projects, gang and violence prevention, maternal and child health projects, services in public housing, and the Illinois Network to Organize the Understanding of Community Health In Touchwhich organizes and coordinates local prevention efforts.
The purpose of ICASA is two-fold: to end sexual assault violence and to alleviate the suffering of sexual assault victims.
To accomplish these goals, ICASA advocates for public policy that prevents sexual violence and are slotastic no deposit bonus july 2020 you sensitivity to victims.
ICASA uses the power of public education to change societal attitudes about the causes and consequences of sexual violence.
These sessions address aged-based offenses and stress consent, pursuing the issue federally defined as "statutory rape" statutorily referenced as "sexual assault" in Illinois.
The courses are provided to both males and females, targeting the prevention of teen pregnancy.
ICASA's Training Institute also conducts Statewide conferences focused on education, counseling and advocacy.
Employees of IDHS and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services participate in the conferences.
SECTION 5 - PROGRAMS TO PROMOTE HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS AND MARRIAGES The promotion of healthy marriages and healthy relationships is one of the goals of the TANF program.
Illinois supports the formation and maintenance of healthy marriages.
As a component of the Responsibility and Services Plan RSPappropriate adult members of the family may be referred to IDHS' and community-based organizations' workshops geared toward the promotion of healthy relationships and co-parenting skills.
Illinois will operate a child support enforcement program under the State Plan approved under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.
Illinois will operate a foster care and adoption assistance program under the State Plan approved under Title IV-E of the Social Security Act, and the state will take such actions as are necessary to ensure that children receiving assistance under such part are eligible for medical assistance under the State Plan pursuant to Title XIX of the Social Security Act.
The Illinois Department of Human Services is authorized to administer and operate the TANF Program.
Illinois assures that local governments and private sector organizations have been consulted regarding the plan and design of welfare services in the State so that services are provided in a manner appropriate to local populations.
Illinois assures that local governments and private sector organizations have had at least 45 days to submit comments on the State Plan and the design of such services.
Illinois will provide each Native American with equitable access to assistance under the State program funded under this part attributable to funds provided by the Federal government.
Illinois has established and is enforcing standards and procedures to ensure against program fraud and abuse, including standards and procedures concerning nepotism, conflicts of interest among individuals responsible for the administration and supervision of the State program kickbacks, and the use of political patronage.
The State of Illinois adopts the Domestic Violence Option pursuant to 42 USC §602 2 7.
The State shall make ed slott retirement roadmap 2020 review to the public a summary of this State Plan upon request.
Signature on file JB Pritzker, Governor State of Illinois.

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TOBACCO BILLS: Bills aimed at curbing where Illinoisans can use electronic. which lawmakers used this year to clean up new laws and pass new bills. Without that technical bill, its supporters said, those new gambling. moved the bill out of the House with strong bipartisan support in the. Jan 2, 2020.

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New 2020 Illinois laws include legal weed, minimum wage hike - Chicago Tribune
The rights must be posted on the public website of specified state agencies, and in a prominent place in the office of every health care provider, day-care center, Head Start location and community center.
PUBLIC UNIVERSITY UNIFORM ADMISSION ACT Public Act 101-448, House Bill 26 By the 2020-2021 academic year, NIU, SIU, WIU, and EIU shall create a 4-year uniform admission system pilot program.
The program will require the universities to admit any student who graduates in the top 10% of their high school class or has a grade point average that falls within the top 10% of their graduating class in one of the two school years prior to the academic year for which the student is applying for college admission.
EXTENDING USE OF THE STATE SEAL OF BILITERACY Public Act 101-222, House Bill 37 The State Seal of Biliteracy is a designation available to graduates of public high schools who attain proficiency in a second language.
The new law extends the designation to students at private high schools.
ENHANCING CRIMINAL PENALTIES ON VIOLENCE IN PLACES OF WORSHIP Public Act 101-223, House Bill 38 This legislation adds, as an aggravating factor to the sentencing of a first-degree murder, when the victim was a member of a congregation engaged in prayer or other religious activities at a place of worship.
An assault or battery committed in a place of worship is enhanced to an aggravated assault or aggravated battery.
PROVIDING PROTECTIONS FOR PEOPLE WHO DEAL WITH DEBT COLLECTORS Public Act 101-168, House Bill 88 This new law helps to prevent debt collectors from taking advantage of economically-disadvantaged people against whom judgments are issued in small claims court.
It also limits the revival of the judgments to no more than ten years after entry of the judgment and allows dormant judgments to continue only with court supervision and a wage deduction order.
EXPANDING ELIGIBILITY FOR EDUCATION SENTENCING CREDITS FOR INMATES Public Act 101-440, House Bill 94 Under this law, an inmate who is currently serving a sentence under truth-in-sentencing is now eligible for sentencing credits for satisfactory completion of rehabilitative programming in the Department of Corrections DOC ; however, an inmate serving a sentence of natural life is not entitled to sentencing credits.
CLARIFYING AND UPDATING THE FIRE INVESTIGATION ACT Public Act 101-82, House Bill 105 This legislation amends the Fire Investigation Act by clarifying the jurisdiction and local authority of home- rule governments with respect to inspections and enforcement.
The Act clarifies language in areas of current notice, corrective actions and administrative order processes; also clarifies procedures relative to rulemaking.
The new language replaces a previous requirement that applicants must be at least 20 years of age and have completed two years of law enforcement studies.
The amendment should increase participation by tax purchasers and allow for more competitive bidding.
The legislation also requires that, if property contains a hazardous substance, hazardous waste or an underground storage tank, the court may order the holder of the certificate of purchase to assign the certificate to the county collector opinion kudos casino no deposit bonus codes november 2020 talk request of the collector.
ALLOWING GRADUATE STUDENT WORKERS TO UNIONIZE AND COLLECTIVELY BARGAIN Public Act 101-380, House Bill 253 The Educational Labor Relations Act is amended to include all graduate student workers at public universities so they can unionize and bargain collectively.
The law would pertain to graduate-level research assistants, pre- professional graduate assistants, graduate-level teacher assistants and all other graduate-level assistants.
REPORTING OF K-12 SCHOOL CLASS SIZE DATA Public Act 101-451, House Bill 254 With a goal of improving education transparency, this new law requires that no later than January 31, 2021, and annually thereafter, the Illinois State Board of Education ISBE must post to its website information about actively employed teachers within each school district, pupil-teacher ratios for each school district, class instructors by grade level and subject for each district, and class sizes in each school.
School districts must report the information to ISBE no later than November 16, 2020, and annually thereafter and also post it to their websites.
It further allows that commissioner to issue a stop-work order upon the finding and allows stop-work orders to be issued at extra hazardous employers during an investigation.
INCREASING THE NUMBER OF SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS ON COOK COUNTY ROADS Public Act 101-42, House Bill 331 This new law creates the Tamara Clayton Expressway Camera Act.
It allows the State Police, Illinois Department of Transportation IDOT and the Illinois Tollway to create a program to increase the number of surveillance cameras along expressways in Cook County.
The new law establishes the parameters for using electronic monitoring, including notification requirements and privacy protection guidelines.
It provides that assault, aggravated assault, battery, and aggravated battery shall also constitute abuse with regard to financial exploitation, abuse, or neglect of an elderly person or a person with a disability.
The finding disqualifies the abuser from receiving any property, benefit, or other interest upon the death of the elderly person or person with a disability.
INCLUSIVE TRAINING FOR EDUCATORS Public Act 101-85, House Bill 355 In an effort to give more support and training to general education teachers who work with special education students custom slot 2020 quick bdo their classrooms, this new click here provides that professional development for teachers may include training on inclusive practices in the classroom that examines instructional and behavioral strategies that improve academic and social-emotional outcomes for all students, with or without disabilities, in a general education setting.
GATHERING DATA ABOUT THE USE OF ELECTRONIC MONITORING AND GPS MONITORING Public Act 101-231, House Bill 386 This new law requires DOC and the Prisoner Review Board to publish certain information annually about evidence-based assessments, questionnaires, or other instruments used to set conditions of release, and also certain information about the usage of electronic monitoring and GPS monitoring as a condition of parole and supervised release.
IEP MEETING INTERPRETER STANDARDS Public Act 101-124, House Bill 424 Under current law regarding individualized education programs IEP for students with disabilities, one or more parents are required to be present or be afforded the opportunities to be present.
To ensure that parents with limited English proficiency can get the best results for their child, this new law requires ISBE to establish the criteria, standards, and competencies for a bilingual language interpreter at such meetings.
PHARMACY BENEFIT MANAGER REGULATIONS Public Act 101-452, House Bill 465 To help address high prescription drug costs, this law establishes a number of new regulations and oversights on Pharmacy Benefit Managers PBMthird-party administrators of prescription drug programs.
It requires them to be registered with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services HFSnotify the Department of a conflict of interest, and provide certain disclosures.
PBMs are prohibited from limiting the information a pharmacist can disclose, like more affordable options or requiring a customer to pay a co-pay when the retail price would be lower.
Additionally, a PBM must ensure certain conditions are met before placing a drug on a maximum allowable cost MAC list and there are required contractual provisions between a PBM and a health insurer.
IML OPEN MEETINGS ACT TRAINING Public Act 101-233, House Bill 814 The Open Meetings Act is amended to permit elected or appointed officials of a municipality to satisfy Open Meetings Act training requirements with training conducted by the Illinois Municipal League.
HOSPITAL CHILD ABUSE ALLEGATION NOTIFICATION Public Act 101-43, House Bill 831 This new law provides that whenever the Department of Children and Family Services DCFS receives a report of suspected child abuse or neglect while the child was in the care of a hospital, DCFS shall notify the Department of Public Health DPH and HFS of the report and send the final finding to the directors of both those agencies.
The legislation requires each nuclear power plant to provide the ICC with a copy of the nuclear decommissioning funding assurance stats report and provides that the ICC shall report the information to the General Assembly every two years.
MANDATES INSURANCE COVERAGE OF TICK-BORNE ILLNESSES Public Act 101-371, House Bill 889 Insurance coverage will now be required for long-term antibiotic therapy over 4 weeks for a person with a tick-borne disease.
INCARCERATION REIMBURSEMENT BAN Public Act 101-235, House Bill 900 This act repealed a seldom-used law that allowed DOC to collect reimbursement from inmates for incarceration costs.
LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA Public Act 101-27, House Bill 1438 The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act allows for the recreational use of cannabis by individuals over new illinois casino laws 2020 child support age of 21.
Illinois citizens may possess up to 30 grams of cannabis and out of state individuals may possess up to 15 grams.
Medical cannabis patients may grow up to 5 plants in their residence.
The act establishes guidelines pertaining to expungement of records for possession of cannabis, taxation on cannabis, including numerous changes and additions to Illinois law.
ILLINOIS TRUST CODE Public Act 101-48, House Bill 1471 The use of trusts has increased substantially in recent years in family estate planning and commercial transactions.
Current Illinois law is fragmented between various statutory acts leading to imperfect counsel provided to families and businesses.
In an effort to make trust law more uniform, this law creates the Illinois Trust Code to repeal all or parts of eight Acts and to make conforming changes to an additional 13 Acts to provide for a more uniform Illinois trust law.
DCFS FAMILY SUPPORT CHANGES Public Act 101-237, House Bill 1551 This new act makes numerous changes to the laws governing DCFS.
Children in DCFS custody or under court jurisdiction must be up to date on their well-child visits and immunizations.
Any aftercare services provided by DCFS must begin immediately.
A child protective services investigation is required if the family refuses to cooperate or refuses access to the home or children after a report is made by a 2020 3d slot machine big wins reporter to the statewide reporting telephone number.
In addition, the Auditor General must do a performance audit of DCFS one year after the effective date of this law and a follow-up audit within two years thereafter to determine if DCFS has implemented the recommendations of the first audit.
The act also made updates to the language to be consistent with federal law.
ENGLISH LITERACY CLASS AWARENESS AT SOS FACILITIES Public Act 101-053, House Bill 1557 The Secretary of State must provide a pamphlet or post information informing customers of the availability of literacy and English as a second language classes at every Drivers Services Facility.
THREATS AGAINST SCHOOLS MADE BY MINORS Public Act 101-238, House Bill 1579 Before sentencing a minor for disorderly conduct, where the minor made threats of harm, violence, death, or destruction towards a school or persons in or at the school, the court may order the minor to undergo a mental health evaluation.
The new law requires the student to reimburse the reasonable costs of the emergency response by the public agency unless the minor is determined to be indigent by the court.
ELECTRONIC ARREST WARRANTS Public Act 101-239, House Bill 1583 An arrest warrant may be issued via electronic means, such as email.
In addition, this legislation provides that if an arrest warrant is sought and the request is made by electronic means that have a simultaneous video and audio transmission between the requestor and the judge, the judge may issue an arrest warrant based upon a sworn complaint or sworn testimony communicated in the transmission.
EXPEDITED PROFESSIONAL LICENSES FOR SERVICE MEMBERS Public Act 101-240, Online promo codes 2020 Bill 1652 One staff member will be designated as the military liaison within the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation IDFPR to ensure expedited applications are processed within 60 days.
The military liaison shall provide an annual report documenting the expedited licensure program for service members and spouses, and shall deliver that report to the Secretary of IDFPR and the Lieutenant Governor.
DOUBLES FINES FOR ILLEGALLY PASSING STOPPED SCHOOL BUSES Public Act 101-55, House Bill 1873 Fines are doubled for violations of the law regarding approaching, overtaking, and passing school buses.
PERMITS DEPUTY FIRE CHIEFS TO USE EMERGENCY LIGHTS Public Act 101-56, House Bill 1876 Red or white oscillating, rotating, or flashing emergency lights may be used on a vehicle operated by a qualified deputy fire chief or assistant fire chief in addition to a fire chief.
This change check this out to officers killed in the line of duty after June 30, 2018.
HEALTHY PET MONTH Public Act 101-244, House Bill 2086 The month of April of each year is now designated as Healthy Pet Month.
The plates have no additional fee attached and will be designed by the Secretary of State.
CREATES UNITED NATIONS PROTECTION FORCE LICENSE PLATES Public Act 101-247, House Bill 2119 The Secretary of State may issue United Nations Protection Force license plates to veterans who served in the UN Protection Force in Yugoslavia.
ELIGIBILITY OF SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS CONVICTED OF NONVIOLENT CRIMES Public Act 101-458, House Bill 2121 This legislation is intended to provide more opportunities for those who have been convicted of nonviolent crimes to be school bus drivers.
It changes current law in regards to offenses that prohibit a person from obtaining a school bus drivers permit.
POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER AWARENESS LICENSE PLATE Public Act 101-248, House Bill 2126 This law creates a decal for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness for the universal special license plate.
It creates a special fund in the state treasury that distributes the money in grants to K9s for Veterans.
ELIMINATES STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR CRIMINAL SEXUAL ASSAULT CASES Public Act 101-130, House Bill 2135 Removes the statute of limitation for criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual assault, or aggravated criminal sexual abuse regardless of the age of the victim.
CREATES THE HEALTH IN ALL POLICIES ACT Public Act 101-250, House Bill 2146 The University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, in consultation with DPH, shall convene a workgroup to review legislation and make new policy recommendations relating to the health of residents of the state.
CHILDREN AND YOUNG ADULT MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS ACT Public Act 101-461, House Bill 2154 Insurance coverage is required for evidence-based early treatment models for psychosis and other serious mental health conditions for youth under age 26.
doubleu casino mod apk 2020 is required to restructure the program to streamline eligibility, promote family engagement and enable early treatment for children and young adults with high mental health needs under the age of 26.
It new illinois casino laws 2020 child support for certain percentage funding levels for specified components of the Family Support Program and requires HFS to develop a public awareness campaign to increase awareness of the program.
The law also creates and addresses Medicaid billing issues to provide for a system or reimbursement and billing for providers.
NO DORMANCY FEES ON REBATE CARDS Public Act 101-462, House Bill 2156 Under this legislation, it is illegal to offer to consumers at retail a rebate made on account live my partypoker rebate card that charges dormancy fees or other post-issuance fees.
PRESCRIPTION DRUGS PRIOR AUTHORIZATION FORM Public Act 101-463, House Bill 2160 This legislation requires the Departments of Insurance and HFS to each develop their own electronic uniform prior authorization request forms for prescription drug benefits and requires insurers and MCOs that provide prescription drug benefits to accept the electronic uniform prior authorization request form.
HIGH SCHOOL MATH GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Public Act 101-464, House Bill 2165 The high school graduation requirement for mathematics is updated by broadening the scope of the geometry component so it may include an integrated, applied, interdisciplinary, or career and technical education course that prepares a student for a career readiness path.
NOTARY PUBLIC NOTIFICATION Public Act 101-465, House Bill 2176 Under this legislation, every public notary who is not an attorney or an accredited immigration representative must, prior to rendering notary services, provide any person seeking notary services with a written acknowledgment, in English and the language used in the advertisement for notary services, that the notary is not a licensed attorney or immigration representative.
A company providing direct-to-consumer commercial genetic testing is prohibited from sharing any genetic test information or other personally identifiable information about a consumer with any health or life insurance company without written consent from the consumer.
SIU BOARD OF TRUSTEES Public Act 101-175, House Bill 2239 The two student members, instead of only one, on the New illinois casino laws 2020 child support of Trustees of Southern Illinois University shall be voting student members.
MENTAL HEALTH PILOT PROGRAMS Public Act 101-61, House Bill 2247 The Department of Human Services DHS shall make funding available to develop and implement community-based pilot programs for persons with or at risk for a mental health diagnosis.
The funding will help provide for local social media campaigns that focus on the prevention or promotion of mental wellness and provide links to mental health services.
To be considered for a pilot program, a provider must be in an area that shows a high need or underutilization of mental health services, collaborate with other systems and government entities that exist in a community, and provide a presence staffed by mental health professionals in natural community settings.
CPS SCHOOLS SUBJECT TO FOIA Public Act 101-88, House Bill 2272 The governing bodies of contract schools within the Chicago Public School system are subject to the Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act.
BUILDING TRADES TRAINING PROGRAM Public Act 101-469, House Bill 2304 Subject to appropriation, the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity DCEO may establish a Training in the Building Trades Program to award grants to community-based organizations for the purpose of establishing training programs for persons who are between 18 and 35 years of age and have an interest in the building trades.
NO CONTACT ORDERS WHILE AWAITING TRIAL Public Act 101-138, House Bill 2308 Judges may now use their authority to issue no contact orders to inmates awaiting trial in county jails.
In the past, inmates have sometimes used their phone privileges to continue to harass their accuser while awaiting trial.
DELAYING PUBLIC NOTICE OF ORDERS OF PROTECTION TO PROTECT VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE Public Act 101-255, House Bill 2309 When a judge grants an emergency stalking no contact order, a civil no contact order, or an emergency order of protection, the petition will not be publicly available until the petition is served on the accused individual.
The change is designed to discourage respondents from contacting their petitioner from the moment any such order is granted.
REMOVAL OF PRIVATE COMPROMISING IMAGES ACT Public Act 101-385, House Bill 2408 A person may sue for the quick removal of compromising images posted of themselves online via an emergency take-down order granted by a judge.
A person who is found to have posted a private compromising image of another person by a court is liable for damages, in an amount left to the discretion of the court.
DPH is in charge of implementing this change.
Circumstances for mitigation can also be considered.
SUSTAINABILITY INVESTING ACT Public Act 101-473, House Bill 2460 Under the Sustainable Investing Act, public agencies or governmental units can develop, publish, and implement sustainable investments for all public funds under its control.
The bill also authorizes Local Lodge 701 of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers to issue a special decal for the same purpose with funds to also benefit the Mechanics Training Fund for that decal.
This is aimed at correcting a procurement issue with the definition of local farm or food products.
Products with ingredients were interpreted to not qualify as local because the full product did not originate in Illinois.
HIGHER EDUCATION TRANSPARENCY REPORT Public Act 101-93, House Bill 2512 Each public university will now be required to submit an annual report to the Board of Higher Education on the amount of tuition that undergraduate, degree-seeking students attending the university paid in the previous academic year.
The tuition will now reflect the amount of tuition paid by a student after all scholarships, grants, and other financial assistance have been applied to his or her tuition charge and must reflect only the amounts paid by undergraduate, degree-seeking students.
PROTECTING THE PRIVACY OF HOME-BASED BUSINESS OWNERS Public Act 101-475, House Bill 2528 Victims of stalking and petitioners for an order of protection who operate a home-based business have a new protection in state law to shield their privacy, as this new law provides that a person operating a business under an assumed name at his or her personal residence may list the address of their local county clerk as the default agent for service of process to meet the publication requirements, if specific conditions are met.
The law was inspired by a person whose stalker used the law requiring continue reading businesses to have their address published in order to find and further victimize her.
CIVICS TRAINING FOR PRISONERS RE-ENTERING SOCIETY Public Act 101-441, House Bill 2541 Under the Re-Entering Citizens Civics Education Act DOC and DJJ shall provide a nonpartisan peer-led civics program throughout the correctional institutions to teach civics to soon-to-be-released citizens who will be re-entering society.
The program shall be taught by peer educators who are citizens incarcerated in DOC and DJJ facilities and specially trained by experienced peer educators and established nonpartisan civic organizations.
Nonpartisan civic organizations shall provide adequate training to peer educators on matters including, but not limited to, voting rights, governmental institutions, current affairs, and simulations of voter registration, election, and democratic processes, and shall provide periodic updates to program content and to peer educators.
Employers must provide each applicant with an information sheet before the interview explaining how AI works and what characteristics it uses to evaluate applicants, and obtain consent from the applicant to be evaluated by the AI program.
IMPROVING POLICE OFFICER HIRING AND TRAINING STANDARDS Public Act 101-187, House Bill 2591 Applicants are now allowed to have more than one opportunity to be hired by a police department due to prospective officers being allowed an additional chance to qualify with training when their agencies fail to train within the required six-month period.
If an agency fails to train an officer within that period, they will be prohibited from employing the individual for one year from the date training was to be completed.
The new law will ensure that law enforcement agencies meet the requirement to train new officers early in their careers.
SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS Public Act 101-94, House Bill 2605 Non-teaching speech-language pathologists will be given a Professional Educator License with a school support personnel endorsement if they hold a regular license as a speech-language pathologist and hold a current Certificate of Clinical Competence in speech-language pathology from the American Speech- Language-Hearing Association.
DISABLED VETERANS CAN ACCESS OTHER MILITARY LICENSE PLATES WITHOUT ADDITIONAL FEE Public Act 101-262, House Bill 2618 In lieu of receiving registration plates without payment of a fee under the Section authorizing issuance of plates for veterans with disabilities, any veteran who holds proof of a 50% or greater service-connected disability from the U.
Department of Veterans Affairs may apply for a military series registration plate in the manner prescribed by the Secretary of State.
Upon the veteran showing proof of the disability, a military series registration plate may be issued to the veteran without fee for the registration of one motor vehicle of the first division or one motor vehicle of the second division weighing not more than 8,000 pounds.
IEPA WATER REVOLVING FUND LOANS FOR CONSOLIDATION SERVICES OF WATER DELIVERY UTILITIES Public Act 101-143, House Bill 2650 IEPA must adopt Read article to expand usage of federally allowable set-aside programs within the Water Revolving Fund, including, but not limited to, programs that provide financial assistance to utilities exploring consolidation or other collaborative approaches with separate utilities for the purpose of improving efficiency, sustainable water management, and agree, unibet poker no deposit bonus 2020 confirm water rates.
MINORS IN CONTACT WITH STDS MAY RECEIVE HIV PREVENTION MEDICATION Public Act 101-214, House Bill 2665 A minor of 12 years or older who may have come into contact with any sexually transmitted disease, who may be determined to be an intoxicated person, a person with a substance abuse disorder, or who may have a family member who abuses drugs or alcohol, may give consent to health care services or counseling related to the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of the disease, rather than just the diagnoses or treatment.
ELIMINATES FARM FERTILIZER SPREADER REGISTRATION FEE Public Act 101-481, House Bill 2669 This act removes current law requiring registration of specific farm wagon trailers utilized for spreading fertilizer.
PREVENTS PAST CRIMINAL OFFENSES FROM LIMITING NEW BUSINESS OWNERS Public Act 101-388, House Bill 2670 No application for a license for any state or local department, agency, board, or commission shall be denied or acted on adversely by reason of the applicant having been previously convicted of one or more criminal offenses or by reason of a finding of lack of good moral character, except if certain determinations are made.
This law would allow the consumer to appoint such a professional as an authorized requester of a mortgage release on behalf of the consumer.
It changes the timeline for compliance from one month to 30 days.
A TRS benefit recipient who has overpaid shall be entitled to a refund of overpayments for up to seven years of past payments.
EXTENDS TIME FOR UNIVERSITIES TO PROVIDE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS TO IBHE Public Act 101-267, House Bill 2720 The amount of time in which each public university is required to provide the Illinois Board of Higher Education IBHE with their fiscal year-end financial statements is extended from 120 days to 150 days.
RENTED CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT COVERED BY BONDS Public Act 101-65, House Bill 2722 Bonds issued under the Public Construction Bond Act can be used for, among other conditions, the payment of apparatus, fixtures, and machinery used in the completion of a contract.
It further adds the incorporation of perennial plants to the conservation of soil and water resources plans.
PROMOTING MENTAL HEALTH OF FIRST RESPONDERS Public Act 101-215, House Bill 2767 The new law will require the creation and approval of a course by the Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.
Police officer training schools will now teach law enforcement strategies for recognizing signs and symptoms of work-related cumulative stress, issues that may lead to suicide, and solutions for intervention with peer support resources.
FILLING SCHOOL BOARD VACANCIES Public Act 101-67, House Bill 2802 School districts who are having difficulty finding replacement school board members will have more time to fill a vacancy when it occurs.
The new law applies to Boards of Education in school districts that have populations between 1,000 and 500,000 inhabitants.
When a vacancy occurs, members of the board will have 60 rather than 45 days to fill the vacancy.
After 60 days, the regional superintendent will be required to fill the vacancy.
SIKH AWARENESS AND APPRECIATION MONTH Public Act 101-208, House Bill 2832 The month of April of each year will be designated as Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month to be observed throughout the state as a month to recognize the many ways that Sikh Americans have influenced American history, achievement, culture, and innovation.
People who are living organ donors shall be subject to the same standards of sound actuarial principles as are persons who are not organ donors.
Requires SOS to create a database of individuals who have consented to being a donor and gives procurement organization access to the database.
COMPETENCY-BASED LEARNING PROGRAM Public Act 101-271, House Bill 2852 Public universities are required to notify students if they become eligible for a competency-based learning program offered by the university.
This change will make all students aware of all the options provided to them, as well as make certain all students receive credit for the work they are doing.
The Secretary of State will implement the new electronic lien and title system to process the electronic notation and release of security interests in motor vehicles.
PROTECTING PREGNANT WOMEN FROM POTENTIAL COMPLICATIONS Public Act 101-390, House Bill 2895 Birthing facilities are now required to conduct continuing yearly education on severe maternal hypertension and obstetric hemorrhage for providers, obstetric staff, emergency department staff, and other staff that may care for pregnant or postpartum women.
DPH will collaborate with the Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative to develop an initiative to improve birth equity and reduce peripartum racial and ethnic disparities.
DIVERSITY IN HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONS TASK FORCE Public Act 101-273, House Bill 2896 The Diversity in Health Care Professions Task Force is established in order to find ways to improve diversity in the health care profession, thereby providing culturally competent care to minority populations.
DPH shall provide administrative support to the task force.
FEDERAL FUNDING FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH Public Act 101-70, House Bill 2897 The Department of Public Health shall investigate and apply for federal funding opportunities to support maternal mental health.
SUMMONS CAN NOW BE LEFT WITH COHABITANTS Public Act 101-146, House Bill 2934 A copy of a summons can be left with any person residing at the address.
Formerly, a copy of the summons and petition could only be left with a family member at the usual place of abode of the person to be summoned.
The law is being updated because of the increase in cohabitation without marriage, and so that it will still provide adequate service.
APPOINTMENT OF COUNSEL TO BE VACATED Public Act 101-147, House Bill 2935 Counsel appointed for minors and any indigent party shall appear at all stages of the trial court proceeding, and the appointment shall continue through the permanency hearings and termination of parental rights proceedings subject to withdrawal, vacating of appointment, or substitution.
PROMOTING INFORMATION SHARING BETWEEN SOS AND ICC Public Act 101-494, House Bill 2992 This legislation promotes information sharing between the Secretary of State and the Illinois Commerce Commission by requiring the SOS new illinois casino laws 2020 child support maintain a list of corporations also regulated under the Collateral Recovery Act, Personal Property Storage Act or Vehicle Code in order to more effectively regulate businesses.
SOS and ICC will be able to electronically share this data.
THE ETHNIC VILLAGE TO BE RENAMED THE VILLAGE OF CULTURES AT THE STATE FAIR Public Act 101-216, House Bill 3014 The Department of Agriculture shall rename the Ethnic Village exhibit at the State Fair to the Village of Cultures.
Changing the name of the Ethnic Village exhibit to the Village of Cultures is an effort to be more culturally sensitive.
NOTICE OF LONG TERM CARE BENEFITS ELIGIBILITY Public Act 101-100, House Bill 3039 HFS is now required to notify the long-term care resident and long-term care facility when the resident is no longer eligible for benefits.
NOTICE OF LONG TERM CARE TRANSFER ELIGIBILITY Public Act 101-101, House Bill 3040 If an individual has transferred to another long-term care facility, the annual notice concerning redetermination of eligibility must be sent to the long-term source facility where the individual resides as well as to the individual.
LAW ENFORCEMENT MAY NOW EXPAND SCOPE OF ELDER ABUSE INVESTIGATIONS Public Act 101-496, House Bill 3065 The Department on Aging shall attempt to contact as many family members and friends as reasonably possible during any investigation of elder abuse.
NOTIFICATION OF EMERGENCY CALLS FROM GROUP HOMES Public Act 101-75, House Bill 3069 This act requires CILAs to notify DHS when emergency calls are made from the facility.
The auto-enrollment will deduct 3% of salary per pay period and deposit it into the deferred compensation account.
This will help increase benefits for Tier 2 pensioners to supplement retirement income.
ASSESSMENT OF MARKETING PROGRAM BY DCEO Public Act 101-497, House Bill 3084 DCEO must complete an assessment of its current practices related to the marketing programs it administers.
If DCEO, in consultation with the General Assembly, concludes that a Citizens Services Coordinator is needed to assist Illinois residents in obtaining services and programs offered by the Department, then the Department may, subject to appropriation, hire an individual to serve in that capacity.
NATIVE PRAIRIE AND FORAGE PREFERENCE ACT Public Act 101-76, House Bill 3092 Every state agency, where appropriate, shall give preference to using native prairie and forage plants to benefit pollinators, including, but not limited to, honey bees and monarch butterflies.
The Department of Agriculture shall provide https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/sloth-dance.html when requested to support this initiative.
AMENDS THE ILLINOIS PUBLIC AID CODE Public Act 101-278, House Bill 3097 HFS shall develop, in collaboration with an academic institution with a Doctor of pharmacy professional program in Cook County, a program designed to provide prescribing physicians under the medical assistance program with an evidence-based, non-commercial source of the latest objective information about pharmaceuticals.
The prescriber education program shall consist of a web-based curriculum and an academic educator outreach and shall contract with clinical pharmacists to provide scheduled visits with prescribing physicians to update them on the latest research concerning medication usage and new updates on disease states in an unbiased manner within 48 hours after a question is received.
ANNUAL WHOLE BODY SKIN EXAMINATION ONCE PER YEAR WITHOUT COST SHARING Public Act 101-500, House Bill 3113 Insurance policies must provide an annual whole body skin examination once per year without cost-sharing.
The law includes an exemption for high-deductible health savings account plans.
COURTS TO CONSIDER IMPACT INCARCERATION BOOT CAMPS DURING SENTENCING IN SOME FELONY CASES Public Act 101-105, House Bill 3168 Courts will now be required to make a specific finding about whether a defendant being sentenced in a felony case is eligible for participation in a DOC impact incarceration program.
If the defendant is not eligible, the court must provide an explanation here to why a sentence to impact incarceration is not an appropriate sentence.
Department of Veterans Affairs summary of benefits letter.
If VA cannot confirm that an applicant is a veteran, they shall inform the SOS who shall cancel the veteran designation.
CREATES THE ASIAN AMERICAN FAMILY COMMISSION Best nickel slots to play in vegas 2020 Public Act 101-392, House Bill 3217 The Asian American Family Commission is created as a task force to advise the Governor and General Assembly, as well as work just click for source with state agencies, to improve and expand existing policies, services, programs, and opportunities for Asian-American families.
IDPH may accept for click the following article purpose any special grant of moneys, services, or property from the federal government or any of its agencies, or from any foundation, organization, or medical school.
SECRETARY OF STATE USER FEES Public Act 101-505, House Bill 3269 The Secretary of State may collect user fees for vehicles of the Second Division registered under plate category C.
A dealer may use a special plate issued to the dealer to transport a vehicle sold to a customer either by towing or by driving the sold vehicle with the special plate attached to the vehicle.
The SOS may limit the number of dealer plates based on a number of factors including, but not limited to revenue, sales, location, etc.
Licensed dealers cannot have a forcible felony conviction in the last 10 years and be a licensed dealer.
AMENDS THE MENTAL HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES CODE Public Act 101-506, House Bill 3299 A person admitted to a developmental disability facility and receiving habilitation shall have access to sex education, related resources and treatment planning that supports his or her right to sexual health and healthy sexual practices and to be free from sexual exploitation and abuse.
The person receiving habilitation shall be assessed: 1 on whether he or she has decision-making capacity to give consent to sexual activity and 2 for developmentally appropriate sex education materials and resources.
As part of the assessments, consideration shall be given to medical, psychological, and psycho-social evaluations.
ASSISTANCE FOR HOMELESSNESS PREVENTION Public Act 101-280, House Bill 3331 This new law makes several changes in certain types of assistance grantees shall offer households to prevent homelessness.
The changes concern new illinois casino laws 2020 child support for payment of a rent or mortgage arrearage, payment of a security deposit and payment of rent or mortgage.
In no case shall the total assistance for a household be greater than the equivalent of 6 months of rent or mortgage payments.
FIRE ALARM SYSTEM IN KENNELS Public Act 101-210, House Bill 3390 A kennel operator shall install a fire alarm monitoring system that triggers notification to local emergency responders when activated.
The Department of Agriculture shall deny the initial licensure or license renewal of a kennel operator for the failure to comply with this provision.
The act establishes fines for repeated violations.
ADMINISTERING NO CONTACT ORDERS ON HOLIDAYS Public Act 101-508, House Bill 3396 If an emergency stalking no-contact order, emergency civil no-contact order, or emergency order of protection is granted on a court holiday or evening, the court shall immediately file a certified copy of the order with the sheriff or other law enforcement official charged with maintaining ISP records rather than on the next court day.
COLLEGE MENTAL HEALTH AND SUICIDE PREVENTION RESOURCES Public Act 101-217, House Bill 3404 For the 2020-2021 academic year, and for each academic year thereafter, a university or community college district must make available to its students information on all mental health and suicide prevention resources available at the university or community college.
DEPARTMENT OF LABOR WAGE RECOVERY FROM EMPLOYERS Public Act 101-509, House Bill 3405 This new law amends the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act to provide that gratuities are the property of employees and that employers shall not keep gratuities.
Gratuities must be paid to employees within 13 days after the end of the pay period during which the gratuities were earned.
The Department of Labor is authorized to enforce this new law.
MEDICALLY NECESSARY EPINEPHRINE INJECTORS Public Act 101-281, House Bill 3435 A policy of accident and health insurance or a managed care plan shall provide click the following article for epinephrine injectors for persons 18 years of age or under, but is limited to medically necessary epinephrine injectors.
DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES AWARENESS PLATE DECALS Public Act 101-282, House Bill 3437 The Illinois Vehicle Code is amended to allow for the issuance of developmental disabilities awareness https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/sydney-poker-champs-2020-results.html for universal special license plates by DHS.
PERSONAL CONTAINER USAGE IN RETAIL OPERATIONS Public Act 101-510, House Bill 3440 A retailer may allow a consumer to fill or refill a personal container with bulk food if the dispensers used prevent direct handling.
Take-home containers provided for customer use must be cleaned, stored and dispensed in a sanitary manner.
County health departments or municipalities may not prohibit a customer from filling or refilling a personal container with bulk food unless such a provision is provided for in the DPH Administrative Rules Food Code.
CLOSED CAPTIONING IN CERTAIN HEALTH CARE FACILITIES Public Act 101-116, House Bill 3468 Certain Illinois medical facilities must now make reasonable efforts to have the closed captioning feature activated at all times on televisions in common areas of the facility.
COVERAGE FOR CARDIOPULMONARY MONITORS Public Act 101-218, House Bill 3471 The Public Aid Code will now require that the medical assistance program shall provide coverage for cardiopulmonary monitors if the monitor is determined to be medically necessary for a person 18 years old or younger who has cardiopulmonary events.
ENROLLMENT INFORMATION FOR HEALTH INSURANCE Public Act 101-117, House Bill 3487 Hospitals with emergency rooms must post a notice with information regarding enrollment in health insurance through the Illinois health insurance marketplace.
The notices must be placed in a conspicuous location in the emergency room.
PROSECUTING FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION Public Act 101-285, Check this out Bill 3498 Any parent, guardian or other person having physical custody or control of a child under the age of 18 years old who knowingly facilitates or permits female genital mutilation has committed a Class 1 felony.
Prosecution may be commenced at any time if the victim was under the age of 18 at the time of the offense.
The law defines female genital mutilation.
COVERAGE OF HEARING INSTRUMENTS Public Act 101-393, House Bill 3503 Hearing instruments and related services for individuals age 65 and older will now be covered by insurance and public aid when they are prescribed by a hearing care professional, with certain specified restrictions.
If a group policy does not have enough participants to allow it to offer hearing aid coverage, then it is not required.
INSURANCE AND PUBLIC AID COVERAGE OF DONATED BREAST MILK Public Act 101-511, House Bill 3509 The Insurance Code, State Employees Group Insurance Act and the Public Aid Code will now require coverage for human breast milk for infants up to six months old if certain conditions are met, and coverage for children six to twelve months of age if certain conditions are met.
EDUCATION ABOUT MATERNAL MENTAL HEALTH Public Act 101-512, House Bill 3511 DHS shall develop educational materials for health care professionals and patients about maternal mental health conditions.
By 2021, employees of birthing hospitals shall distribute these materials to employees who work with pregnant or just click for source women and also incorporate these materials into their employee training programs.
ADDING E-MAILS TO EMS LICENSURE APPLICATIONS Public Act 101-153, House Bill 3554 An applicant for an EMS license or license renewal may submit an e-mail address to DPH, which DPH shall keep on file as another form of contact for the individual.
Renewal notices may then be sent electronically at the appropriate time to those who have provided e-mail addresses.
BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY ACT Public Act 101-514, House Bill 3575 The Blockchain Technology Act provides for the permitted uses of blockchain technology in transactions and proceedings.
It provides limitations to the use of blockchain technology and prohibits local governments from implementing specified restrictions on the use of blockchain technology.
RELIEVING HOUSING AND LICENSING BARS WITH GOOD CONDUCT Public Act 101-154, House Bill 3580 A certificate of good conduct may be granted by DOC to relieve an eligible offender of any employment, occupational licensing or housing bar.
The certificate does not prevent specified persons, such as employers or landlords, from accessing criminal background information and does not hide or expunge such a record.
CRIME VICTIM IMPACT STATEMENT AT PAROLE HEARINGS Public Act 101-288, House Bill 3584 A crime victim may submit a victim impact statement to the Prisoner Review Board PRB for consideration at hearings as provided under the Open Parole Hearings Act or at an executive clemency hearing.
The statement shall be confidential and privileged.
Unless otherwise provided, the board shall not release any material to the inmate that contains any information from the victim providing the statement.
The victim may register with the PRB and receive reasonable written notice not less than 30 days before the parole hearing or target release date.
POST-PLACEMENT ADOPTION SUPPORT SERVICES Public Act 101-155, House Bill 3587 DCFS shall establish and maintain a toll-free number to respond to requests from the public about post- placement and post-adoption support services.
Information about these services shall be provided to adoptive parents and guardians as part of its adoption and guardianship training.
DCFS shall also report to the General Assembly annually on information such as the number of guardians, prospective adoptive parents and adoptive families who have received these support services.
LIQUOR SALES AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO Public Act 101-156, House Bill 3604 The Liquor Control Act of 1934 is amended to allow an institution of higher learning, specifically the University of Chicago, to sell liquor at a specific facility previously banned by a referendum dating from the 1930s.
It also requires each board member to participate in four hours of training during their first year on the board, then two additional hours of training in each subsequent year on the board.
LIMITED WORKER COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION ACT Public Act 101-292, House Bill 3663 The new Limited Worker Cooperative Association Act will allow for the organization of these associations, as an entity distinct from its members, for any lawful purpose, whether or not for profit.
This creates an alternative to other forms of business incorporation to permit for-profit cooperative associations for the purposes of creating and maintaining sustainable jobs in Illinois.
ASSISTANCE ANIMAL INTEGRITY ACT Public Act 101-518, House Bill 3671 This new law adds requirements for documentation requirements and reasonable accommodations to permit persons with disabilities to use an assistance animal.
It allows for denial if the animal poses a danger or causes damage and provides that housing providers are not liable for injury caused by a permitted animal as a reasonable accommodation.
TEACHERS IN THE JUVENILE JUSTICE SYSTEM Public Act 101-159, House Bill 3701 The new act updates personnel requirements related to educators at DJJ to address problems the system has with finding qualified teachers.
REDUCING JUVENILE RECIDIVISM Public Act 101-219, House Bill 3704 This new law codifies the use of policies and procedures at the DJJ that emphasize the importance family engagement, as well as other services such as mental health, and education to successfully rehabilitate juveniles and reduce recidivism.
It also requires signage to be displayed indicating the location of changing facilities.
FREIGHT TRAIN CREW SIZE Public Act 101-294, Senate Bill 24 This legislation required all rail carriers to have an operating crew of at least two members on any train or light engine used in connection with moving freight.
However, on May 23, 2019, the Federal Railroad Administration FRA announced that no regulation of train crew staffing is necessary or appropriate at this time.
The FRA intends for the withdrawal to preempt all state laws attempting to regulate train crew staffing in any manner.
FINANCIAL EXPLOITATION OF THE ELDERLY Public Act 101-394, Senate Bill 69 Anyone who financially exploits the elderly or disabled can be tried any county the offense occurred or where the victim s reside.
Consent is not a defense if the accused knew or had reason to know the elderly or disabled person lacked the capacity to consent.
PROTECTIONS AGAINST SEXUAL HARASSMENT Https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/casino-oxford-street-london-christmas-lights-2020.html Act 101-221, Senate Bill 75 Hotels and casinos must adopt anti-sexual harassment policies and make the utilization of a safety device available to employees.
The law prohibits retaliation against an employee for using a safety device or making use of the protections of the anti-sexual harassment policy.
The act limits the terms of employment agreements that restrict specified employee rights with respect to allegations of unlawful conduct.
It further requires units of local government to add language to their sexual harassment policies including how to report allegations of sexual harassment by one elected official against another.
The Department of Human Unfortunately! grand parker casino no deposit bonus codes september 2020 with DHR must adopt a model sexual harassment training prevention clause.
This section clarifies bans on these devices are already included in existing law.
TINTED LIGHTS ON CARS Public Act 101-189, Senate Bill 87 No person shall drive or move any motor vehicle or equipment upon any highway with any lighting or combination of lighting with a smoked or tinted lens or cover.
CONTRACTOR PROMPT PAYMENT Public Act 101-594, Senate Bill 104 State contractors must pay subcontractors within 10 business days or 15 calendar days upon receiving payment.
IDOT is required to create a searchable database of all subcontractors and active projects.
DENTAL INSURANCE MANDATE EXPANSION Public Act 101-525, Senate Bill 111 This new act expands the insurance coverage mandate for dental anesthetics for individuals diagnosed with autism or a developmental disability from under 19 years old to under 26 years old.
DESTRUCTION OF STUDENT RECORDS Public Act 101-161, Senate Bill 117 If the rights and privileges accorded to a parent under the Illinois School Student Records Act have been transferred to a student, a school must give the student reasonable prior notice before any student record is destroyed or any information deleted from the record.
The law specifies methods of providing such notice.
ESTABLISHES STATEWIDE STANDARD FOR RABIES INOCULATION FOR NON-FERAL CATS Public Act 101-299, Senate Bill 131 Every cat that is not a feral cat shall be inoculated against rabies, under this law.
The fees associated with the vaccine and certificate of completion are determined by the county board.
The registration requirements or any fee imposed by the county under the Act shall not apply to feral cats.
CHILD PERFORMERS TRUST ACCOUNTS Public Act 101-526, Senate Bill 147 Before working as a child performer, a trust account must be established which provides at least 15% of gross wages to be deposited into the account.
The account can only be accessed by the child performer.
PRISONER ACCESS TO JOB WEBSITES Public Act 101-397, Senate Bill 156 The Director of Corrections and Secretary of the Department of Innovation and Technology DoIT must jointly adopt a means which allows committed individuals in a DOC facility to access approved job search and career-building websites.
MAKING MAMMOGRAM SCREENING MORE ACCESSIBLE Public Act 101-580, Senate Bill 162 This Act broadens the availability of mammogram screening for women across Illinois by requiring public and private insurance plans to cover comprehensive ultrasound screenings if a mammogram demonstrates heterogeneous or dense breast tissue, or when medically necessary as determined by a licensed physician.
It also requires coverage for diagnostic mammograms.
MODERNIZING HEALTH AND ESTATE DIRECTIVES Public Act 101-163, Senate Bill 182 Https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/niagara-falls-poker-tournament-2020.html new law allows electronic documents and signatures to apply to living wills and healthcare power of attorney.
It provides that electronic declarations may be created, signed, or revoked electronically, and requires IDPH to study the feasibility of creating a statewide registry of advance directives.
AGENCY ELIGIBILITY LISTS Public Act 101-192, Senate Bill 190 If an agency requests an open competitive eligible list from CMS, the director must also provide the Successful Disability Opportunities Program eligible candidate list.
The law adds sexual crimes to the presumption article source parent is depraved and unfit for adopting.
DHR may rather than shall conduct a fact-finding conference; it also provides that the formal training program for newly appointed commissioners of the Human Rights Commission shall also include current issues in housing discrimination.
The Department shall authorize, and within 30 days after the entry of the administrative closure order, shall commence and maintain a civil action on behalf of the aggrieved party seeking relief.
UPDATING THE COURT REPORTERS ACT Public Act 101-581, Senate Bill 397 This legislation updates the Court Reporters Act, which has not been updated for 25 years and has since become partially outdated.
It also provides that court reporters employed by the state shall be paid semi-monthly rather than monthly and that the employer representatives rather than the Supreme Court shall collectively bargain over wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment of all persons employed as court reporting services employees.
It specifies that if a party states in the pleading or the affidavit that disclosure of an address would risk abuse or harm to the party or a family member, the address may be omitted from documents filed with the court.
Under this bill, a party is not required to include in the pleading or affidavit a domestic violence safe house address or an address changed as a result of a protective order.
ADDRESSING SEXUALLY AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR BY INMATES Public Act 101-401, Senate Bill 416 A defendant being found guilty of an administrative infraction related to an act or acts of public indecency or sexual misconduct in a penal institution shall be considered a factor in aggravation in sentencing.
IN-SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICAL CANNABIS INFUSED PRODUCTS Public Act 101-370, Senate Bill 455 All schools and school districts must allow a school nurse or school administrator to administer a medical cannabis infused product to a student who is a registered qualifying patient while on school premises or at a school sponsored activity.
The schools may authorize the self-administration of the medical cannabis infused product by a student under the direct supervision of a school free credit sign up casino malaysia 2020 or school administrator.
It also requires ISBE, in consultation with DPH, to develop a training curriculum for school nurses and school administrators on the administration of medical cannabis-infused products.
MANDATING MINORITY OWNED PARTICIPATION IN CAPITAL PROJECTS Public Act 101-170, Senate Bill 534 This new law creates the Bureau on Apprenticeship Programs within the Department of Labor DOLand it creates the Advisory Board for Diversity in Active Apprenticeship Program Approved by the USDOL, comprised of 12 legislative members appointed by the Caucus Leaders to advise DOL of programs to increase diversity in active apprenticeship.
It also provides that CMS shall conduct a second social scientific study measuring the impact of discrimination on minority and women business development in the state; and it extends the repeal of the Business Enterprise for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities Act until June 30, 2024, from 2020.
GENDER NEUTRAL RESTROOMS Public Act 101-165, Senate Bill 556 Every single-occupancy restroom in a place of public accommodation or public building shall be identified as all-gender and designated for use by no more than one person at a time or for family or assisted-use.
Each single-occupancy restroom shall be outfitted with exterior signage that marks the single-occupancy restroom as a restroom and does not indicate any specific gender.
These provisions apply to any existing or future places of public accommodation or public buildings.
AMENDING MEMBERSHIP OF THE METRO EAST SANITARY DISTRICT BOARD Public Act 101-308, Senate Bill 584 The new law replaces a county appointment on the board of the Metro-East Sanitary District with a municipal appointment by the Mayor of Granite City.
ALLOWING TOWNSHIPS TO HELP DISTRIBUTE PUBLIC AID Public Act 101-309, Senate Bill 640 In a county under township organization, a township may provide funds and administer programs for providing in-kind aid for food, paper goods, toiletries, clothing, and other basic maintenance needs to persons who are poor, indigent, homeless, or in need of immediate assistance.
The township will use moneys received and collected for public aid.
PROTECTING ALTERNATIVE ENERGY CONSUMERS Public Act 101-590, Senate Bill 651 This legislation is a comprehensive consumer protection bill targeting abusive and unscrupulous alternative retail energy and gas suppliers, while at the same time, holding harmless suppliers that play by the rules in the competitive retail electric or natural gas markets.
The new law includes protections for Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program LIHEAP and Percentage of Income Payment Plan PIPP customers and prohibits any supplier from switching customer bills from a fixed-rate contract to a variable contract without express consent from the customer.
The new requirements are taken, in part, from the current ICC marketing practice and customer enrollment rules covered under Part 412 and Part 453 of the ICC Administrative Code.
Under this standard, each agency of state government under the jurisdiction of the Governor is required to make available public data sets of public information.
INCREASING NATIVE AMERICAN EMPLOYMENT Public Act 101-534, Senate Bill 727 This legislation creates the Native American Employment Plan Act and adds Native Americans and the Native American Employment Plan to affirmative action provisions.
It requires CMS to implement plans to increase the number of Native Americans employed by the state.
It also creates the Native American Employment Plan Advisory Council and sets requirements for the membership, meetings, and duties of the Council.
This legislation is intended to better distribute the remaining funds in the Roadside Memorial Fund by providing DUI prevention through education and prevent the funds from being swept.
It creates the DUI Prevention and Education Commission, also creates the DUI Prevention and Education Fund as a special fund in the state treasury.
HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER APPOINTMENT Public Act 101-197, Senate Bill 765 This will allow all township boards to appoint a non-resident as a highway commissioner, or appoint a resident of under one-year as a commissioner, or to contract with a neighboring township for a highway commissioner.
For such appointments, the road district must be within a township with no incorporated town, have a population of less than 500, and have no qualified candidate who has resided in the township for at least one year who is willing to serve as highway commissioner.
DISABILITY LICENSE PLATES FOR VETERANS Public Act 101-536, Senate Bill 944 This new law will allow disabled veterans plates on motorcycles.
It makes both the Disabled Veteran license plate and the ISERVE license plate available to qualifying motorcyclists.
PEDIATRIC CANCER LICENSE PLATE Public Act 101-372, Senate Bill 946 This act creates a license plate that promotes pediatric cancer research in memory of Jonny Wade, a child from Jerseyville who died from cancer on Christmas Eve 2015.
Money from the sale of the plates will be put into the Pediatric Cancer Awareness Fund and will be distributed as grants to the Cancer Center of Illinois.
DUPAGE DELINQUENT PROPERTY TAX ENFORCEMENT Public Act 101-198, Senate Bill 1041 This is DuPage County-specific legislation that seeks to enforce delinquent property taxes owed by an entity leasing property from a local taxing body.
In DuPage County, if a lessee is liable for payment of property taxes extended against property that is owned by a taxing district, and those taxes remain unpaid in whole or in part 60 days after the second installment due date, then the county treasurer shall promptly notify the taxing district that owns the property of the delinquency in writing.
The taxing district shall promptly notify the county supervisor of assessments upon the execution of a new lease or the termination of a lease for property owned by the taxing district.
PROTECTING ADJOINING PROPERTIES FROM HEALTH HAZARDS Public Act 101-200, Senate Bill 1114 This legislation seeks to better address transferable health or safety risks, such as garbage, carcasses or food, from impacting adjoining units or properties to protect residents.
It provides that if a county finds that an imminent hazard to the public health or safety exists on residential property of one acre or less, arising from an unfit condition which requires immediate action to protect the public health or safety, it may bring an action, without bond, for immediate injunctive relief and removal of the hazardous materials.
The county may file a notice of lien for the cost and expense of actions taken.
CLARIFYING THE ACUPUNCTURE PRACTICE ACT Public Act 101-201, Senate Bill 1133 This legislation specifies that no person licensed under the Acupuncture Practice Act may hold himself or herself out as being trained in Chinese herbology without proof of having a specified status or successful completion of a specified examination, with a violation constituting a ground for disciplinary action.
MAILING NOTICE OF ACTION UNDER THE JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE ARTICLE Public Act 101-539, Senate Bill 1134 In any action brought under the Judicial Foreclosure Article of the Civil Code, if a plaintiff files an affidavit showing that the defendant has left the state, or cannot be found, the plaintiff will publish notice in a newspaper in the county in which the action is pending.
The clerk of the court, within 10 days of the first publication of the notice, will mail a copy to each defendant whose place of residence is stated.
Applicants may re-apply for the scholarship if they can demonstrate continual progress toward the desired certificate, credential, or read article />NO NOTICE REQUIRED TO RESUME USE OF MAIDEN NAME Public Act 101-203, Senate Bill 1191 A person who has received a judgment for dissolution of marriage or declaration of invalidity of marriage and wishes to resume the use of his or her former or maiden name is not required to provide notice by publication of the change of name.
please click for source TRAINING EVERY 3 YEARS Public Act 101-542, Senate Bill 1214 DPH must ensure that those who draw blood from children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities are trained at least once every 3 years using finger-prick equipment, hemoglobin testing equipment, and all other related equipment that can be adapted to serve patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Nonprofit blood banks or the affiliated laboratories of nonprofit blood banks are exempted from the law.
STUDENTS ALLOWED TO SELF-ADMINISTER MEDICATIONS Public Act 101-205, Senate Bill 1250 A school district must allow any student with an asthma action plan, an Individual Health Care Action Plan, an Click at this page Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan and Treatment Authorization Form, a plan pursuant to Section 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, or a plan pursuant to the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to self-administer any medication required under those plans.
A parent or guardian must provide the school the prescription label for the medication, which must contain the name of the medication, the prescribed dosage, and the time or times at which or the circumstances under which the medication is to be administered.
School employees incur no liability of any injury from the self-administration except for willful and wanton misconduct.
NO DIESEL VEHICLE IDLING OVER 10 MINUTES IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS Public Act 101-319, Senate Bill 1256 People may not cause or allow a motor vehicle of 8,000 pounds or more to idle for more than a total of 10 minutes within any 60-minute period under any circumstances if the vehicle is within 200 feet of a residential area.
These idling rules are restricted to properties that offer paid parking services to vehicle owners, do not involve fuel dispensing, and are located within a county of over 3 million residents but outside of a municipality of over 2 million residents.
These provisions do not apply to school buses, ambulances, waste hauling vehicles, facilities operated by IDOT, or vehicles owned by a public utility and operated to power equipment necessary in the restoration, repair, modification, or installation of a utility service.
AMENDS THE REVISED UNIFORM UNCLAIMED PROPERTY ACT Public Act 101-546, Senate Bill 1264 The Act does not apply to any annuity, pension, or benefit fund held in a fiduciary capacity by a retirement system, pension fund, or investment board created under any article of the Pension Code.
Property presumed abandoned in an annuity, pension, or benefit fund shall be reported by the retirement system, pension fund, or investment board to the administrator.
No retirement system, pension fund, or investment board shall pay or deliver any annuity, pension, or benefit fund to the administrator.
The provisions are retroactive to January 1, 2018.
A retirement system, pension fund, or investment board created under specified articles of the Pension Code shall meet or exceed specified minimum standards for due diligence if an annuity, pension, or benefit fund would otherwise be presumed abandoned.
The administrator and each retirement system, pension fund, and investment click here shall enter into an interagency agreement concerning the implementation of the compliance provisions.
These tow trucks may lawfully travel to and from the scene of a disablement and clear a disabled vehicle if the towing service has obtained an extreme heavy-duty tow and recovery permit for the vehicle.
The form and content of the permit shall be determined by IDOT with respect to highways under its jurisdiction and by local authorities with respect to highways under their jurisdiction.
COVERED CLAIMS UNDER THE ILLINOIS INSURANCE GUARANTY FUND Public Act 101-549, Senate Bill 1377 The Director of Insurance shall approve a plan of division unless he or she finds that each new company created by the proposed division, except a new company that is a non-surviving party to certain mergers, that will be a member insurer of the Illinois Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association and that will have policy liabilities allocated to it will not be licensed to do insurance business in each state where such policies were written by the dividing company.
JURY SERVICE NON-DISCRIMINATION Public Act 101-327, Senate Bill 1378 Except as otherwise question mbit casino no deposit bonus codes 2020 think provided by statute, no person who is qualified and able to serve as a juror may be excluded from jury service in any court on the basis of, among other things, sexual orientation.
STATE AND LOCAL HIGHWAY DESIGNATION Public Act 101-328, Senate Bill 1381 Class II highways include state highways and designated local roads not built to interstate highway standards that have at least 11 feet lane widths.
MICROPLASTICS REVIEW Public Act 101-330, Senate Bill 1392 The Prairie Research Institute will conduct a detailed review to identify the threat of microplastics to human health and the environment.
Their findings will be submitted to the General Assembly including recommendations for legislative or regulatory actions the state can take to protect human health and the environment from microplastics.
The Bi-State Development Agency shall pass through 100% of specified Urbanized Area Formula Funding program assistance and funding to the Madison Mass Transit District.
The Agency shall retain specified Urbanized Area Formula Funding program funds constituting the total commitment and payment in full for: 1 all claims, debts or obligations, rights, liabilities made or asserted by the Agency, arising out of any previous service agreements, issues, or relationship between the District and the Agency occurring on or before June 30, 2019; and 2 any capital or operating subsidy for the MetroLink Light Rail System.
The motion, related papers, and the record of the hearing shall be sealed and remain under seal unless the court orders otherwise.
PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT STATUS GRANTED FOR MILLENNIUM GARAGES IN CHICAGO Public Act 101-551, Senate Bill 1456 Certain leasehold property located in a municipality with a population of more than 500,000 inhabitants that is not subject to a parking taxation that is used for an airport, for parking, or for waste disposal or processing and is used for a non-exempt purpose is subject to taxation as a leasehold for the period of time during which it is used for that non-exempt purpose.
The use of a portion of that property for a non-exempt purpose shall have no effect on the exemption of the remaining portion of the property that continues to be used for an exempt purpose or the future exemption of that same portion of the property if it ceases to be used new illinois casino laws 2020 child support a non-exempt purpose and returned to use for an exempt purpose.
If funded, this legislation will provide extra incentives to rural and remote schools and teachers to participate in the program.
OVERSIGHT AND REGULATIONS ON PREPAY FUNERAL SERVICES Public Act 101-552, Senate Bill 1464 When funds are on deposit or held in trust in relation to a prepayment funeral contract, those funds are presumed abandoned 40 years after the contract was executed, unless the apparent owner has indicated an interest in the property more than 40 years after the contract was executed.
If so, funds are then considered abandoned three years after the last indication of interest by the apparent owner.
LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES MAY BE SUED FOR FAILING TO ALLOW RECORD INSPECTIONS Public Act 101-553, Senate Bill 1495 If a limited liability corporation LLC fails to permit the inspection of records as required under the Limited Liability Company Act, the person making the request or demand may now file legal action to compel the company to permit the inspection and may, within reason, recover legal fees and copying costs.
DENSE BREAST TISSUE ACT Public Act 101-555, Senate Bill 1506 Facilities that provide mammography services in Illinois must inform women with dense breast tissue who get a mammogram that they have such tissue and provide information regarding its impact on cancer detection.
STIPENDS AND TUITION SUPPORT FOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES IN DCFS CARE Public Act 101-558, Senate Bill 1525 Students who are the court-ordered legal responsibility of DCFS and who have earned their high school diploma or GED who wish to join an apprenticeship program are now eligible for tuition assistance, fee waivers and a stipend while working in a DCEO-recognized apprenticeship.
Youth who aged out of care at age 18 or older, and youth formerly under care who have been adopted or who have been placed in private guardianship shall receive a tuition and fee waiver to assist them in attending and completing their post- secondary education at any community college, university, or college maintained by the state of Illinois.
DEFENDANTS IN LAWSUITS MUST BE MADE AWARE OF ITEMS AND COSTS BEING SOUGHT Public Act 101-403, Senate Bill 1526 Except in personal injury lawsuits, every count in every complaint and counterclaim must now request specific remedies the party believes it should receive from the court.
In a personal injury action, a party may not claim an amount of money unless necessary to comply with the circuit court rules about where a case is assigned.
RENEWABLE ENERGY CREDITS AND DELAYS CAUSED BY DISTRIBUTORS Public Act 101-113, Senate Bill 1529 To help out the renewable energy providers who have been unable to connect to the electric power transmission system due to forces that were out of their control, this new law states if a project for the delivery of a renewable energy credit from wind, solar, or click site has delays in the establishment of an operating interconnection with the applicable transmission or distribution system as a result of the actions or inactions of the transmission or distribution provider, or other causes for force majeure as outlined in the procurement contract, the delivery shall begin not later than June 1, 2022, rather than 2021.
INFANT DEATH INVESTIGATIONS Public Act 101-338, Senate Bill 1568 To better protect infants from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a death investigation for an infant is required to note any hazards observed at the scene of a sudden and unexpected death.
Better collection of information about these hazards could be used to prevent future infant deaths.
The law also allows DuPage County to use a code adjudication program for prosecuting ordinance violations and brings laws in line with a recent Supreme Court decision.
This law only applies to warrants in Cook County.
TEACHING ILLINOIS HISTORY Public Act 101-341, Senate Bill 1601 Public schools must now include instruction on the history of Illinois beginning with the 2020-2021 school year.
Existing law currently requires Illinois history to be taught in fourth-grade classrooms.
This new law adds Illinois history to the required history of the United States course.
This new law was enacted to improve judicial compliance with the current law that requires judicial notification of the immigration consequences of guilty pleas.
DATA BREACH NOTICE TO INCLUDE ATTORNEY GENERAL Public Act 101-343, Senate Bill 1624 In the event of a data breach of more than 500 Illinois residents in a single event, this new law requires a data collector to notify the Attorney General, in addition to the individuals.
It allows the Attorney General to publish the name of the https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/2020-tour-global-event-center-at-winstar-world-casino-and-resort-october-5.html collector that suffered a breach, the types of personal information compromised in the breach, videos youtube 2020 poker the date range of the breach.
RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS IN FOREST PRESERVE DISTRICTS Public Act 101-344, Senate Bill 1651 This new law expands the authority of a forest preserve district to grant licenses, easements and rights- of-way for renewable energy projects.
An initiative of the DuPage Forest Preserve District, it is meant to permit the district to pursue green energy partnerships.
The District may fit maintenance facilities with solar panels to make them self-efficient.
This new law will afford all downstate Forest Preserve Districts the same opportunity.
MAKING SCHOOLS SAFER AND MORE SECURE Public Act 101-413, Senate Bill 1658 Subject to appropriation or private donations, Big videos 2020 newest payback slot is authorized to award grants to school districts to support school safety and security.
Grant funds may be used for school security improvements, including professional development, safety-related upgrades to school buildings, equipment, including metal detectors and x-ray machines, and facilities including school-based health centers.
EDUCATING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ON WORKPLACE PROTECTIONS Public Act 101-347, Senate Bill 1694 High schools may include in their curriculum a unit of instruction on workplace preparation that covers legal protections in the workplace, including but not limited to topics such as protection against sexual harassment and racial and other forms of discrimination.
Local school boards may determine the minimum amount of instruction time.
STRENGTHENING THE ROLE OF ADVANCED PRACTICE REGISTERED NURSES Public Act 101-587, Senate Bill 1702 An advanced practice psychiatric nurse will have the same authority as other healthcare workers to restrain, seclude, certify for admission and examine patients admitted for psychological reasons.
The law allows the use of videoconferencing for the required examination to make it easier to prevent inappropriate discharges and illegal detentions, especially when considering the shortage of psychiatrists in Illinois.
MAKING MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENTS MORE ACCESSIBLE Public Act 101-349, Senate Bill 1715 This new law is aimed at allowing patients to receive access to prescription drugs that they have previously received just click for source a treatment center which is now closed, but be administered by a pharmacist.
CREATES A DEMENTIA COORDINATOR AT IDPH Public Act 101-588, Senate Bill 1726 The full-time position of Dementia Coordinator is created within DPH.
MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID TRAINING PROGRAM Public Act-101-350, Senate Bill 1731 This legislation provides an alternative route for school personnel to receive training on mental health awareness outside of in-service training by allowing school districts to utilize the Illinois Mental Health First Aid training program administered by certified instructors.
This law requires DCFS to develop, process and administer a standardized survey to gather feedback from youth who are currently aging out or who have recently aged out of the foster care system.
The goal is to help DCFS and supporting agencies identify deficiencies in the system by learning about them from the people directly affected by them, leading to changes in policy to help address these issues.
MEDICAID ENROLLMENT SCREENING FOR INMATES UPON RELEASE Public Act 101-351, Senate Bill 1744 DOC must assist eligible persons in completing the Medicaid eligibility application process to ensure persons receive benefits as soon as possible after article source are released from incarceration.
HARSHER PENALTIES FOR FLEEING THE SCENE OF AN ACCIDENT Public Act 101-417, Senate Bill 1750 This measure adds an aggravating factor to sentencing considerations for those who cause an accident by being under the influence of alcohol, drugs or distracted by an electronic communication device and then flee the scene.
EXPANDING CHILD ABUSE TRAINING AND MANDATED REPORTER REQUIREMENTS Public Act 101-564, Senate Bill 1778 This new law requires training for all mandated child abuse reporters.
It adds clergy members to the list of mandated reporters and requires all mandated reporters to report the same type of abuse.
PROHIBITION ON REFUSING REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS DUE TO ARREST RECORDS Public Act 101-565, Senate Bill 1780 This law makes it a civil rights violation for a person engaging in a real estate transaction to refuse the transaction because of an arrest record.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT AUDITING STANDARDS Public Act 101-419, Senate Bill 1806 This law amends the Governmental Account Audit Act, the Counties Code, and the Illinois Municipal Code to add clarifying language with respect to accounting and auditing requirements, standards, principles, reporting and financial statements.
RESPONDING TO ISSUES WITH ASPHALT PLANT IN MCKINLEY PARK Public Act 101-422, Senate Bill 1847 The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency IEPA must provide notice to the local state legislators when a permit is eve 2020 years casino new winstar to construct a new facility, and post the information on its website, searchable by ZIP code.
A permit is required to construct any facility capable of causing or contributing to air and water pollution or designed to prevent air and water pollution.
HONORING THE SACRIFICE OF FALLEN FIRST RESPONDERS Public Act 101-358, Senate Bill 1894 Children and stepchildren of a police officer or firefighter who has died in the line of duty can now be issued special license plates, expanding the existing law that only offered that ability to the surviving spouse and parents of a fallen police officer or firefighter.
STATE POLICE DIVISIONS RENAMED Public Act 101-378, Senate Bill 1915 The State Police Division of Administration is renamed as the Division of Justice Services.
LAW ENFORCEMENT ASSOCIATION RAFFLES Public Act 101-360, Senate Bill 1917 This legislation updates the licensing of fundraising raffles to allow associations that benefit law enforcement to sell raffle tickets benefiting any law enforcement association across municipal and county lines.
The program shall be subject to appropriations.
DIESEL CARRIERS TRUCK EMISSION TESTING Public Act 101-362, Senate Bill 1993 This legislation corrects an unintended consequence of previous law that required double emissions testing of diesel-powered interstate carrier vehicles.
STUDY ON THE EXPANSION OF APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMS Public Act 101-364, Senate Bill 2024 In an effort to encourage participation in apprenticeship programs to reduce unemployment, DCEO will conduct a study on the potential expansion of apprenticeship programs and produce a report with recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly on or before June 1, 2020.
PROTECTING THE MAHOMET AQUIFER Public Act 101-573, Senate Bill 2027 Based on the recommendations of the Mahomet Aquifer Protection Task Force, this legislation lays out guidelines for the IEPA to continue protecting the groundwater of the aquifer.
LICENSING OF NOTARY PUBLIC REMITTANCE AGENTS Public Act 101-366, Senate Bill 2037 To prevent notarial misconduct on notarized documents, every company, corporation, association, organization, or person that remits notary public applications to the Secretary of State will be required to meet specified standards to qualify for licensure as a notary public remittance agent.
ROAD SAFETY LEGISLATION Public Act 101-174, Senate Bill 2038 In the Rules of the Road publication, the Secretary of State will include information advising drivers to use the zipper merge method when merging into a reduced number of lanes.
PROHIBITION ON REGULATION OF FOOD SERVICE FOR PRIVATE FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES Public Act 101-425, Senate Bill 2068 The Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act is amended to prohibit a public health district from regulating the preparing and serving of food in a private residential leasehold that is prepared by or for the lessees and consumed by the lessees and their guests.
DPH and local health departments are already prohibited from regulating food service for private residential leaseholds.
PSYCHIATRIST COVERAGE MANDATE Public Act 101-574, Senate Bill 2085 To address the statewide shortage of psychiatrists in Illinois, this bill requires insurers who provide mental health benefits to provide reimbursement for benefits that are delivered through a psychiatric collaborative care model.
It adds the insurance mandate to the required health benefits under the Public Aid Code.
PILOT PROGRAM FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES Public Act 101-368, Senate Bill 2087 To help Illinois residents with developmental disabilities achieve meaningful employment, this legislation creates the Customized Employment for Individual with Disabilities Act to assist individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, or similar conditions resulting in a most significant disability, who seek employment and require assistance to achieve and maintain integrated employment at competitive wages.
DHS shall develop a five-year pilot program that serves at least 25 individuals by the second year.
VOTING FOR PRE-TRIAL DETAINEES IN JAIL Public Act 101-442, Senate Bill 2090 Election authorities are now required to work with county jails to allow individuals in jail for pre-trial to vote by mail for counties under 3 million.
Cook County is required to create temporary polling places for pre- trial detainees.
It requires IDOC to provide individuals upon their release on parole, mandatory release, final discharge, or pardon, information about his or her voting rights which have been restored and provide a voter registration application.
CLEAN WATER WORKFORCE PIPELINE PROGRAM Public Act 101-576, Senate Bill 2146 The Clean Water Workforce Pipeline Program will provide grants and other financial assistance to prepare and support individuals for careers in water infrastructure.
STREAMLINING THE STATE PROPERTY LEASE RENEWAL PROCESS Public Act 101-426, Senate Bill 2153 A state purchasing officer must publish in the Procurement Bulletin the exercise of a lease renewal, at least 30 currently 60 calendar days prior to the exercise of the option.
CMS believes this change will help to streamline the real property lease renewal process, and asserts that any renewal terms that could be reviewed during the current 60-day period were built into the initially approved lease contract, and thus does not merit the additional 30-day posting period.
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Indiana's casinos have blocked payouts to hundreds of state. are behind on their child support payments during the past year.. when the first casino implemented the new program, operators have. Rehearing "Kids may hit the jackpot" IL Jan.. Year in Review: In 2019, troubles dominated legal news ...

Child support taken from winnings | Legislature | yournaughtystory.com
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Child support taken from winnings | Legislature | yournaughtystory.com
2020 presidential campaign

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As of 2013, Illinois passed a law that requires casinos to withhold. new law will reduce the $3 billion of unpaid child support currently owed.

Illinois Gaming | yournaughtystory.com
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Budget Solutions 2020: A 5-year plan to balance Illinois’ budget, pay off debt and cut taxes | Illinois Policy
Get unlimited digital access for up to 67% off To continue viewing the content you love, please sign in or create a new account Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.
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By choosing I Accept, you consent to our new illinois casino laws 2020 child support of cookies and other tracking technologies.
While the legalization of recreational marijuana is getting the most buzz, state laws affecting higher education, job applicants, crime, parents and the LGBTQ community are also being set into motion.
Job Seekers Illinois is believed to be the first state to take a step toward regulating how companies use artificial intelligence in considering job applicants.
A new law requires employers to get consent from potential employees being interviewed on video if they use AI analysis.
Companies are increasingly relying on AI assessments, where computers analyze facial movements and word choice, for example, to rank candidates against each other or weed them out.
While backers say computers can focus on things human interviewers miss, some experts have called new illinois casino laws 2020 child support pseudo-science that opens the door to discrimination.
How do they know this person is good for this job or not?
Jaime Andrade, a Chicago Democrat who sponsored the measure.
The schools are: Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University, Western Illinois University and Eastern Illinois University.
Backers say the goal is this web page help students better prepare for the workforce and prevent brain drain.
That includes large stores and restaurants.
Another new illinois casino laws 2020 child support will give every baby born in Illinois a jump start on saving for college.
Babies born in January 2021 will be eligible for the first funds.
But it could be link time before the option is available.
The office is locked in a contract with an identification company until 2024.
Secretary of state spokesman Dave Druker says the office is looking at other options to make the change earlier.
Still, advocates call the new law a win.
Criminal Justice Illinois will remove the statute of limitations on major sex crimes, including criminal sexual assault, regardless of the age of the victim.
The new law ends the 10-year deadline prosecutors had to bring charges new illinois casino laws 2020 child support a crime was reported to police within three years.
New rules will also allow for stricter penalties for crimes committed in houses of worship, including churches, mosques, synagogues or any structure used for religious worship.
The legislation was prompted by a 2009 shooting at a Maryville church that left the pastor dead.
Rachelle Crowe, a Glen Carbon Democrat who sponsored the legislation.

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2019 IN HB1015 (Summary) Various gaming matters. Authorizes. Provides the process for withholding delinquent child support from sports wagering winnings.

Illinois Gaming | yournaughtystory.com
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IDHS: ***DRAFT FOR COMMENTS*** TANF State Plan for January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2021
Illinois -- I see Lincoln has a new business on Woodlawn Road, perhaps the heaviest traveled thoroughfare in our fair city.
A video gaming business named Jackpot.
Illinois -- A New Year's deadline to finalize a new contract between Arlington International Racecourse and horse owners and trainers has come and gone, with the.
Illinois -- A four-way race to bring a casino to the south suburbs and local debates over whether to allow sales of recreational marijuana were among the top news.
A casino license for the north suburban.
Illinois -- A four-way race to bring a casino to the south suburbs and local debates over whether to allow sales of recreational marijuana were among the top news.
Illinois -- Barely two months ago, video gambling magnate Rick Heidner was being hailed as a potential savior of casino com promotional 2020 Illinois horse racing industry, poised to expand.
Illinois -- Senate Bill 690 new illinois casino laws 2020 child support the number of casinos permitted in Illinois.
Illinois is one of the many states that have legalized sports betting.
Illinois -- When Rivers Casino in Des Plaines opened its gleaming new sports bar earlier this month, it had everything a gambler could want, including 32 leather.
Illinois -- Slowly but surely, there will be sports betting in the Land of Lincoln come 2020.
The Illinois Gaming Board took another step forward in its Thursday.
Illinois -- llinois gambling regulators released applications Thursday for casinos, racetracks and large stadiums that want to open sportsbooks.
Illinois -- Sports bettors are one step closer please click for source putting legitimate money down in Illinois as state gambling regulators released applications Thursday for casinos.
Illinois -- Brian Benge is an experienced and enthusiastic sports bettor, and though he lives in Iowa City, the way he bets is a glimpse of the future for Illinois.
Illinois -- Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, Ill.
Illinois -- Tucked in near the middle of Illinois Senate Bill 690, an 816-page measure that legalized sports betting in the state this summer, is a six-page section.
Illinois -- Visiting Springfield last month, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pressed state lawmakers to lower tax rates on a future city casino after a consultant found.
Illinois -- Schaumburg trustees have unanimously approved regulations under which video new illinois casino laws 2020 child support will be allowed in 2020.
Existing hotels and restaurants with liquor.
Illinois -- It has the look and feel of a Las Vegas sportsbook, but a new bar within Rivers Casino in Des Plaines won't allow patrons to place bets just yet.
Pritzker signed Senate Bill 690 in July increasing the number of allowed video gaming terminals in licensed establishment from five to six.
Illinois -- Village officials in Matteson could be looking for a redeal in their bid for a coveted south suburban casino license after weeks of complaints from groups.
Illinois -- A 30-year-old Chicago man convicted of causing a bomb scare that forced the evacuation of Aurora's Hollywood Casino in February was sentenced Wednesday.
Some people may already be.
Illinois -- The state's sports wagering program won't be ready for the Super Bowl, but it might be ready for March Madness.
Some people may already be placing.
Illinois -- The village of Matteson will hold a public hearing Monday to consider a new casino location.
The meeting will be held at 7:30 p.
Monday at the village.
Illinois -- Plummer: Certain legislators are making a lot of money from industries where they have a tremendous amount of influence.
And I think that the more the.
Illinois -- Even as the Batavia City Council expanded video gambling in the community to an eighth license-holder, aldermen set the stage for placing a limit on the.
Illinois -- Sports betting was a pet project of Gov.
Illinois -- The Illinois Gaming Board IGB expects to make sports betting applications for casinos, horse racetracks and professional sports arenas and fields.
Illinois -- Sports betting was a pet project of Gov.
Illinois -- Is Balmoral Park destined to be a born again racetrack?
Bankruptcy forced Balmoral out check this out business following its 2015 harness meeting when the Illinois.
Illinois -- Frank J.
Cortese has spent his life in the shadows of government.
Illinois -- Mount Prospect is about to raise its stake in video gambling.
The village board on Tuesday reacted favorably to a proposed ordinance that would raise springbok coupons 2020 />Illinois -- State Sen.
Martin Sandoval, the Southwest Side Democrat whose statehouse offices were raided by federal agents in September, is resigning his legislative.
Illinois -- A south suburban developer is in the early stages of a deal that could bring horse racing back to Balmoral Park near south suburban Crete as part of a.
Illinois -- If you are making football bets in Illinois on Feb.
The Super Bowl is the single most popular sporting event.
Illinois -- Businesses with video-gambling machines now have the option of adding one more after the city council voted Tuesday to increase the maximum allowed from.
Next year, if the city.
Illinois -- Investigations into the three would-be casino developers selected by the Waukegan City Council are underway, an Illinois Gaming Board spokesman said.
Illinois -- In Illinois and Rivers Casino Des Plains will reportedly be expanding the size of its gaming operations by around 10% as part of a scheme that is to see.
Illinois -- Less than a week after the Illinois Gaming Board attempted to stop video gambling operators from selling their businesses without state approval, a panel.
Illinois -- A decade-long ban on video gambling in unincorporated parts of DuPage County has been lifted.
County officials voted 11 to 6 Tuesday in favor of repealing.
Illinois -- The Illinois Gaming Board IGB held its November monthly meeting on Thursday, November 7, 2019 in Chicago.
Please remember the November 21, 2019 meeting.
The Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, north of Chicago, has been sitting in a pit on top of.
Illinois -- A man was convicted Friday of making a false bomb threat at the Hollywood Casino in west suburban Aurora.
A Kane County judge found Mustadin Muadinov, 30.
Illinois -- Rivers Casino, the busiest riverboat casino in Illinois, is headed for dry land.
Illinois -- The Illinois Gaming Board on Thursday moved to block video gambling operators from selling their companies without state approval in what regulators billed.
Illinois -- Those around Peoria who like to bet on college and professional sports soon will have a legal place to do it, apparently.
Illinois -- When Rob Gifford takes calls from parents who want their children to attend the Danville Boys and Girls Club, he has to explain that their names will be.
Illinois -- State lawmakers have worked over the past decade to bring various forms of gambling out of the shadows and onto the tax rolls, from legalizing video poker.
Illinois -- When and if Waukegan gets its casino after all the red tape and controversies about where it will be built and by who, they should put Ray Bradburys statue.
Illinois -- Take your pick.
Or perhaps I should say, place your bets.
Where should the long-awaited south suburban casino be built?
Are your palms sweating at the.
Illinois -- In a remarkable political turnaround, state Rep.
Illinois -- The Batavia City Council is considering expanding video gambling to allow the Funway amusement center to add machines.
The council also plans to review.
Illinois -- Rivers Casino in Des Plaines has begun renovations to its existing space, company officials said Thursday, ahead of further expansion plans being made in.
Illinois -- Cynde Bunch stepped up to a table in the gazebo at Walker's Bluff on Monday, and put her signature on the official application for an Illinois casino.
Illinois -- Two players in the high-stakes game for a south suburban casino license have folded, leaving four towns at the table for what they hope is a tax-revenue.
Illinois -- Mayor Rickey Williams Jr.
Illinois -- After submitting plans to the Illinois Gaming Board outlining its proposed casino development in Waukegan City, Full House Resorts outlined further plans.
Illinois -- A new gambling addiction treatment resource https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/casino-accident-2020.html coming to southern Illinois.
With Illinois expanding gaming services new illinois casino laws 2020 child support plans for a new casino underway.
The filing was completed on Monday afternoon.
Illinois -- Country Club Hills dropped out of the crowded field competing for a coveted south suburban casino license, as other communities filed applications touting.
Illinois -- Haven Gaming officials submitted its application for a license to operate a casino in Danville to the Illinois Gaming Board shortly after 4 p.
Illinois -- For the first time since the General Assembly adjourned its historic regular legislative session in early June, lawmakers will be back at the Capitol for.
Illinois -- Democratic gubernatorial nominee and Attorney General Andy Beshear is locked in a close race with Republican incumbent Matt Bevin, according to a recent.
Illinois -- The small city of Country Club Hills in Illinois has reportedly become the sixth runner in the race to secure the sole license to build and operate a.
Illinois -- Behavioral health care provider Centerstone has added gambling treatment and intervention to its services offered in Southern Illinois.
Illinois -- Horsemen in Illinois say they are still reeling from the decision by Churchill Downs Inc.
Illinois -- South suburban communities have recently held new illinois casino laws 2020 child support hearings on six different proposals to host a casino.
Country Club Hills on Monday night became the.
Illinois -- Des Plaines Mayor Matthew Bogusz on Monday tabled an ordinance that would have allowed video gambling in the city, effectively ending for now a push to.
Illinois -- A new Illinois lawsuit accused Harrah's Casino in Joliet, Ill.
Illinois -- A fourth community in Illinois has reportedly entered the race in hopes of securing permission to build and operate check this out casino that is being licensed for.
Illinois -- Then there were three.
The slow progress for a casino operator for Waukegan now enters the second phase.
The City Council late last week vetted the.
Illinois -- In addition to filing a lawsuit against Harrah's Casino in Joliet, lawyers from Chicago and New York have filed a near identical case against Hollywood.
Illinois -- A new Will County lawsuit accuses Harrah's Casino in downtown Joliet of violating the state's Biometric Information Privacy Act by possessing the.
Illinois -- Rockford leaders give video gambling operators the chance to add more machines.
City Council members approved a request to raise the number of machines.
Illinois -- The latest entry in the south suburban casino sweepstakes aims to put a new gaming facility less than two miles from the Indiana border at the River Oaks.
Illinois -- A new Will County lawsuit accuses Harrah's Casino in downtown Joliet of violating the state's Biometric Information Privacy Act by possessing the.
Illinois -- Local officials have advanced a plan for a resort and casino on the site of a Southern Illinois winery.
The Southern Illinoisan reports the Williamson.
Illinois -- After narrowly losing out on a bid for a casino license a decade ago, Calumet City is now making the current quest for a coveted south suburban casino.
Officials from Calumet City and Crestwood announced proposals Thursday for the.
Illinois -- It seemed too good to be true…and it was.
Three weeks after approving the application for a 12-night inaugural meeting in December, 2020 for a.
Illinois -- For the past few days we've been thinking about the paperwork from a September raid on the Springfield office of state Sen.
Chicago -- Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is pushing two options for a Chicago casino.
One calls for a casino owned by both the city and the state, the other calls for a.
Illinois -- City Council members unanimously, by a 13-0 vote Tuesday night, certified Haven Gaming as the Danville Casino and Resort applicant.
Illinois -- When Des Plaines beat out Waukegan for what was supposed to be the 10th and final casino license new illinois casino laws 2020 child support Illinois more than a decade ago, it transformed the.
Illinois -- If approved by state regulators, a Matteson casino could open by spring 2022, with the gambling hall and associated development, such as a hotel, creating.
Two board members recently told the Tribune that.
Illinois -- Less than a month ago, Rick Heidner was the toast of an Illinois Racing Board hearing, hailed as a new friend and potential savior for the horse racing.
Illinois -- Illinois has recently approved gambling expansion all over the state.
Chicago operators have submitted several proposals regarding suburban location of a.
Illinois -- When federal agents raided the home and offices of Illinois State Senator Martin Sandoval D-12th last month, among their targets were documents related.
Illinois -- Matteson is jumping into the race to be the host community for a south suburban casino.
Village officials said Monday they are teaming up with Oklahoma.
Illinois -- A 35-year-old Chicago man has been indicted on federal pokerstars 2020 that accuse him of illegal gambling and of hiding sports-betting income in a bankruptcy.
Illinois -- The new Hard New illinois casino laws 2020 child support Casino Gary may be just the first of several casinos to open in the years ahead within or very near to Northwest Indiana.
Illinois -- It reads like a federal checklist for Chicago corruption.
But an 11-page document released.
Illinois -- Local government and business officials celebrated the long-awaited grand opening Thursday of an extended-stay hotel property, the TownePlace Suites by.
Illinois -- While other Chicago-area casino plans are stalling, Hawthorne New illinois casino laws 2020 child support Course continues to move ahead with its plans to add one to the historic racetrack.
And his name popped up in a proposal to help revive the.
Illinois -- A report by the Chicago-based consultant hired by Waukegan to evaluate the four proposals for a Fountain Square casino was posted online by the city on.
Illinois -- A group looking to put a Las Vegas-style casino resort in the Illinois city of Danville says it wants to build a family-oriented destination and promote.
Illinois -- The Danville Planning Commission postponed more than a dozen requests from store owners seeking special use permits to operate skilled-gaming machines.
Illinois -- Ease up on restrictions.
And get a move on, already.
Illinois -- Ease up on restrictions.
And get a move on, already.
Illinois -- Indiana had already beat Illinois in a race to allow sports wagering at the state's ten casinos and on Thursday, the Hoosier State also beat the Land.
Illinois -- A group looking to put a Las Vegas-style casino resort in Danville says it wants to build a family oriented destination and promote economic growth in the.
Illinois -- The casino operator approved by the Danville City Council this week still has to obtain a state gaming license.
But the mayor of Danville says once it.
Illinois -- Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says he is willing to talk about adding a casino in Chicago, but he stated on Friday that he is opposed to a larger expansion.
Illinois -- D-Vegas has been a long-running nickname used by some residents for Danville, it being the opposite of a bright lights big city.
Now after a 30-year wait.
Illinois -- The city of Danville has chosen its operator for the upcoming casino project.
City officials gathered Tuesday night and chose Haven Gaming LLC, a new.
Illinois -- A newly formed group of individuals with a long history in the gaming industry hopes to build a Las Vegas-style casino resort that attracts people all.
Illinois -- Chuck Hamilton has seen a lot of new businesses come put their chips on the table in Danville over his 64 years in his eastern Illinois hometown, two and a.
But a city official said that even with no changes, it would.
Illinois -- Like a lighthouse glimmering on the horizon of a pitch-black ocean, you can see the casino lights of Las Vegas luring you to gamble as you fly into.
Illinois -- About a month later than expected, Danville City Council members should vote Tuesday night on the casino operator as announced by Mayor Rickey Williams Jr.
Illinois -- A professor emeritus at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign said that any benefits the state might gain from gambling expansion will be small.
Illinois -- Waukegan Development Associates, the team behind the Italian-themed Casino Fontana proposal that would have included 10 acres neighboring a city-owned site.
Illinois -- Fairmount Park in Collinsville has scheduled 60 racing days in 2020 — up from 40 this year.
But that schedule will require Fairmount to spend more.
Illinois -- A proposed horse racing track and casino won state approval Tuesday to operate in Tinley Park next December.
The Illinois Racing Board approved the 12.
Illinois -- Industry dissatisfaction with the Sports Wagering Act could be part of the reason why the Illinois Gaming Board IGB is seeking public comment before.
Illinois -- All three sets of plans for a casino in Rockford has been presented.
Now it's up to city officials to decide which will come to fruition.
Illinois -- The Danville casino could soon be opening sooner than expected.
According to city officials, the developer that is most likely to be recommended to the.
Illinois -- With a veterans group calling for a repeal of DuPage's decade-old ban on video gambling, county board members are going to revisit the issue.
Video gambling establishments can.
Illinois -- A new horse racing track and casino proposed for Tinley Park has made it out of the starting gate.
Illinois -- Industry dissatisfaction with the Sports Wagering Act could be part of the reason why the Illinois Gaming Board IGB is seeking public comment before.
Illinois -- Embittered state horse racing regulators approved a license Tuesday for Arlington International Racecourse, begrudgingly handing down 2020 race dates to.
Illinois -- The Illinois Racing Board voted unanimously Tuesday to allow horse racing at Arlington International Racecourse next year, despite the decision by the.
Illinois -- Embittered state horse racing regulators approved a license Tuesday for Arlington International Racecourse, begrudgingly handing down 2020 race dates to.
Illinois -- There will only be one casino in Rockford and three development companies are vying for who it will be.
A public hearing is scheduled for 5:30pm at the Coronado.
Illinois -- Rosemont is exploring the possibility of allowing sports betting in the village having formed a five-member committee last week to help pick a company to.
Illinois -- A group of south suburban mayors claims the recently passed gaming bill has a bias against their communities.
Matteson Mayor Sheila Chalmers-Currin said.
Illinois -- Gamblers brought in more money for the state than ever before last year, even though casino revenues were down.
Those were among the findings in a new.
Illinois -- We expect to learn more about the three proposals for a casino during a public hearing Monday night at the Coronado Performing Arts Center.
Illinois -- Gamblers returned to the Argosy Casino Alton in August, making it the best month for the facility since the spring floods, and the second best so far this.
Illinois -- The Rockford Ministers Fellowship and other religious organizations are raising an alarm about the dangers expanded access to gambling poses to vulnerable.
Illinois -- Dark storm clouds cast a literal and figurative shadow over Arlington International Racecourse Saturday afternoon, on what was the last day of racing for.
Though video gambling is flourishing, traditional shops like.
Illinois -- The six finalists for who will open the first casino in Waukegan pitched city officials on Wednesday.
Officials spent four hours listening to plans from.
Illinois -- The City of Rockford has to send their choice for a Rockford casino to the Illinois Gaming Board by October 26th, so it's officially crunch time for.
Illinois -- Hard Rock International is new illinois casino laws 2020 child support to drum up support for its casino proposal by offering financial support to various local groups in exchange for.
Illinois -- The grand plan for 136 acres off Lyford Road calls not only for a casino and hotel but also for a water park, golf entertainment complex and senior citizen.
Illinois -- Final 2020 table tournament poker a week, the public is invited to attend an information listening session about three proposed locations for a casino coming to Rockford.
Illinois -- In the fiscal year ending in June, Illinois brought in more tax cash from gambling.
Illinois -- Illinois brought in more tax money from gambling in the fiscal year that ended in June.
Illinois -- As Illinois embarks on a massive gambling expansion of up to six new casinos and the addition of slot machines and table games at horse tracks, revenue.
Illinois -- Tinley Park's trustees moved forward in its bid to recruit a racino by amending two key zoning ordinances to permit a racing and gambling business in the.
Illinois -- Hotels and casinos in Illinois will soon be required to have anti-sexual harassment policies that include, for certain workers, access to a safety button.
Illinois -- As Illinois embarks on a massive gambling expansion of up to six new casinos and the addition of slot machines and table games at horse tracks, revenue.
Illinois -- The operators of the Grand Victoria Riverboat Casino in Elgin have been hit with a class action lawsuit, accusing them of violating an Illinois biometrics.
Illinois -- Some Long Grove village board members expressed concern about video gambling machines that are allowed at bars and restaurants in town as another.
Illinois -- One decade after DuPage became the first county in Illinois to ban video gambling, the vice chairman of the county board says the panel should consider.
Illinois -- Saturday is the last day fans can soak in a live race at Fairmount Park racetrack in Collinsville, but next year the popular track is eyeing a big.
Illinois -- Visitors https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/us-online-poker-news-2020.html Rosemont may soon be able to place their bets, as the village explores a partnership with sportsbook operators and considers overturning its.
Illinois sloth bookmark The City of Rockford will host a state-mandated public hearing on Sept.
Illinois -- What would a new casino in Waukegan mean for revenue earned by Rivers Casino, located approximately 26 miles south in Des Plaines?
Illinois -- Got something to say or want this web page answered about a Rockford casino?
The city will take written comments before or at a Sept.
The decision was made at a recent.
Illinois -- Helipads and posh villas.
Italianate fountains and dine-in movie theaters.
Saltwater pools and cavernous concert halls.
And lots of slots.
Illinois -- The Illinois Gaming Board announced Friday that it had adopted new rules it said will strengthen existing ethical safeguards and require more people to.
Illinois -- A Danville casino complex could include a hotel, retail shops, a restaurant and bar, an entertainment venue and even recreational facilities like a.
Illinois -- Having decided that Lockport needs more rules for video gambling on its books, the city council continues to hone its proposed changes to the ordinance.
Illinois -- Beginning July 1, hotels and casinos in Illinois will be required to have anti-sexual harassment policies that include, for certain workers, access to a.
Illinois -- The Illinois Gaming Board announced Friday that it had adopted new rules it said will strengthen existing ethical safeguards and require more people to.

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2019 IN HB1015 (Summary) Various gaming matters. Authorizes. Provides the process for withholding delinquent child support from sports wagering winnings.

Rules (House) | Illinois 2019-2020 | TrackBill
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Rules (House) | Illinois 2019-2020 | TrackBill
new illinois casino laws 2020 child support

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Child support guidelines under Judiciary panel's review - 06/07/19.. FRANKFORT—A proposal that the 2020 General Assembly consider adding... to the thoroughbred industry as required from legal gambling operators.... proposed legislation in 17 states including Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New York and Wisconsin.

NEW ILLINOIS LAWS FOR 2020 | WSEI Freedom 92.9 FM | The Best Country in America
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Illinois Is Poised to Become the Gambling Capital of the Midwest
Trucks stops will be permitted to hold 10 machines.
Whitney Curtis, special to ProPublica Illinois ProPublica Illinois is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force.
An 816-page bill introduced and passed by the General Assembly over the weekend will, if fully realized, transform Illinois into the gambling capital of the Midwest.
Within two years, Illinois could have more than 7,000 video gambling establishments, 5,000 lotterylike sports betting kiosk locations, 16 casinos, five racinos and online sports gambling accessible on millions of mobile phones.
Illinois hasand found it is one of two states deemed ill-prepared to weather another recession.
The other is New Jersey.
It will take years to determine if this historic bet pays off.
But if past outcomes offer any hint, the results are likely to fall far short of what lawmakers are promising.
Lawmakers also skimped on funding for regulatory and social costs.
Meanwhile, a handful of video gambling operators reaped massive profits, in part because the state has one of the lowest tax rates on video gambling in the country.
In the latest gambling expansion bill, which cleared its last legislative hurdle Sunday and is expected to be signed by Gov.
Despite anlawmakers raised the tax by 3% starting July 1, with an additional 1% kicking in a year later.
The rate is currently 30%, with 25% going to the state and 5% to local governments.
But Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and West Virginia all have rates at 50% or higher.
After a ProPublica Illinois-WBEZ story last week revealed that severalmost abstained from voting on the gambling expansion bill over the weekend.
Before the Senate vote late Sunday afternoon, Minority Leader Bill Brady, a Republican from Bloomington, informed his colleagues that he had a conflict of interest and https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/online-casino-no-deposit-bonus-codes-december-2020.html not vote on the bill.
He also said he had recused himself from the closed-door negotiations that produced the legislation.
Also abstaining from the vote was Sen.
Thomas Cullerton, a Democrat from Villa Park who is check this out sales agent for a video gambling operator.
Antonio Muñoz, a Chicago Democrat and the assistant majority leader, presided over the session and voted to approve the expansion bill even though his son is a sales agent for a video gambling operator run by former Democratic Sen.
The elder Muñoz responded with a statement that did not directly address his involvement in the vote.
Lawmakers also made the board less transparent.
Tucked inside the sprawling bill is a paragraph that gives the gaming board broad authority to close its meetings under the Open Meetings Act.
Judges in two recent lawsuits found the board violated the Open Meetings Act by going into closed session improperly.
ProPublica Illinois has filed a lawsuit after being denied recordings of one of those meetings.
That lawsuit is pending.
Lawmakers also dramatically increased the amount of money set aside to fight gambling addiction.
This year, Please click for source Illinois and WBEZ found that — 28th out of 40 states.
Unlike a number of other states with legalized gambling, Illinois has never measured the prevalence of gambling addiction, what experts consider a crucial first step in fighting what the American Psychiatric Association now recognizes as.
The gambling expansion bill also calls for a self-exclusion program for sports betting, which will allow problem gamblers to bar themselves from placing bets on games.
The state has a new illinois casino laws 2020 child support program in place for casinos.
But it still lacks a self-exclusion list for the nearly 7,000 video gambling locations, which legislators could have added to the expansion bill but did not.
While addiction counselors welcome the budget increase, they say they are wary of the massive gambling expansion that will accompany it.
Studies show that as the number of gambling opportunities increases, so does the rate of addiction.
And if all the gambling options in the expansion come to fruition, the amount and variety of gambling in Illinois will be unprecedented.
Yet even before lawmakers approved an estimated 23,000 new gambling positions, ProPublica Illinois and WBEZ had found that video gambling has cannibalized casino revenue.
The expansion bill increases the maximum number of gambling positions at casinos to 2,000.
Three have fewer than 1,000 new illinois casino laws 2020 child support />In recent years, Illinois has seen a healthy increase in revenue from gambling.
But that has come amid one of the largest economic expansions in U.
During the 2008 financial crisis, before the state had video gambling machines, casinos saw steep declines in revenue.
A new illinois casino laws 2020 child support of struggling areas across the state are banking on casinos after the legislation added licenses for Waukegan, Rockford, Danville, Williamson County and the south suburbs of Chicago.
Yet many of those areas are already inundated with video gambling machines.
By the end of April, Waukegan had 54 establishments with 262 video slot and poker machines peppered throughout the city.
Adding a 2,000-position casino to the town will increase the number of gambling positions nearly eightfold.
Yet the city already has 100 establishments with 477 video gambling machines.
And under the expansion, bars, restaurants, fraternal organizations and gambling parlors will be allowed to have six machines, up from five.
Trucks stops will be new illinois casino laws 2020 child support to hold 10 machines.
Rockford, for example, has the second-highest number of video slot and poker machines in the state, and the draw of a new casino could drain gambling dollars from locations there.
Jason Grotto covers issues related to municipal finance, including pensions, debt and taxation.

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There are more than 250 new Illinois laws taking effect Jan. 1, 2020.... Child Custody Address Protection (SB 399/PA 101-0211): Allows a party to omit. in the workplace, protects hotel and casino employees from sexual ...

New 2020 Illinois laws include legal weed, minimum wage hike - Chicago Tribune
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New laws 2020: Illinois laws, fees that take effect January 1 | yournaughtystory.com
Online Gambling News for New York, Maine & Illinois

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2020 Elections. One bill would repeal the Illinois estate tax, and the other offers a. The legislation is now sitting in the House Revenue and Finance. an attorney for Bluhm's Rivers Casino and a former Illinois assistant attorney general.. R. Kelly's day in court: pays $62K in child support; sex abuse suit ...

DCFS Collects More than $2 Million in Arrears Through Casino Intercept Program | Department of Children & Family Services | State of Louisiana
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Rules (House) | Illinois 2019-2020 | TrackBill
Trucks stops casino malaysia 2020 be permitted to hold 10 machines.
Whitney Curtis, special to ProPublica Illinois ProPublica Illinois is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force.
An 816-page bill introduced and passed by the General Assembly over the weekend will, if fully realized, transform Illinois into the gambling capital of the Midwest.
Within two years, Illinois could have more than 7,000 video gambling establishments, 5,000 lotterylike sports betting kiosk locations, 16 casinos, five racinos and online sports gambling accessible on millions of mobile phones.
Illinois hasand found it is one of two states deemed ill-prepared to weather another recession.
The other is New Jersey.
It will take years to determine if this historic bet pays off.
But if past outcomes offer any hint, the results are likely to fall far short of what lawmakers are promising.
Lawmakers also skimped on funding for regulatory and social costs.
Meanwhile, a handful of video gambling operators reaped massive profits, in part because the state has one of the lowest tax rates on video gambling in the country.
In the latest gambling expansion bill, which cleared its last legislative hurdle Sunday and is expected to be signed by Gov.
Despite anlawmakers raised the tax by 3% starting July 1, with an additional 1% kicking in a year later.
The rate is currently 30%, with 25% going to the state and 5% to local governments.
After a ProPublica Illinois-WBEZ story last week revealed that severalmost abstained from voting on the gambling expansion bill over the weekend.
Before the Senate vote late Sunday afternoon, Minority Leader Bill Brady, a Republican from Bloomington, informed his colleagues that he had a conflict of interest and would not vote on the bill.
He also said he had recused himself from the closed-door negotiations that produced the legislation.
Also abstaining from the vote was Sen.
Thomas Cullerton, a Democrat from Villa Park who is a sales agent for a video gambling operator.
Antonio Muñoz, a Chicago Democrat and the assistant majority leader, presided over the session and voted to approve the expansion bill even though his son is a sales agent for a video gambling operator run by former Democratic Sen.
The elder Muñoz responded with a statement that did not directly address his involvement in the vote.
Lawmakers also made the board less transparent.
Tucked inside the sprawling bill is a paragraph that gives the gaming board broad authority to close its meetings under the Open Meetings Act.
Judges in two recent lawsuits found the board violated the Open Meetings Act by going into closed session improperly.
ProPublica Illinois has filed a lawsuit after being denied recordings of one of those meetings.
That lawsuit is pending.
Lawmakers also dramatically increased the amount of money set aside to fight gambling addiction.
This year, ProPublica Illinois and WBEZ found that — 28th out of 40 states.
Unlike a number of other states with legalized gambling, Illinois has never measured the prevalence of new illinois casino laws 2020 child support addiction, what experts consider a crucial first step in fighting what the American Psychiatric Association now recognizes as.
The gambling expansion bill also calls for a self-exclusion program for sports betting, which will allow problem gamblers to bar themselves from placing bets on games.
The state has a similar program in place for casinos.
But it still lacks a self-exclusion list for the nearly 7,000 video gambling locations, which legislators could have added to the expansion bill but did not.
While addiction counselors welcome the budget increase, they say they are wary of the massive gambling expansion that will accompany it.
Studies show that as the number of gambling opportunities increases, so does the rate of addiction.
And if all the gambling options in the expansion come to fruition, the amount and variety of gambling in Illinois will be unprecedented.
Yet even before lawmakers approved an estimated 23,000 new illinois casino laws 2020 child support gambling positions, ProPublica Illinois and WBEZ had found that video gambling has cannibalized casino revenue.
The expansion bill increases the maximum number of gambling positions at casinos to 2,000.
Three have fewer than 1,000 positions.
In recent years, Illinois has seen a healthy increase in revenue from gambling.
But that has come amid one of the largest economic expansions in U.
During the 2008 financial crisis, before the state had video gambling machines, casinos saw steep declines in revenue.
A string of struggling areas across the state are banking on casinos after the legislation added licenses for Waukegan, Rockford, Danville, Williamson County and the south suburbs of Chicago.
Yet many of those areas are already inundated with video gambling machines.
By the end of April, Waukegan had 54 establishments with 262 video slot and poker machines peppered throughout the city.
Adding a 2,000-position casino to the town will increase the number of gambling positions nearly eightfold.
Yet the city https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/thunder-valley-casino-concerts-2020.html has 100 establishments with 477 video gambling machines.
And under the expansion, bars, restaurants, fraternal organizations and gambling parlors will be allowed to have six machines, up from five.
Trucks stops will be permitted to hold 10 machines.
Rockford, here example, has the second-highest number of video slot and poker machines in the state, and the draw of a new casino could drain gambling dollars from locations there.
Jason Grotto covers issues related to municipal finance, including pensions, debt and taxation.

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Child support guidelines under Judiciary panel's review - 06/07/19.. FRANKFORT—A proposal that the 2020 General Assembly consider adding... to the thoroughbred industry as required from legal gambling operators.... proposed legislation in 17 states including Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New York and Wisconsin.

NEW ILLINOIS LAWS FOR 2020 | WSEI Freedom 92.9 FM | The Best Country in America
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Gambling 2020 | Laws and Regulations | USA – Illinois | ICLG
Increasing Employment for Americans Reentering the Workforce from the Justice System