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24 Haskell Welcome Back Powwow (Spring Semester), 155 Indian Avenue, (Haskell Coffin Complex), Lawrence, KS 66046. Vendors contact Janice Mendez at ...

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The Pokagon Band veterans constructed two eagle staffs which hold dozens of eagle. Honoring Saganing Traditional Powwow Sept 7 th & 8 th 2019.. Pow Wows » Pow Wows in Michigan » 2019-2020 New Year's Eve Sobriety Pow Wow... Next to the Saganing Eagles Landing Casino & Saganing Tribal Center Vendor.

Indian Casino News
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NATIVE NEWS ONLINE | Page 37 | Cleveland American Indian Movement
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and one look at me, the boy exclaimed, “Wow! I must have.... 989-727-2020 800-727-2078. 989-727-.... Eagles Landing Casino and the.

NATIVE NEWS ONLINE | Page 37 | Cleveland American Indian Movement
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NATIVE NEWS ONLINE | Page 37 | Cleveland American Indian Movement
saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020

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I wont be far away, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 48858 He attended Saganing Indian. SCIT Powwow Committee Water Warriors T-shirt Sale 7070 E. Broadway... Tribe, the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Council, The Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort or its... Saganing Eagles Landing Cloutier during the summer and as the primary ...

NATIVE NEWS ONLINE | Page 37 | Cleveland American Indian Movement
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Honoring Saganing Traditional Pow Wow
His health was affected by Agent Orange.
He worked for and retired from the Port Huron Area School District in maintenance, plumbing, and repairing audio visual equipment.
He also repaired technical equipment as a side line.
Your browser does not support the video tag.
Joe wants to have an all culture get-together to share common bonds, promote goodwill, and exchange cultural traditions.
God bless you, Joe, and thanks for serving our country and being a proud and patriotic American and Marine.
Joe was born October 23, 1950 and passed to eternity on February 5, 2017.
He was honored with a celebration of life at the Pow Wow grounds on Black River, near Wadhams Michigan, on August 12, 2017.
An Eagle soared over the Black River nearby.
He was an elder and spiritual leader, Peace Chief and a Medicine Man, of the Woodlands Ojibwe.
He loved to share with and teach younger people the Ojibwe language and culture.
Joe headed the Black River Pow Wow for many years; he was a singer-drummer with other local men who won awards for their drumming.
Joe was of Ojibwe and Seneca ancestry.
The first Blue Water Pow Wow Celebration was held in 1995.
Joe, was instrumental in organizing it.
Sharon Kota, taught the culture and language also, and was a founding Pow Wow member.
People need to have respect for themselves and others, being kind, courteous, helping one another.
Like any culture, there are good and bad.
There are those that are polite and those that are not polite.
We are still here.
There were many battles and important meetings on Black River.
Many of our kids went to Indian schools.
This almost destroyed our culture.
We were to be annihilated.
Our lifestyle, customs, language, and religion were nearly destroyed.
But the people survived.
We went underground; together we overcame the cloak of darkness.
The records of atrocity were burned, hiding the truth.
The rich man had to get rid of the people to fill their pockets.
Most wars are based around money, oil—wherever you look, everything is based on money.
In the 1920s and 1930s, we were a mixed people.
The truth is hidden.
Before 2006, it was against the law to speak our language off-reserve.
In 2006, George Bush restored Indian American rights to freedom of religion and other traditions.
At one time, the St.
Clair River was much shallower.
Our people dried fish at the lake.
The racks were stacked eight feet high.
At lakeside, the shoreline was another 150 feet out.
Dams from hydro companies and dredging has made it deep.
At Pine Grove Park, the shore was 75 to 100 feet farther out.
The stumps of trees that were cut are still there in the original bank of the St.
General Custer was a bad sicko.
Our language is pictorial; you more info it at the same time you speak it.
Some words have different meanings for men and women.
In a lot of Indian cultures, the women made the decisions.
Pow Wows are family reunions open to everybody; everyone comes — they come from all over.
The Boy Scouts started with Indians.
This was a great trading area; all Native tribes came to trade in this area.
The Tobacco and Neutral nations are totally extinct.
Some of our people helped the slaves from the south; Natives were a part of the Underground Railroad.
This was one of the biggest points, a lot came through for freedom.
Our people, we worked as loggers.
We were soldiers for the best-paying country at war.
There were four races in the same boat: eight people.
In the beginning of time, the Creator had with 2020 heads up poker championship winner opinion sons: A Black son to give the gift of strength to share with all the world, a Red son given the gift of taking care of Mother Earth and all our relations, the Earth and all it entails.
The Yellow son was given the gift of patience, the White son the gift of fire.
The fifth son had no color because he turned away and called himself God.
The Lodge got more quiet.
The White brother kept his word — light on in the morning, electricity for cooking food, heat, cars, everything, has to do with fire.
Even the giisis — sun.
Dobeka, even the moon reflects that abs cbn time slot at night.
The Sarnia Ojibwe are a quiet people; they keep to themselves.
Sweet Grass has tons of uses, as a smoke or smudge, in teas, for gall stones, kidney stones, urinary tract infections.
This is Mount Pleasant Territory, Mt.
In 1995, the Truth Commission issued their report which outlined the abuse inflicted upon Indians since the 1800s and reservation era and boarding school experience of atrocious abuse.
The Europeans who came to our country had no comprehension of our lifeways.
Our people have suffered greatly during the past 500 years.
Our elders and ancestors have made many sacrifices for us.
Despite all the new resources, our people are still haunted by the oppression and colonization endured at the hands of American society.
Many more generations will pass before our people recover from the traumas of boarding schools, substance abuse, racism, and prejudice.
The Indian population of Michigan in 1980 was 40,038 by census figures.
The Michigan Department of Education school count was 60,374.
Indians have a destiny: to save the Earth from the evil that would attempt to destroy it.
White government ignored centuries of acquired skills, values, spiritual beliefs, and lifestyles practiced by the tribes.
Cultural genocide destroyed the Anishinabe trade, social, political, and economic systems.
There is cultural amnesia, a void.
The people are reintroducing traditional models of leadership.
This builds ownership, self-identity, and self-esteem.
Colonial oppression has transformed what saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020 a bottom-up structure to Western top-down structure, often filled with nepotism, learn more here, and corrupt and coercive leadership.
This system perpetuates disempowerment of the Anishinabe.
Coupled with historic trauma, this engenders self-oppression and social dysfunction.
Youth are starving spiritually Flocken, UMN.
The Ojibwe of Southeast Michigan and Southern Ontario were never removed, as so many other tribes have been, but by successive treaty sales were restricted to reservations within this territory with the exception of a few families who moved to Kansas.
The Black River Reservation was sold in 1836.
Three hundred and sixty of the people stayed on the land until after 1838.
A few went to the Wesleyan Mission near Port Sarnia.
The Black River Indian place of residence are nearly the same that they ever have been since the ancestors of the present chiefs, the brave Mashkeos at the head of the Algonquin, drove the Iroquois Confederacy from the Peninsula now called Michigan.
In the sugar-making season, most of them may be found at their old sugar camp in what is now called Lexington and Burchville.
They plant upon Mill Creek in Clyde Township and in Burchville.
In the hunting season, they and many more are scattered through the forests of this and the adjoining counties.
At other seasons, they may be found at Port Sarnia, just opposite this place in Canada, where they have friends and relations and where saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020 receive religious instruction.
Most of them are professing Christians of the Methodist persuasion.
Many give satisfactory evidence of being truly pious and enlightened Christians.
I have often preached to them on both sides of the River St.
Clair and have baptized a few.
They attended my school while I had the means to continue it, and their progress in learning at that time was rapid.
Under the supervision of Colonel Bunce in Clyde, several have become tolerable farmers.
There also I have often preached to them by the help of their Chief Nagezhik, Andrew Yates, who will hear me speak rapidly for more than half an hour, then rise and interpret the whole discourse faithfully and in a beautiful stile of language.
In the 1840s, the Black River Society Methodist Church was a great help to the Ojibwe peoples.
Many bought land and homes to stay on the original indigenous homelands.
They are our neighbors, working, school, college, and church, living, loving and raising families.
As of the year 2000, there are 2.
We survived and are hungry to reconnect with our cultural and spiritual heritage.
Modern day pirates on the border smuggle goods across to Canada.
Tobacco is the main product in a very lucrative trade, along with whiskey and illegal immigrants.
In 1924, all Indians were made full American citizens.
In 1940, hundreds of Indian tribes were eliminated as political entities when the termination policy began.
In 1941 to 1978, Whites adopted 35% of American Indian children in the U.
In 1979, the Indian Religious Freedom Act was passed as law.
Incest is a European tradition Metis Timeline, www.
Exploitation by large corporations often in collusion with politicians at local, state, and federal levels with Indian governments continues today.
To prevent general public outrage and demand, Indian history is written out of existence and the people kept ignorant.
To be honest, the people are required to know their history and assume responsibility.
The Indian heritage is hidden by those who seek to obscure it The New Indian.
The Canadian Constitution was amended in 1982 as part of the process of completing the evolution of Canada as a self-governing nation, recognizing and affirming Aboriginal and treaty rights, including the right of Aboriginal self-government within the Canadian Constitution.
NATIONAL AMERICAN INDIAN HERITAGE MONTH On August 3, 1990, November was officially declared National American Indian Heritage Month in the United States of America.
In 2009, June was declared National Aboriginal History Month in Canada.
Indian Day, an act established in 1974, is set aside on the fourth Friday in September to honor and celebrate Native Americans in Michigan.
NAGPRA The Native American Graves and Protection Repatriation Act was passed by Congress on November 16, 1990 and signed into law by President Slotomania coin hack Bush.
Hundreds of thousands of pieces of Native American human remains, cultural pieces, and funeral objects are being returned to tribal lands.
The remains are held in museums and universities across the country.
The return is ongoing at government expense.
INDIAN SCHOOLS In 1879, the Carlisle Indian Boarding School opened in Pennsylvania.
By 1884, there were 200 Indian schools operating in the U.
Indian schools were built to civilize the people.
Children were forced to attend; they were taken away bonus slot 2020 their families, kidnapped to live at boarding schools.
The teachers at most of the schools were former rejects who were unwanted elsewhere.
The Catholic Church was a large holder of Boarding Schools.
One school had 62 sex offenders out of 63 employees.
The Federal Government operated 48 Indian schools in the country.
These schools were notorious for abuse.
The children were not allowed to speak their own language and were punished for using it.
Their culture was stripped away from them.
They were not well cared for or fed.
Physical, mental, and spiritual abuse was rampant at these schools.
The heinous abuse and genocide perpetrated on Native Americans by the U.
Violent methods of educating Native American children included murder, with no repercussions.
The Isolation Policy of the BIA gave Carte Blanche Authority.
The most extreme forms of child abuse resulted in permanent psychological and emotional injuries.
Indian agents complained that the children did not learn much at school because they had to leave school to hunt, fish, and gather crops with their parents and the language at home slowed their education.
Some went on to public schools but had difficulty and were ridiculed by White students.
Many grew up without any education.
Being scattered over a large territory, the government could not click the following article to build a school at every settlement.
By 1884, the Federal Government operated 81 boarding schools and six industrial or manual labor schools.
All of the Saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020 schools, were closed in 1889.
BOARDING SCHOOLS Mount Pleasant, Michigan Indian Boarding School children endured school policies, and a sense of brotherhood and solidarity was created.
The children learned trades, mechanics, farming, nursing, and home economics.
They did most of the work at the schools and farms to support them.
Thousands of children attended Mt.
Pleasant Boarding School, having 300 to 375 students at a time.
It had eleven brick buildings.
Many children never saw their families while they attended school; there was great culture shock both going to school and returning home.
There was great heartache and homesickness.
Many students ran away, attempting to return home.
It was a military school: the students marched, wore uniforms, had a strict schedule and rules.
They woke at 4:00 AM.
School employees were quick to punish students who broke the rules.
Discipline and work were the curriculum.
The school prepared them for low-paying, menial jobs.
Many people believed they received a good education, had fond memories; the band and football teams were favorites, friendships made were treasured.
Other schools had horror stories; sexual abuse was rampant.
Rejects were sent to teach at the Catholic Schools, and many children were beat to death, heads were slammed into the walls.
The children were rented out to farmers and others during the summer.
One young woman in Ontario was slapped every day for speaking her own language, and when she grew older, she finally stopped the teacher, holding her arms, just click for source asked how would you like to be slapped for speaking your own language.
Letters home had to be in English as well, as all appliances supplied, except stamps which many could not affordand the family could not read.
Sexual abuse of the children by ministers, priests, nuns, and teachers was widespread.
Since the abused are inclined to become abusers, reserve life was influenced adversely by these experiences Schmaltz.
Many were not treated for ailments and died from disease or the flu and common cold.
It was a hell for many.
Many will not speak about their time at boarding school.
In Ontario and other places, the truth is coming out.
The Catholic Church was known for great abuse at their schools.
Many lawsuits are still ongoing.
Many have been paid something for their abuse; many never did, as they are now dying off.
The latest is the Catholic Church is claiming bankruptcy in their lawsuits and not paying anything.
The Wheeler Howard Act created Red Apartheid in America; it was passed by corruption and fraud.
Secularization was used as a tool to cover great theft and genocide Means.
Schools whipped, kicked, beat, raped, and sexually abused, many students were made to eat their own vomit, used the electric chair, a visit web page sight for missionaries, laughing as a child was given the treatment with legs waving.
Violence and intimidation to silence those who complained.
The last boarding school closed in 1978.
Some had a 50% death rate, and some students were beaten every day for speaking their own language Metis Timeline, www.
They were told they were dirty Indians and stripped, then disinfected by alcohol, kerosene, or DDT poured on them.
The people were chronically, desperately sick after over 100 years of reserve life.
The medical profession was well aware, but consider it normal for the race Metis Timeline, www.
There was a boarding school at Sault St.
Marie, one in Carlyle, Pennsylvania; and at Haskell in Kansas, where many Michigan children were taken.
Ontario also had boarding schools.
Disease, poor housing, poor food, sexual abuse, and beatings were the norm.
The children were not allowed to speak their own language and were beaten if they did.
Most of the schools were operated to destroy Indian culture in the children who were the future Indians.
So, the schools also destroyed the tribal culture and home.
Many schools, it seemed, were there to destroy the Indians as a people.
The abuse suffered has caused generational trauma, along with the historic trauma of the Indian people.
There is great abuse of alcohol and drugs, physical abuse, drug abuse, and hopelessness.
On the Rez reservationsthere are not many jobs; there is yet great abuse by Whites who come to sell alcohol and take women.
Sex abuse, kidnapping, and murder are rampant in Canada.
The Mount Pleasant Indian School, a manual labor boarding school, was home to many Anishinabe children from across the Great Lakes region from 1893 to 1933.
The children were taken from their parents, often at a very young age, to attend government-run boarding schools intending to separate children from Anishinabe culture and assimilate them this web page White culture.
Some of the schools did better at teaching the kids life skills than others.
Mostly they were used to do the work for the school, upkeep and growing crops.
Some were boarded out for summer work.
The death rate at some Indian schools in the U.
Medical care was insufficient, food was poor, and abuse was much.
Canada has formally apologized for the abuse of Native Children in their provinces.
They are trying to change the educational system to have respect for the Natives.
There have been major lawsuits settled on behalf of abused boys and girls.
Apology to the Native American Indian, by Dr.
It is found at Countercurrents.
The Canadian Truth Commission had a report about boarding schools.
They have issued a public apology to Native Canadians for the atrocities committed against them.
There are many reverberations in Canada with abuse in Indian communities: there are many suicide epidemics in Canada, the North and West particularly.
Many Native women disappear; many are raped and abused.
Human trafficking is rampant in Michigan, Ontario, and on reservations.
One in three Native Women will be raped.
Eighty-eight percent of rapes are by non-native perpetrators.
The website Students on Site is a good resource for learning about boarding schools and Mission schools.
There are many others across the Internet.
CANADIAN TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION REPORT The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Council Commission sought out the truth of the Indian situation for six years, from 2008 to 2015.
The idea was modeled after a study in South Africa.
In Canada, 150,000 children were removed from their communities to residential schools.
There were 139 schools in Canada; 60 of these were run by the Catholic Church.
More than 6,000 children died at these schools.
The record-keeping of these horrors was very poor.
In 2002, nuns in Canada received eight months prison time for beating children.
Indians never raised a hand to any child.
The schools operated from 1883 to 1996, the children were dying like flies.
Sexual assaults were rampant by dormitory supervisors and others.
There are 80,000 former students living today.
The number does not include former students who died prior to 2005 Students on Site, Native American Missions and Schools.
The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples in 1996 recommended ethical principles respecting aboriginal cultures and values, the historical origins of aboriginal nationhood and inherent right to Aboriginal self-determination, health and healing strategies, and public education to promote understanding.
The Catholic Sexual Abuse Survivor network of those abused by priests and others was first publicized in 1985.
In 2002, minors came forward.
A cover-up pattern was exposed.
It became a crisis for the Catholic Church globally.
There were hundreds of millions of settlements with 80% of the sex abuse of minors in the United States.
It was about 4% of the priests, 4,392 men during 1950 to 2002.
Many schools and parishes closed.
It was a huge cover-up involving other churches and Protestant-run schools; there was over 25 billion awarded in lawsuits.
The denial of the problem is over the reluctance to deal openly with the public about the nature and extent of the problem.
Pressuring students into silence, the schools were the dumping grounds for problem priests and teachers.
Children were beaten at home and school by paddle and fist.
Half of all Natives suffer abuse.
It is not if raped, but when.
The murder rate is 10 times the national average.
There is no law enforcement at the federal level.
The trauma of child abuse, brutalizing emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually, has been manifested in rampant suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, and domestic violence that plague Indian country.
The unrelenting tragedy of suffering, the ruin of lives, shame, despair, and violent death, poverty, ignorance, and disease have been the products of the BIA agencies work.
In the United States, the rampant abuse of the Natives by the authorities of the BIA, by schools, and by medical systems instituted by the government to abuse and destroy Native culture and people is atrocious, from outright theft to huge bribes to stealing resources belonging to the Natives.
To sterilization of women to exterminate their unborn.
Every evil tactic and vice has been allowed to perpetuate the extermination policy of the United States against the indigenous peoples.
The continued exploitation is an evil that is just now being addressed; there are major lawsuits against the BIA and their exploitation of the Natives from its inception.
In the West, there is finally coming an accounting of the BIA and the great fraud and abuse against Indians and their land.
Billions of dollars have been stolen from Indian land resources, and there are many lawsuits ongoing to regain land, resources and reimbursement for untold abuse.
There is hope in returning to the Indian values which are a great asset to humanity.
The truth is finally coming out about the lies, racism, disease, alcohol, and propaganda used against Natives to take their great riches, their religion, and loving culture.
President Obama has made an apology in 2009 that has been kept quiet.
This is an outrage.
The American people are being kept dumb and uninformed.
Enos Whiteye of Walpole Island wrote a book about his experience in boarding school in Ontario.
In A Dark Legacy, he tells his story: many were repeatedly raped, many were beaten daily.
Our Seventh Prophecy gave us new reason for hope; it told us we could become a New People.
Many are returning to our culture and traditions, restarting clan relationships.
Our nation is being reborn.
The sacred fire is being revived through saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020, acceptance, and learn more here in our own communities.
The Bureau of Indian Affairs has issued an apology.
It can be found on the Internet at Tuhtonka, World Future Feed.
The BIA has had a covert policy toward Indians; a policy of ethnic cleansing has been in effect since the 1830s.
A less than human stereotyping that leads to shallow and ignorant beliefs.
A policy of grand theft of resources designated for Indian benefit and use.
A policy of hate and violence, destruction and annihilation.
Their language, religion, and tribal ways were taken from them for a long time.
Their children were seized and taken from them; they were taught to be ashamed click the following article who they are.
Hitler used North American Indian policy saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020 his model of holocaust.
It was mass death and mass evil.
The bodies were used for dog food.
Sterilization and poor medical care had been used into the 1970s.
The time of dying is at its end.
Shame and fear are over.
We are replacing anger with hope and love.
There is a rebirth of joy, freedom, and progress.
Most young people with Indian Metis mixed-blood or full Indian-blooded were taught that the Indians were bad.
Many were not told that they had Indian blood to keep them from the stymie and racism that was rampant in Saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020 schools.
Their parents did not claim their heritage to protect check this out children from boarding schools and other traumatic ways.
They were told a lot of nasty things about Indians, mostly lies.
They were brought up to be ashamed of being an Indian.
There were actual laws made that a person could not say they were Indian.
Many, many people were Metis in Ontario and along the waterway borders.
Many Indians were threatened by authorities and other figures to never talk about being an Indian, speak the language, or practice any traditional ways.
On the reserves, they were not allowed to earn a living as they wished, but often were dictated to as to what they could do and were opposed in every way in doing it.
They were not to be tradespeople.
Many were soldiers for the U.
The Indians were erased from modern society; they were invisible, excluded, silenced.
In fact, most people hardly knew they were living amongst them.
There has been a revisionist history by the Europeans and has been perpetuated as a nostalgic past.
It has hidden the brutal and genocidal legacy of U.
The Indians were reduced to tenants on their ancestral homelands.
Congress was given absolute power over Indian lands and lives without their consent, and in opposition to the purpose of hundreds of treaties, under the rhetoric of benevolence and civilization Decolonization, www.
The Natives are reclaiming their culture with self-determination, taking control of their own schools and communities.
The Indian agents are losing their grip over Native lives.
Here are some Internet sites for further study: MIIBS, Attiwapiskat, NABS; National healing coalition, Russel Means; Indian Boarding Schools, Auschwitz in Canada and the U.
S, Newsvine, Grisham; White Bison, WKAR survivor stories, Detroit, and 10 lies about Indians, K Porterfield; Counter currents.
Canada; an apology from the BIA at Tuhtonka, World Future Feed; Ancestry free page, School Records.
There are 1,500 projects across the country, a healing movement of 100 years of forced institutionalization.
It was not until 1965 that Michigan, under special Federal and State legislation, had legal rights for any dealing with its Native Americans.
Congress and the War Department were over the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
In 1849, the Bureau was moved to the newly established Department of the Interior where it has remained.
Tens of millions of dollars were spent on anthropologists to make reports, to reduce the people they study to objects, instead of treating them as human beings.
This is scientific racism Russell Means, Where White Men Fear to Tread.
A huge hoax was perpetrated upon Michigan and the nation when men, Scotford and Soper, tampered with original artifacts, adding a cuneiform style and mystic symbol.
They made claim that these were relics unearthed, when in fact many were manufactured.
These relics were sold as artifacts.
In 1911, they were determined to be a hoax of the lowest order.
Their aim was to convince people that the Phoenicians had in fact been in America thousands of years before Columbus was born.
Many priests believed the ruse, lending credence to the hoax Nailhed, www.
The problem of stereotyping is not so much a racial problem as it is a problem of limited knowledge and perspective.
The Indians contributed much to our modern life, the following is a a partial list of products: corn, popcorn, wild rice, squash, pumpkins, peanuts, cranberries, chewing gum, chocolate — pot holdem odds, tapioca, beans, maple syrup, potatoes, tomatoes, pineapples, avocado, turkey, clam bakes, pemmican, jerky, vanilla, cotton, rubber, quinine, and tobacco, to name a few.
In addition, over 1,000 types of pharmaceuticals, freeze dried food, syringes, root beer, rubberized clothing, peppers, strawberries, many tenants of the Constitution, the number zero, and interstate highways over Indian trails K.
The indigenous people were experts in plant breeding and genetics.
What cannot be obtained by moral right is being achieved by legal right Metis Timeline, www.
The journey for Forgiveness Marches begin the healing process in 2009; the White Bison Group lead a local march at the Mount Pleasant Boarding School Ziibiiwing.
They were determined to save their race and their nations.
They held their treaty documents, and the Federal Government was forced to explain, justify, or rescind their actions Herman Cameron.
SAGINAW CHIPPEWA The Ziibiwing Cultural Center, is in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.
There is a permanent display and a changing display of history and artifacts, art and archival documents.
The Nindakenjigewinoong Research Center, is a wonderful place for research, it is located, in the Ziibiwing Cultural Center.
There is a Gift Shop with books, and much more.
It is located east of Mount Pleasant Michigan, adjacent to the Soaring Eagle Casino, and the Tribal Offices.
The Saginaw Chippewa operate, Soaring Eagle Casino for entertainment.
It is east of Mount Pleasant, Michigan on tribal land.
There is a hotel on the property and many others nearby.
The Saganing Eagles Landing Casino in Standish, Michigan is also a Saginaw Chippewa Casino.
The Saginaw Chippewa currently maintain and utilize 6 cemeteries throughout the Central Michigan area.
They also work with the State of Michigan to care for the Sanilac Petroglyphs, where cultural teachings and ceremonies are conducted.
Nothing can live well except in a manner suited to the way the Sacred Power of the world lives and moves.
The world is happier after the terror of the storm.
Give me eyes to see and strength to understand, that I may be like you.
With your power only can I face the winds.
The many came, dirty with lies and greed.
It was considered a snare and burden, a needless peril and temptation.
The first effects of Whites, was an increase of cruelty and barbarity.
Even the Sun Dance was perverted and abused; it became a horrible exhibition and was prohibited by the government.
The Church spoke of the click at this page, seeking only the material, bought and sold everything.
The lust for money and power and conquest was in contrast with the spirit of the meek and lowly Jesus, the unwritten scripture, a living Bible sowed as precious seed, as Jesus told the parables to each as necessary.
The Church, education, and the government colluded to wipe out the Anishinabe Constitution, to assimilate and erase our language, spirituality, and world views.
We became a magnet for predators in a vortex of sexual, economic, land, and resource exploitation.
The ongoing historical trauma has created self-oppression and social sickness and dysfunction Flocken, UMN, 2013.
The last of the Mohican is alive and well, West of Green Bay Wisconsin Iroquois Whoa, www.
The seven teachings that the Creator gave us are love, respect, bravery, honesty, humility, wisdom, and truth.
The Creator gave us the Seventh Fire, seven teachings — values to the world.
The Creator has given great healing, courage, strength, and protection of our beautiful way of life.
I am small and weak.
I need Your strength and wisdom.
Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset.
Make my hands respect the things You have made, my ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make me wise, so that I may know the things you have taught my people, the lesson You have hidden in every leaf and rock.
I seek strength not to be superior to my brothers, but to be able to fight my greatest enemy, myself.
Part 1 of Ch.
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I Have Spoken: Indian Oratory.
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2020 play slot vegas las free and NY: University of Michigan, The Lewis Publishing Co.
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Dorothy Mitts was a newspaper columnist for the Port Huron Times Herald in the mid-1900s.
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Joyce has devoted her life to education in the spiritual, music, and Indian history.
She has received many honors for her work.
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Toronto, www Students on Site, Native American Missions and Schools, www Sturdevant, Treaties, 1978, www The Learn more here Truth Commission Report, www The History of County Creation, CMU, excellent site, www The History of the County of Middlesex, Canada, Godspeed Publishing, 1889, www The Indian and Pioneer History of Saginaw County, www The Indian Today and as He Was, Charles Eastman, www The Lies about when Slavery Ended, Denise Oliver Velez, 2012, www The Pokagon Bodewadmi, Pottawatomi, www The Soul of the Indian, Charles Eastman, www The Truth about Slavery, www The Westbrooks Ontario, www The Writings of Cadillac, www Tinker, George, Osage School of Theology, www Tolatsga, Tolatsga.
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Pohrt, War Club North American Review, 1830, Jackson Treaties Sarnia Observer, Shirley Brownlee, 1857, Lumbering, Barnes, Ojibwe, 1967 Saturday Evening Post, 1947, Robert Murphy, Mother Rodd The Detroit News Tribune, 1896, Dixon, Mother Rodd The Penny Magazine, April 29, 1837, Ontario, Canada The Smithsonian, 2014, Amanda Foreman, The Birth of American Freedom and the Founding of the Union This book came about after a visit to the library where I could not find local Indian History.
I grew up in the St.
Clair and Black River area of Michigan, fishing on all the area waters with my father and brothers.
I loved books, libraries, horses and puzzles; I was not a tech person.
I love to cook, garden, travel, and camp.
I was determined to find and share the truth.
This has been a difficult journey in every way.
I give you, the reader, the truth and blessings I also reaped.
Cheryl Morgan Cheryl Morgan lives near Port Huron, Michigan with her husband Tom and dog Fred.
Share This book came about after a visit to the library where I could not find local Indian History.
I grew up in the St.
Clair and Black River area of Michigan, fishing on all the area waters with my father and brothers.
I loved books, libraries, horses and puzzles; I was not a tech person.
I love to cook, garden, travel, and camp.
I was determined to find and share the truth.
This has been a difficult journey in every way.
I give you, the reader, the truth and blessings I also reaped.
Cheryl MorganCheryl Morgan lives near Port Huron, Michigan with her husband Tom and dog Fred.
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He was with God in the beginning.
Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.
Our purpose is to promote healthy living by promoting the values of Faith, Family, and Freedom as well as showcasing the Blue Water Area, its people, issues and surroundings.
This online magazine is devoted to providing healthy living related stories, local happenings, and commentary.
Often inspiring and uplifting, our stories come from our heart and soul to promote the enjoyment of a more fulfilling Blue Water Area lifestyle.
The material on this web site is provided for informational and amusement purposes only and is not to be confused with any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Blue Water Healthy Living appreciates the passionate content provided to us by our volunteer writers and reporters.
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We reserve the right to deny posting of any article solely at our discretion.

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Get your tickets at Soaring Eagle Casino or Saganing Eagles Landing Casino Box Offices, ETIX.. Performances held at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt... During the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe's 35th annual Powwow at the. At the start of the spring 2020 semester, Central Michigan students ...

Tribal Observer! - Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe [PDF] - Free Online Publishing
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Indian Casino News
Drumbeats and jingling bells set the pace for singers and dancers skip-stepping into a grassy circle.
Fringe, feathers and ribbons flutter with each step of the ritual start of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal National Pow Wow.
Visitors in lawn chairs watch daughters and mothers in matching bell-trimmed calico dresses dance to the music their dresses make.
Or maybe they join a circle to hear elders tell stories and teach quillwork and black ash basket weaving, or try traditional Native American foods like fry bread and wild rice soup.
The scenes repeat—with a key difference—about 150 miles straight north, at the tip of the Mitten, during the Rendezvous at the Straits Powwow at Father Marquette National Memorial Park in St.
The difference being saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020 gathering is two events in one—part voyageur reenactment, part traditional powwow.
Large crowds gather to watch how the meeting of these cultures unfolded.
In one area, visitors listen as soldiers play fifes while raising a flag; in another, boys in loincloths beat hand drums while singing.
At onepoint, voyageurs show off the steel knives traded to area tribes; later they line up to battle them.
Our mission at the Ziibwing Center, located in Mt.
Pleasant, is to teach you about the Anishinabe Culture and life ways through education and exhibits.
Learn about the heritage of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan through exhibits and our research center.
The center also inlcudes meeting and conference facilities, cafe and gift shop.
Open Monday through Saturday 10 am — 6 pm.
Embedded video A national historic landmark, this museum interprets the rich archaeology and history of a 17th century Huron Indian village, Marquette's French Jesuit Mission, and local Ojibwa Chippewa Indian traditions and contemporary culture.
The unique gift shop features an outstanding selection of authentic, locally-made Certified Native American https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/no-deposit-casino-bonus-codes-for-existing-players-2020-uk.html, crafts and gift items, and has the area's largest selection of native books.
Located inside the Museum of Ojibwa Culture in St.
Open Memorial Day weekend to early December or by appointment.
The center was created by the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians to establish, saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020, interpret, and maintain a record of the history of the Grand Traverse Band of Anishinaabek.
Hours of operation are Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.

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Christian Jackson II is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Christian Jackson II and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share...

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OTTISSIPPI: Chapter 15 part 2 | “The world is one; we are all connected” (Tunkashila). - Blue Water Healthy Living
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and one look at me, the boy exclaimed, “Wow! I must have.... 989-727-2020 800-727-2078. 989-727-.... Eagles Landing Casino and the.

Indian Casino News
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NATIVE NEWS ONLINE | Page 37 | Cleveland American Indian Movement
There are a number of barriers for Native American tribes within California to transition to clean electric vehicles.
Many tribes are remotely located, and the EV charging infrastructure needed is unavailable.
Also, the unfamiliarity of EV charging stations and range anxiety can be intimidating for new communities to pursue the green technologies.
To help close the clean energy gap, the Blue Lake Rancheria has teamed up with GRID Alternatives and the Native American Environmental Protection Coalition to conduct direct outreach to tribal communities to provide information on incentives and funding to make electric vehicles more affordable for low-income drivers.
The One-Stop-Shop Pilot will streamline and improve access to clean transportation incentives to consumers around the state who meet income qualifications.
The pilot sloth bookmark provide outreach for low-income consumers to upgrade their existing older vehicles and apply for zero emission cars and clean mobility options.
The Blue Lake Rancheria is already leading the way in climate action, with an aggressive timeline to have zero net carbon emissions by 2030.
To make the transition, the tribe invests in green fuels and clean transportation.
In 2013, the tribe began migrating its government fleet to electric vehicles.
There are two EV charging stations installed at BLR with more planned.
The tribe is also developing a green commute program for its employees, and is exploring EV transit buses to serve part or all of its public transit services.
The German automaker admitted to secretly installing software in nearly 500,000 U.
GRID Alternatives is a national leader in making clean, renewable energy accessible to low-income communities.
The post appeared first on.
The Cherokee Nation Food Distribution Program serves about 5,100 households per month.
The USDA waiver allows the tribe to fill a service gap area of about 3,118 Cherokee Nation citizens in Bartlesville.
Published August 21, 2019 TAHLEQUAH, Okla.
Department of Agriculture approved a waiver request by Cherokee Nation that allows the tribe to serve citizens living in Bartlesville through its food distribution program.
Under Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations regulations, an urban place is defined as having a population of 10,000 or more.
The USDA waiver allows the tribe to fill a service gap area of about 3,118 Cherokee Nation citizens in Bartlesville.
Therefore, I am so proud and thankful for the work of our staff who spent an immeasurable amount of time and energy to secure the USDA waiver in order to serve Cherokee Nation citizens in Bartlesville.
The nearest Cherokee Nation Food Distribution Center facilities to Bartlesville are article source in Nowata at 1018 Lenape Drive and Collinsville at 1101 N.
For more information on the Cherokee Nation Food Distribution Program, visit or call 800-865-4462.
The post appeared go here on.
Between websites, teacher zyngapoker fb, teaching posters and digital lessons, there are about 30 classroom resources and numerous related materials available for educators and students that embrace a richer and more inclusive discourse about American Indians.
The two new modules dedicated to the Inka Empire are available in English and Spanish versions.
Many of these innovations are still in use today by indigenous communities in the Andes.
By offering better materials to our educators about American Indians, we are looking to create a more empathetic and better educated citizenry.
NK360° offers teachers and students of various grade levels a rich selection of geographically and culturally diverse resources from which to choose.
NK360° was created to provide educators with essential understandings about American Indians that serve as a framework for teaching about Native American history, cultures and contemporary lives.
The initiative offers pre-K to post-secondary teacher training to build new skills, awareness of classroom resources and the confidence to improve their teaching.
NK360° challenges common assumptions about Native peoples—their cultures, their roles in U.
The National Museum of the American Indian acknowledges the support of the Margaret A.
Cargill Foundation in the development of these educational resources.
The post appeared first on.
The trail riders were met with participants who walked a portion of the final course from the Crownpoint Rodeo grounds to the Navajo Technical University main campus.
Published August 21, 2019 CROWNPOINT, N.
The event also included 5K fun runs at select locations along saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020 to promote healthy activity.
The following day on July 30st they satyed the evening at the home of Ron Begay and family.
Germaine Daye welcomed the riders in Brimhall, NM on August 3 the riders spent the following evening at the Dale residence in Coyote Canyon before staying at the Perry residence near Nahodishgish, NM on the final night.
The riders were welcomed to rest at community members homes during the 135-mile trail ride.
The trail riders joining Benallie throughout the duration or the ride included Vida Benally, Eddy Draper, and Elroy Dale.
Other riders who joined along the route included 2017 Navajo Nation Vice Presidential candidate Buu Nygren and NTU staff members Jones Lee and Duwayne Thomas.
On August 6th, the https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/mighty-slots-no-deposit-codes-august-2020.html riders arrived to a welcoming crowd at the Main campus with community members, NTU staff, and students joining as they walked in from the Crownpoint fair and rodeo grounds.
Four fun runs were held in conjunction with the ride in Chinle, Ganado, Window Rock and Crownpoint.
The university has since developed into a university and has expanded its reach with instructional sites in Chinle and Teec Nos Pos, Ariz.
The post appeared first on.
Joining in the celebration were from left Receptionist SRMT Wendy Cook, Employment Development Officer ACESS Leona Francis, Employment Resource Officer ACESS ,Susan Rourke, Office Manager SRMT ,Danielle Salgado and Director of the Office of Economic Development SRMT James Lazore.
Published August 21, 2019 AKWESASNE — Finding meaningful employment is often an arduous process for individuals who are returning or entering the workforce for the first time.
Since that time, through various outreach and a constant presence at community events, the AERC has become recognized as an employment agency that has continually connected job seekers to the world of work.
Their proven track record has helped the AERC to increase the number of job seekers using their services to 2,659 each year.
Following its creation, initially as a pilot project, the employment agency began providing a physical and electronic job board, access to resources for conducting job searches and networking, assistance with developing cover letters and resumes, help with completing job applications, and mock interviews to prepare job seekers.
Thanks to Steve Cook, Linda Lalonde and Dan Garrow for identifying the need and helping create the Akwesasne Employment Resource Center.
With the increasing number of job seekers, they relocated in April 2019 to their current location at 18 Eagle Drive, across from the Heart to Heart Fitness Center, which provided an ideal location for the anniversary celebration.
Surrounded by booths of collaborating agencies and businesses, AERC staff offered an open house and a day filled with fun and prizes, as well as food.
The post appeared first on.
Former Chairman Nathan Small, expressing his thanks for the gift.
Published August 21, 2019 FORT HALL, Idaho — The Crow Tribal leadership expressed their appreciation to the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes for offering to assist the Crows in protecting and upholding the treaty rights for off reservation hunting, with a gift of two tipis to the current Chairman of the Fort Hall Business Council Ladd Edmo, and former chairman and current Councilmember Nathan Small.
The two tribes have been engaged in council-to-council discussions on protecting treaty rights, and met in Billings, Montana last week.
It is now for cyber casino bonus codes 2020 consider annual Crow Fair, and we invite you all to Billings to talk about the Treaty.
On behalf of the Executive Officers of the Crow Tribe, I offer this 18 foot tipi to Chairman Edmo.
Supreme Court Hearing on the Herrera case.
What I said earlier, about the importance of the treaty, and all the information we stated — all of that comes from the heart; and I have always stated, we as Tribal leaders, we do this in a good way, for the benefit of our young people.
What we are doing now, in protecting the treaty, and what changes may come about, will benefit all of us in the end.
If a negative outcome came about on this Herrera case, it would have devastated our people, so we are glad the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the 1868 treaty.
In the one-day meeting, the two tribes acknowledged the historical sharing of traditions and ceremonies between our people, including the war bonnet dance and the sun dance.
The inherent and treaty rights are important to the both tribes, along with the need to protect the wildlife, plants, water and lands and both tribes are ready to work together to ensure that the treaty language is upheld and exercised by both tribes.
Continued council discussions are scheduled in mid-October, location to be determined.
The Crow tribal leadership shared their tribal system of government and how they made tribal laws through their three branches of government.
They currently have about 14,000 plus tribal members, with approximately 7,000 who reside within their reservation boundaries.
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The collaboration is part of a week-long residency featuring all three artists titled Voices Making Waves: Native American Women from the Eastern U.
To facilitate, GP has partnered with community-based organizations including Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, Brasil Brasil Cultural Center, and Charles R.
Drew University of Medicine and Science.
Each partner organization will act as a performance venue to initiate conversations between artists and community in pre-or post-performance convenings.
We want to lift up and speak to the possibilities that result in bringing culture-bearers together as allies to look at how forced migration manifests in 2019 Los Angeles and the cultural riches that have come from our many link living together.
Locklear is an accomplished musician, Native American rights activist, and advocate for Traditional Ecological Knowledge.
Lowry makes passionate music that intersects with her activism in standing up for Lumbee and Native American rights.
The group is known for blending voice and hand percussion to create a groundbreaking contemporary sound, which was warmly received by GP audiences in 2018.
Schedule — This web page Making Waves: Native American Women from the Eastern U.
Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 8pm — Free Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, 2225 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041 Friday, September 6, 2019 at 8pm — Free Brasil Brasil Cultural Center, 12453 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90066 Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 2pm — Free Space is limited Charles R.
Drew University of Medicine and Science, 1731 E 120th St, Los Angeles, CA 90059 For more information and to RSVP for free, visit.
The post appeared first on.
Users can exchange or purchase products and even spend it on interoperable wallet applications.
With investors like Vodafone, Spotify, eBay, PayPal, and Uber already backing Libra, experts believe it is only a matter of time before it becomes one of the most significant cryptocurrencies in the industry.
Calibra will allow Facebook users to send Libra to anyone on your mobile phone.
However, the september pokerstars 2020 code must also have a Libra account to receive the payment.
According to experts, Calibra will work within a fraction of a second.
Similar to sending a message, you can send Libra to your phone contacts instantly without any transaction fees.
Apart from sending Libra to your contacts, you can also pay bills with only a few clicks.
This is a significant plus for investors because they can check the value of Casinos in iowa 2020 before making a payment.
Like all cryptocurrencies, the market value of Libra will change.
So, you can check the value of Libra before investing.
Go through theand you will understand why people rate this trading tool so highly.
Clash with fiat currencies Libra will operate differently compared to Bitcoin.
The developers are attaching it to officially sanctioned currencies like Dollar, Euro, and several others.
This will help to saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020 the sudden fluctuations of the crypto market.
Libra is not like the traditional crypto coins that grow multiple times so that you can earn significant profits.
Instead, it is similar to trading a Euro for a Dollar.
That is why it will not kill any of the existing fiat currencies tied to other crypto coins.
Every new cryptocurrency faces a challenging period, especially during the first few months when they have to convince investors why they are popular in the market.
Since Libra offers both investment and payment options, people will utilize it more frequently than other cryptocurrencies.
For example, you not only can send Libra to your Facebook and mobile contacts but also pay for expenses like buying coffee from your local store, purchasing a metro pass, and so on.
Like social media, it will connect people through a common payment platform.
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Companies are ranked according to the percentage of annual revenue growth over a three-year period.
Since we are already included in the Inc.
The post appeared first on.
Spring Creek is one of the Cloud Peak Gambling 2020 internet revenues mines purchased by NTEC.
Published August 20, 2019 FARMINGTON, N.
NTEC has purchased substantially all the assets of Cloud Peak Energy, a public company that has recently filed for bankruptcy.
The primary assets are three coal mines located in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana: Antelope, Spring Creek, and Cordero Rojo mines.
The continue reading include surface and mineral rights to approximately 90,000 acres of land.
Cloud Peak Energy had suffered in recent years due to very high levels of debt created by borrowing to finance certain acquisitions.
Despite solid performance at the mines themselves, the company was unable to sustain the finance costs associated with this debt.
By making the purchase through the bankruptcy process, NTEC has acquired the assets free and clear of this see more burden.
NTEC intends to re-focus operations on diligent mining and marketing fundamentals to achieve the same levels of operational and financial success it has accomplished at the Navajo Mine.
Each of the three mines acquired by NTEC have different markets based on the quality and nature of the coal produced and each mine has reliable access to the markets they serve.
In 2018, Cloud Peak Energy sold saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020 50 million tons from its three mines to customers located throughout the U.
The Antelope Mine produces 23 million tons of low sulfur, 8800 Btu coal, Cordero Rojo mine 12.
In his announcement of the acquisition, NTEC Management Committee Chair Tim McLaughlin stated.
Indian tribes have long had a deep connection to the earth, and for the first time, a tribal company will now lead thoughtful and diligent energy development on a national level.
Since NTEC was created, we have shown that we can not only improve operations, become financially successful and support job growth but also balance economic development and environmental protection.
NTEC is able to do this because our decisions are based on more than just our bottom line.
They are based on the people and land that we are connected to.
This growth will allow NTEC to support the Navajo Nation and its members as well as other local economies throughout the West.
NTEC will continue its efforts to lead conscientious energy development while striving to balance job growth and protecting the environment for future generations.
The post appeared first on.
Elizabeth Warren listens to question from Aaron Payment, tribal chairperson of the Sault Ste.
Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and vice president of the National Congress of American Indians.
I have listened, and I have learned a lot.
Her apology was met with applause from the crowd and she answered questions about what she would do for Indian Country if she is elected president of the United States.
Warren was one of other presidential candidates who attended the first ever Native American presidential forum.
Warren was introduced by Rep.
The presidential forum is important because Native Americans are taking their role in the electoral process seriously as tribal communities become stronger contributor to economies near tribal lands throughout the United States.
click here American Indians are just over 2 percent of the U.
Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nevada, and Arizona are all in play.
Candidates need to no longer saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020 the Indian vote for granted and have substantive platforms for upholding the treaty and trust responsibility.
Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and vice president of the National Congress of American Indians The post appeared first on.
Published August 19, 2019 GALLUP, N.
The police officer was responding to a domestic violence complaint at 5:26 p.
The man was transported to the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque for his gunshot wounds.
Francisco said the incident is currently being investigated, and added the officer was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.
The post appeared first on.
Patricia Published August 19, 2019 WALNUT CREEK, Calif.
Patricia speaks directly to viewers about how her family connects her to her Salish culture, what motivates her to be a leader and what she hopes to do in her life by becoming a youth mentor and environmental and treaty lawyer.
Everyday Native : Education Helps Prevent Suicide In the most poignant part of the video, Patricia tells about attending the funeral of her 10-year-old cousin who died as a result of suicide.
Everyday Native is a vital antidote to this trend and already a big success, with 200 percent user growth since first quarter to first anniversary.
By developing empathy in 4th to 12th grade students, it helps reduce racist bullying which contributes to Native youth suicide.
Teachers also appreciate how Everyday Native enhances many subjects, including social studies, English, history and art.
Cross-Cultural Collaboration: A Long Friendship Everyday Native was born out of the collaboration between non-Native documentary photographer, Sue Reynolds, and Victor Charlo, a Salish Indian poet-playwright and venerated member of the Salish Kootenai Tribes.
Since 2018, this new website has been increasingly adopted in classrooms and has received praise that includes Montana Arts Council, California Educator, NPR-Montana, Wyoming Public Media, Native News Online, saganing eagles landing casino pow wow 2020 U.
Congressman and four U.
Fact Sheet Suicide is a pressing issue for Native youth.
The suicide rate for Native youth is 2.
Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for Native youth ages 10-24, and the 3rd leading cause of death for Native youth ages 5-14.
In 2018, ProPublica found that Native youth in a Montana school district were pushed into programs with minimal resources, received less emotional support and faced discriminatory discipline practices from staff which contributed to Native youth suicide.
The result of the first cross-cultural collaboration between non-Native and Native artists and educators, Everyday Native features images, stories and video of Native youth.
Using primary sources, it inspires students to reflect on and discuss the experiences of 13 Native youth and families from the Blackfeet, Crow, Lakota, Nez Perce, and Salish tribes, and relate it to their own.
Everyday Native is reviewed by Lakota, Salish, Cree and Dakota educators and non-Native teachers from Montana, Idaho, and California.
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Published August 19, 2019 SANTA FE, N.
Theresa Manuel bubble craps However, the public should understand that as a commissioner, I must abide by the appropriate laws and policies in order to safeguard the legal validity of any final decision in this case.
Because the commissioners each represent thousands of constituents, it is critically important that each commissioner preserve the integrity and legal force of their votes.
Members of the public may still communicate their concerns through public comment.
The notice of open meeting and agenda for each open meeting are available to the public at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.
Members of the public may appear at an open meeting and make three minutes of oral comment.
In addition, members of the public may communicate their comments in writing.
The public should be aware that while comments may be considered by the Commission as they relate to policy concerns, they are not considered as evidence in the case.
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CRYP staff and volunteers helped distribute school supplies to more than 350 children on Aug.
Published August 19, 2019 EAGLE BUTTE, S.
During the official distribution event on Monday, Aug.
And, like children everywhere, they were able to experience the excitement of preparing for their first day of school.
It means so much.
When a local family joins the program, all its members are covered for the entire year; the membership covers annual distributions, from school supplies and winter clothing to the long-running Christmas Toy Drive, as well as regular supplies of much-needed household and baby items.
To learn more about the Cheyenne River Youth Project and its programs, and for information about making donations and volunteering, call 605 964-8200 or visit.
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NativeVote 2020 Published August 18, 2019 during times listed below SIOUX CITY, Iowa — The Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum will be held August 19th and 20th 9am-6pm in Sioux City, Iowa.
Over the two days, each candidate will make an individual appearance and respond to questions from panels of tribal leaders and Native American youth.
Each panel will be moderated by Indian Country Today Https://yournaughtystory.com/2020/vegas-slot-jackpot-videos-2020.html Mark Trahant.
Event Schedule all times are Central Daylight Savings : Monday, Aug.
To attend the event in person, As a nonpartisan event, all major Democratic and Republican presidential candidates have been invited to participate in the forum, including President Donald Trump and Republican challenger William Weld.
Currently, several candidates vying for the Democratic nomination have confirmed that they will attend, including: US Senators Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobucher, and Bernie Sanders; author Marianne Williamson; Montana Governor Steve Bullock; former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro; Mayor Bill de Blasio; and former US Representative John Delaney.
Independent Candidate Mark Charles Navajo also will attend.
We want candidates to grasp the challenges and aspirations of Indian Country.
At the two nights of candidate debates in Miami, broadcast to a national audience, not one question or one candidate comment addressed Native American issues.
Ignoring this forum in Iowa is ignoring the millions of First Americans who are citizens and voters.
The Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum is named in honor of who passed in June.
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The Chickasaw Nation will host a 72-hour photography competition Aug.
After the competition, photographs will be on display Sept.
Published August 18, 2019 ADA, Okla.
The photo competition allows student, amateur and professional photographers from around the world the opportunity to participate in the three-category competition.
Photographers will be assigned a theme and have 72 hours to submit their interpretation of the given topic.
Judges must receive submissions by 5 p.
Each photograph will be judged on exposure, contrast and color, focus and depth of field, framing and composition, artistry, originality and execution of the theme.
Photographers may enter two photos.
Digital editing technology, such as Photoshop or Lightbox, is not permitted.
The competition is open to the public.
The Chickasaw Nation will host an awards reception 5:30-7 p.
Photographs will be on display Sept.
For more information, contact James Wallace at or 580 272-5520.
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Bill John Baker Published August 18, 2019 CATOOSA, Okla.
The position plays a new role of ambassador to the larger business community and the federal government, senior most advisor to the CNB board of directors and will be tasked with setting strategic vision and long-term benchmarks for the company.
He established the first tribal medical school partnership with OSU Center for Health Sciences, so we can train our own doctors and keep those highly trained and well-paid professionals in rural Oklahoma.
Bill John Baker created business incubator programs, mentorships and strengthened our TERO process.
Now, to come full circle is both a new challenge, and a new honor.
Garrett is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and Harvard Law School.
A native of Muskogee, with family ties in Adair County, and a Cherokee Nation citizen, Garrett worked in real estate investment, asset management and investment banking prior to returning to Oklahoma to join CNB in 2013.
There really is no greater job than helping generate profits for the benefit of our people, to help make lives better for our citizens.
As a Cherokee Nation citizen, I can honestly say taking the role of CEO at Cherokee Nation Businesses is the responsibility and the here of a lifetime.
Shawn Slaton has been a large part of that success over the years and we appreciate his service.
New Richmond Park — Railroad Bridge Published August 18, 2019 SHELBYVILLE, Mich.
Participating parties include the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, U.
This year, more than two hundred 200 young sturgeon will be hand-released back into the river, which is the highest amount of fish the Tribe has ever released.
Sturgeon, or Nmé in Pottawatomi, is culturally important to the Tribe as the fish represents an animal clan in traditional beliefs.
Sturgeon clan people have spiritual knowledge offered as guidance to others and they live to an old age, just like lake sturgeon.
A welcome will be provided by Tribal Council.
Tribal drum group, Thunder Buddies, will perform.
The event will also include park tours, hatchery tours, Central Michigan University interpretive mussel trailer and light dinner for up to 200 people in attendance.
The general public is encouraged to attend this event.
WHO: Gun Lake Tribe of Pottawatomi Indians; Michigan Department of Natural Resources; U.
WHEN: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 from 5 pm to 7 pm.
WHERE: New Richmond Bridge County Park, 5731 Old Allegan Road, Hamilton, Mich.
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Despite your ease in conceiving your first child, your fertility doctor has told you naturally conceiving a second child is virtually impossible.
What cruel twist of fate is this?
Coping with secondary infertility is immensely difficult.
Why Do So Many Women Face Secondary Infertility?
In fact, in the U.
Why is the number so high?
As a woman ages, the quality and number of her eggs rapidly decline.
Since the eggs are often the cause of infertility not your ability to carry and give birth to a babyusing a donor immediately eradicates those complications.
Additionally, it reduces the risk of complications to the baby, e.
And, unlike surrogacy or adoption, it gives you the chance to bring your second child into the world.
How Do I Find an Egg Donor?
Thankfully, there are respectable donor egg banks with diverse pools of egg donors waiting to give you this gift of life.
Alternatively, you may choose to look closer to foxwoods online promo code slots />Finding a donor you know may give you more comfort, while using a family member will give you a genetic link to your child.
For example, using a donor you know may seem like a great idea, but is there a chance it could cause friction further down the line?
What Will the Donor Egg Process Involve?
This involves taking a course of hormones to help develop your endometrial lining.
For three to seven days, these embryos are incubated before one or two are implanted into your uterus.
How Will I Cope with Using Donor Eggs?
Any fertility treatment, traditional or not, takes its toll on you physically and mentally.
No one envisions facing such a tough path toward something that should be and has been so natural prior to their diagnosis.
None of these thoughts or fears are wrong.
Then, after your joyous pregnancy test at two weeks, you can start to move forward again in your parenthood journey.
You can enjoy a natural pregnancy, just like the one before.
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