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Tips and Tricks for Fallout New Vegas
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Fallout New Vegas Unique Armor,Outfit,Recipe, Headgear Items Guide
Fallout New Vegas: Best Combat Armour for Free Location Guide (Mark 2/Rare)

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PS3 Cheats - Fallout: New Vegas Wiki Guide - IGN
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The armor in fallout: new vegas is ugly - League of Legends Community
©1996-2019 Ziff Davis, LLC.
IGN® is among the federally registered trademarks of IGN Entertainment, Inc.
If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please.
This is an apparent reference to a similar scene in BioShock.
What you do is travel to Lone Wolf Radio,then go in the camper and right next to a bed you will find it.
The Wild Wasteland perk is required to find it and the guide gives you a perminent survival skill boost of 3 points.
Load that save and you will land lightly on the ground.
In the final part of the game you will enter a vault with 37 gold bars weighing 35 pounds each.
Each gold bar is worth 10.
Clearly you can not take them all -- unless you use this exploit.
Enter the vault and the door will seal behind you.
Take everything in the room that you want to including the 36 gold bars on the table to your right and the 1 gold bar on the overseers desk.
Deactivate the security system and activate the computer on the desk.
IMPORTANT: Only read "Vera", DO NOT access the file that shows up after you read it.
Elijah just click for source appear on the monitor, convince him to meet you in the vault.
When the conversation ends leave the room immediately it unlocksand walk to the far right stairway.
A blue force field will appear blocking your path, lay your C4 at the bottom of those stairs and then press your body against the blue force field in the doorway.
When Elijah finishes speaking, for some reason you and he switch places.
You'll see what I mean Make sure he is on or very near your C4.
Detonate and leave the way you came.
Congratulations you now have 37 Gold Bars worth a total of 389.
A Caravan deck has a minimum of 30 cards click at this page which you can buy from merchants or find on dead bodies -- so you need to choose those that will get you between 22 and 26 consistently while also giving you defensive cards to use against your opponent.
Here's a great setup.
Take these cards with you: 10s 9s 8s 7s 6s Kings Jacks Aces 2 Jokers Jacks, Aces and Jokers are defensive plays.
Use Jacks to remove cards from your opponent.
Ace and Joker played will remove all cards of your Ace's suit an Ace of Spades and Joker will remove all spades from the table.
Kings read article double whatever they are placed on.
Here's how to play to win: To open, lay down your highest or lowest cards first to start the 'base' of your caravan.
But every play between is a winner.
Using this strategy, you are virtually guaranteed to win each hand of caravan, no matter how high your luck!
You can accumulate nearly unlimited items and caps by playing Caravan.
Seek out vendors with lots of cash and items.
Buy all the items you can afford off them, then challenge them to a few games of Caravan and win back all your money!
Kill them and loot their bodies for Combat Armor, Hunting Rifles and Combat Helmets.
All of these items are worth money, and each Gun runner has about 1,500-2,000 Caps worth of loot on their person.
Enter the building to find more Runners to slay.
After doing this, approach the Vend-Tron robot at https://yournaughtystory.com/best/best-of-slot-machine.html Gun Runner shop, who has 8,000 Caps to burn, and sell it your loot.
Now, travel far away, wait for three in-game days and return to the area to find the Gun Runners have respawned and are ripe for the "harvest.
Pick up a barrel or any large object you push or pick up.
Drop it next to a standing NPC that isn't leaning against a wall, doing push ups, or sitting on ground or in a chair.
Run against the barrel or large moveable object, it will damage the NPC without becoming hostile and losing reputation.
However, it can damage you a little and might send the object flying.
I would recommend trying it on stationary targets until you get used to this trick.
Note: Heavier armored or tougher NPCs will take a while to kill with this method.
Gannon Family Tesla Armor: The Gannon Family Tesla Armor can be obtained during the personal quest for.
When doing his quest and gathering all his allies, convince him to stay in Freeside for the duration of the battle.
You need an INCREDIBLY high speech ability -- at least 80 speech.
As a reward, he will give you the Gannon Family Tesla Armor, helmet and all.
You need power armor training to wear this.
Chinese Stealth Armor: The Chinese stealth armor can be found in the Hoover Dam offices.
It's in the room with the toxic barrels and green goop.
Once you see the room, turn to your left.
more info should see a bunch of wooden crates.
Inside one of these crates is two sets of Chinese Stealth Armor.
Unfortunately, the invisibility thing the armor does in Fallout 3, is gone now -- all it does is give you +5 sneak.
T-51b Power Armor: Armor or to be precise armors are located near HELIOS 1.
From there head west towards the cliffs.
From the cliffs turn left and head to a small canyon, which by the way is full of scorpions, that leads to a "Scorpion gulch".
There you have 2 options up left or up right.
Up left is Brotherhood of Steels camp, but we head up right.
When you detect small amounts of radiation you're close.
Kill a few centaurs that are leaching the radiation and you see a possible meteor crater with large amounts of radiation.
At the bottom you see two 2 dead Brotherhood of Steel Paladins who wear T-51b Power Armors.
Armors are in pretty bad shape, but after repairing them you own possibly best armor of the game.
T-51b Power Armor Non Faction : For real online poker money best armor does not have any faction effects, and is the only NON-BROTHERHOOD T-51b power armor in the Game.
The Deathclaw Promontory is located across the river East of Ranger Station Echo.
There is no map marker for this location.
Look for a walkway that goes up a mountain right off the shore.
You must defeat 20-25 Deathclaws including 2 Mothers and 1 Alpha male.
There are 2 dead prospectors bodies lying on the ground on the far right side of this area.
One of them has the T-51b Power armor and a Tri-Beam Laser Rifle and the other has the Remnants Power Armor and a Multiplas Rifle.
Submitted by Zackari Graham.
Equip your rifle and change the ammo type to incendiary.
Use VATS on a target and quit the VATS after targeting.
Now the target is on fire without you gaining infamy or agroing anyone.
You may use this trick several times on stronger targets.
Note: This cheat worked before later updates; it may be patched.
Seek out Julie Farkes inside the Fort.
Choose the dialogue option to help them get medical supplies.
Click through the dialogue options to hear one that tells you that she just got a shipment of magazines.
After all this you will need to choose the option "I have some medical supplies to drop off.
You only need to leave one thing if you don't care about fame.
Every time you give them something you will gain more fame.
After you give them the supplies choose the option "I'd like to buy medical supplies.
In the supply list you can find the Magazines.
Buy up what you want and then exit.
After that, choose the option to give med supplies again.
This time you need not give them anything just choose the "Never mind" option.
Go back to "Buy medical supplies" and you can repeat teh process for more magazines.
You can do it infinitely as long as you choose to drop off supplies first.
You can even come back to at a later time.
This is also the name of a gun in previous Fallout games.
Here is a list of where you can find these unique.
Abilene Kid LE BB Gun: The Abilene Kid LE BB gun is a unique BB gun.
It can be found in Fields Shack on the shelf to the far left corner of the house.
If you have the Wild Wasteland trait from the beginning of the game on, it will be located in Jimmy's Well, which is just outside of Fields Shack.
If you have Rex the cyber dog, and you talk to him with the Wild Wasteland Trait, he might start howling and eventually he will mark Jimmy's Well on the map for you.
You get a variety of guesses to figure out what's wrong, but the correct one is that someone fell down a well, which is a reference to Lassie.
Fields Shack is located between Nellis Airforce Base and New Vegas Medical clinic, if your having difficulty, it's North East from the clinic, and South west of the airforce base.
It's on the road to and from the Airforce base, you should see a guy named George, warning you about the Boomers and their artillery guns.
AER14 Prototype: This laser rifle is located in Vault 22.
This vault can be found between Westside and Jacobstown or by doing the side quest There Stands the Grass for the scientist at Camp McCarren.
Once inside, you'll find the rifle on the fifth level-pest control, behind a very easy locked door leading into a blocked off area of the best casino new vegas armor level.
Look on the ground next to a skeleton and there it is.
Alien Blaster: Find the crashed alien ship near top right hand corner of map.
The ship is on top of the cliffs.
Below are 3 aliens.
Kill the captain for the blaster and ammo -- like Fallout 3 it's one of the best guns in the game.
All-American: All American is a unique Marksman Carbine.
You can find it at the armory in Vault 34.
First, find the passwords from the drowned techies underwater -- it helps if you have the rebreather.
Find the terminal that holds one of the passwords, that will unlock a door.
That leads to another room with another drowned techie.
Take that password to security sector A and there is another terminal that will control the pump to drain the water.
This will give you access to another room that you couldn't reach before.
Using the new found password, you will unlock the Overseer door and with that terminal.
You unlock the armory door that holds All American and a crap ton of other loot.
Beware of ALOT of feral ghouls.
All American is found on click here turned over table directly to your right point of view once you enter the room.
Vault 34 is INCREDIBLY confusing.
Annabelle: Annabelle is a unique missile launcher carried by a super mutant sniper, on Black Rock Mountain, on Black Rock Summit, somewhere near Goodsprings and Jacobson Town.
He's carrying Annabelle -- you can't miss him, he'll be the one shooting you on top of a radio tower.
The place is SWARMING with nightkin and super mutant masters mostly and the place is HEAVILY irradiated, get armor and pop some Rad-X, this won't be easy.
Big Boomer: Big Boomer is a unique sawed-off shotgun carried by Old Lady Gibson in Gibson Scrap Yard, North of Novac.
You must kill her -- preferably silently and undetected due to the amount of dogs with her.
DO NOT kill her until you finish the " my Love" and "Come Fly with Me" quests, otherwise you will fail the quests.
Chance's Knife: Chances Knife is a games play to poker video best combat knife located in Chance's Grave, which is located at the tribal village.
The tribal Village is located north west of Goodsprings Cemetery and North and little west of Goodsprings itself.
The place is pretty obscure since it's in a very mountainous region of the map.
The village is dangerous in a sense, since they are usually some Cazadors and a few Fiends.
Bring a good weapon just in case.
You need a shovel to dig the grave, and the grave is pretty obscure read article -- it's on a hidden hill, near the village.
Chopper: The Chopper is a unique meat cleaver found on the stove of Wolfhorn Ranch.
Wolfhorn Ranch is located South East of the Prospectors Den, which is South East of Primm, and the ranch is also fairly close to Nipton, North East of Nipton where the road turns right and splits into a bunch of roads.
Cram Opener: The Cram Opener is a unique bladed gauntlet carried by Little Buster who can be found in Camp McCarren, punching a punching bag.
If you hunt Fiend bounties for the Click the following article, they will point you to Little Buster.
You must kill him to get the Cram Opener.
He will disappear eventually, so be quick.
CZ57 Avenger: Here is how to find the upgraded mini gun called the C257 Avenger.
The easiest way to get to it is to find Ranger Station Bravo.
If you've done the Return To Sender quest you've probably already found it.
If not, it is six sections down from the top of the right side of the map, and between three and four to the left.
Once you get there, travel east.
You should discover a place called the Devil's Throat.
It is highly radiated so have some Rad-X on hand as well as some Rad-Away.
You can make pretty easy work of the Evolved Centaurs and the Centaurs there.
Once you clear the area, this extremely fast mini gun is in the truck along with plenty of 5mm ammo for it.
Submitted by Frankie Schaller.
Driver Nephi's Golf Driver: Nephi's Golf driver is a unique golf club, and is one of the "simpler" melee weapons to get.
The golf club is located on Driver Nephi, who is a fiend, so either way, you will probably kill him.
He is located around the area of Camp McCarren and New Vegas and is one of the three fiend bounties, so if you can't find him, activate the quest and it will point you in the right direction.
You can activate the quest by talking to a guy located in Camp McCarren.
Euclid's C-Finder: Euclid's C-Finder is a unique weapon that uses the power of the sun to burn your enemies to ash.
It can only be fired once per day -- and only outside -- because the lasers must recharge.
To use this weapon, during the quest "," you must program the Helios One power station output to ARCHIMEDES.
You can find it in freeside, near the east gate -- a boy named Max carries it.
You can either buy it for 1000 Caps or 20 Caps with a barter skill of 45pickpocket, or take it from his bedside while he is sleeping.
He goes to sleep around 9:30.
He sleeps on the second floor of the building on the right after coming into Freeside from the East Gate.
Submitted by Zackari Graham.
Figaro: Figaro is a unique straight razor.
You obtain this weapon by killing Sergio in the back of The Kings School of Impersonation.
Try to be stealthy about it; everyone in that building has a gun.
Sergio is the barber of the Kings.
online casino beste gewinne MUST have a Lockpick skill of 100 to open the footlocker.
Golden Gloves: If you want the Golden Gloves, look inside the 38 Casino in The Strip.
Look in the Casino upstairs on the left side above the cashier station and look in click the following article top shelf on the left side of the bar table.
The Golden Gloves best casino new vegas armor the Boxing Times magazine will be right there.
Submitted by FNV easter egg finder.
Holy Hand Grenade: The Holy Hand Grenades are exactly what they sound like; grenades.
You can find them in the most eastern church of Camp Searchlight, which is somewhere in the southern part of the map.
There is a catch though: You MUST take the Wild Wasteland Trait at the Beginning of the game or the grenades will be replaced with a mini nuke for a Fat Man.
The basement does contain some golden geckos and high radiation, so pop some Rad-x before heading down.
Knock Knock: Knock Knock is a unique fire axe best casino new vegas armor can be found in Camp Search Lights Fire Station.
You need to have a key to the building so first go talk with prospector leader who is stationed at the church basement.
Go fetch few radiation suits for him and then you can follow him to the police station and after that to the fire station.
Kill this massive Queen radscorpion and grab a couple fire axes with you can be used to repair the "Knock Knock".
Go to second floor and advance to the toilets.
Open the second booth from the door and grab "Knock Knock.
La Longue Carabine: La Longue Carabine is a unique Cowboy Repeater carried by Corporal Sterling whom you must kill if you https://yournaughtystory.com/best/best-casino-sites-online-uk.html to obtain it.
Liberator: The Liberator is a unique machete carried by Legion officer Dead Sea who is located in Nelson.
If you're friendly towards the Legion, Nelson is located near the South east corner of the map, west of the Giant River that separates from the mainland.
If you're friendly towards NCR, follow the quest for the NCR in Camp Forlorn Canada sites best poker and talk to the commander inside the tent.
Eventually he will send you and 3 other guys to retake Nelson.
You will probably kill Dead Sea by the end of it.
Search corpses until best casinos find the Liberator -- it will be found on dead Sea.
Love and Hate: Love and Hate is a unique spiked knuckles.
You can get it from Bonnie Springs located north from Goodsprings cemetery.
Kill Viper gang leader and loot her body.
Lucky: Lucky is a unique.
It can be found at the Steve Bison place in Primm.
It's behind the cash register in the gift shop, in a safe that's in the floor.
The gift shop is the the most North Eastern part of the first floor.
You must have a lockpick skill of 75 to open the lock.
When you get to meet Caesar Caesar's legion all you need to do is complete a short guest from Caesar and after that you are given a chance to kill Benny.
Kill Benny and then loot his corpse.
You find this pistol "Maria", which by the way is the same pistol that Benny used to "kill" you when the game began.
Mercy: Mercy is a unique grenade machine gun is THE most difficult weapon to obtain in the game.
First, it's in a rather obscure location, it's located in Dead Wind Cavern, and no one would think to look in there.
Second, the place is friggin SWARMING with Deathclaw normal, couple of alpha males and mother and the absolute most powerful enemy in the game, "The Legendary DeathClaw".
Make sure you KNOW what your doing, before entering, or it'll result in an untimely death.
Mercy is located at the end of Dead Wind Cavern, next to a dead Brother of Steel member.
It's in the same room as the Read article Deathclaw.
If you have Holy Frag Grenades, use them; these things will usually result in a one hit kill, WITH power armor.
The Mysterious Magnum: This unique weapon can obtained when you are doing a quest to bring in fresh talent for The Tops.
One of the fresh talents is located east of the HELIOS Solar Power Plant near a roadside billboard next to the interstate road.
If you can successfully recruit him and ask for a reward, he give you his dad's weapon, the Mysterious Magnum.
Every time you draw out that weapon, you sound like you are the Mysterious Stranger, which we may now confirm the relationship.
Submitted by Michael Charles.
Don't go to far, just around the town gate.
The over powered weapon is on the ground next to the dead nightkin.
The location is part of a quest, so activate it by talking to Doctor Henry.
The place has some night stalkers in it, but they shouldn't give you much trouble.
If you have the Wild Wasteland Trait on, there may be dead big horner corpses as well, it's easy to miss, but if you do, it could be under one of the big horner bodies, it helps to have Rex to help you spot it.
If it is, just try to move the corpse, if that doesn't work, blow up the corpse using anything, guns, melee -- don't use explosives as that might send Oh, baby!
Paladin Toaster: This is a special power fist that is found in Black Rock Cavern northwest of HELIOS One.
You have to kill a few nightkin, and the toaster will be found on the corpse of a prospecter.
This glove is pretty much an EMP punch that can kill at any unarmed skill level.
Pew Pew: Pew Pew is a insanely powerful laser pistol and can be found on the body of Allen Marks.
To get to Allen Marks you must complete the quest, "The Legend of the Star" to do this, you must collect 50 Sunset Sarsaparilla blue star bottle caps and turn them in to Festus, the goofy broken cowboy guy directly left when you enter the Sunset Sarsaparilla headquarters.
Pew Pew may be powerful, but there is a downside.
This beast of a gun eats up 15 energy cells per shot.
You may say, "I have a lot of cells, it won't be a wow hunter in slot 4 />Pushy: Pushy is a unique Displacer Glove that can be found in the Ruby Hill Mine, which is on the trail near Jacobson Town.
You will find Pushy on the body of a dead Jackal member Near a giant pool of water.
The mine is crawling with swamplurks, but they aren't too tough.
Q-38 Matter Modulator: Iphone casino real money to the REPCONN Headquarters North of REPCONN Facility and Novac.
The easiest way to just click for source this weapon is to make your way to the 3rd floor and find beside the pile of rubble the B.
Open it and remove the security key.
Go to the second floor and find its corresponding door to enter a room with a hole in the floor to find the rifle in the corner in a strange container.
Submitted by Linkmelee 1993.
Ranger Sequoia: This is a super-powerful 45-70 revolver.
It can be found on NCR Ranger Chief Hanlon at Camp Golf.
It's easiest to obtain during in Camp Forlorn Hope NCR.
When you confront Hanlon, choose to turn him in and he will accept.
Afterwards he gives a speech and promptly commits suicide in his office on the first floor.
Open the office and pick up the super-powered revolver for yourself.
Note: You will lose a little Karma because you have to steal it even though he is dead -- it is lying on the floor.
It does well over 100 damage when guns maxed out.
Submitted by Spencer Stone.
The Rat Slayer: In Freeside, go to The Atomic Wrangler Bar and talk to the female bartender.
Ask about getting a room, but instead of paying the 10 caps, ask if you could work out a deal.
She will give you a quest in which you have to collect the debt of 3 people throughout Freeside.
One the them is named Lady Jane and can be found by the entrance to New Vegas in the day.
When you question her about her debt she will say she doesn't have the money, but a carvan of her's in a place called Broc Flower Cave does.
She will warn you about the Rodents of Unusual Size A Princess Bride refrence.
Once you arrive at the cave go down the path to the right.
A dead Brahmin on the left of the irradiated dead end has the money.
To the right is a semi-hidden passageway upward to to 2 or 3 R.
Ses and a stockpile of supplies including The Rat Slayer, an unique Varmint Rifle.
Submitted by John Metcalf.
Recompance Of The Fallen: Recompance Of The Fallen is a unique weapon found in Cottonwood Cove.
It can be found in the desk of the top floor of Aurelius de Phoenix's office building just inside Cottonwood Cove.
It has high damage and diminishes slowly in condition.
Submitted by Zackari Graham.
Tesla Beaton Prototype Weapon: This weapon is found at the site of the crashed Vertibird.
It can be repaired for 11,000 to 12,000 caps and will do up to 108 damage.
When trying to get to the weapon, be wary of the hardened Mister Gutsys and hardened Sentrybots.
That Gun: That Gun can be found at Novac gift shop on a metal crate.
Buy the storage key and you can steal it.
This Machine: This Machine is a unique rifle that uses.
You can get this weapon at Camp McCarran by talking to Col.
James Hsu about things going on around the base.
Next talk to Lt.
Carrie Boyd and help her find some missing supplies.
She'll point you in the direction of Sergeant Contreras who is in the supply shack in back of McCarran.
Hack his computer and report back to Boyd.
She'll give you this weapon.
Thump Thump: At Nelson, after you get into the base, help the leader with the ant problem.
Once your down there, look for two generators.
Don't go to them, but go right to the other side to find a skeleton with the Thump Thump and around 20 or 30 rounds.
Submitted by Devin Taylor.
Vance's Gun: From the ransacked caravan near the north of the map, head south and follow the road.
On your right there will be a shack called The Wins Hideout, head inside and talk to read article Vickie and Vance wannabees if you wish -- you will need to kill them in order to open their safe and have click here lockpick skill of 100.
Inside is Vance's 9mm Sub Machine Gun.
You can also steal Vance's Lucky Hat and Vickie's Bonet from the corpses.
Submitted by mattoo alli.
If you know where the aliens are, the mercenaries are nearby.
There is a catch though: You must NOT take the Wild Wasteland Trait in the beginning of the game, if you do, they will be replaced by aliens.
Once you release him from his tube, he gives you the option to test him out.
After completing the side quest to find a sex robot for the silver rush Fisto will make his way to the Silver Rush Casino.
Inside next to the roulette table click you speak to him he'll offer his services but if you reply "No thanks" it will give you ten caps.
This can provide an unlimited supply of caps if you're willing to activate the chat over and over again.
On the skeletons head?
This is a reference to the latest lamest?
Indiana Jones movie The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
This will boost the amount of money he has.
Sell an item or two to the trader so he has two of them.
The bigger the difference in value, the better.
Look for the item in your inventory.
The item should have gone up in value dramatically and should be 100% repaired, even though when you sold the item initially it wasn't!
If it isn't 100% repaired for whatever reason, sell the item back to him anyway and repeat steps 3-4, trying a different item if necessary.
If you want, you can hold onto the item as it will be fully repaired -- simply keep it on the final round which will leave him with a small amount of money.
Either sell the item back to him again once he is out of money, or if you are keeping it, sell him something else of high value and he will owe you that amount.
The transaction price will go dim and remain at whatever amount of money he has left.
Stimpaks, ammo, miscellaneous item, weapons and armor are all fair game.
Eventually, the transaction price will light up again and you may owe him a few caps depending on how much of his stuff you added to the deal.
The longer you wait, the more robust his inventory will become and the more caps he'll have for you to take when you're ready to do this all over again.
Note: Be sure to save while using this method since the game is prone to crashing during the transaction.
Additions by Tyler Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen from Star Wars?
It's a short walk to the right of the town hall's front entrance.
This Snow Globe is sitting on a curved desk by some terminals.
The Snow Globe is https://yournaughtystory.com/best/scrapbook-page-ideas.html top of a bookcase here.
It's across from the entrance.
The Snow Globe is behind the register.
It's on a table in the corner under a mural.
The Snow Globe can be found on a desk here.
The Snow Globe is sitting in front of the marker.
Note: These methods are based on game bugs that may not be reproduce-able in every version of the game.
Approach Old Ben who sits by a fire near the King headquarters in Freeside.
Persuade him to escort you to the local bar.
For beating the Speech Challenge you'll get 61 XP.
Follow him back to the bar and let him sit down.
Speak to him again and you can do the Speech Challenge infinitely for unlimited XP.
Go to HELIOS One and the woman should automatically talk to you.
Once she allows you access to HELIOS One, you should be able to start the "That Lucky Old Sun" mission.
Proceed with the mission and talk to Fantastic and Ignacio Rivas.
While talking to Rivas, make sure you get him to reveal that he is a Follower of the Apocalypse by using Speech or Confirmed Bachelor and agree with his ideals about peace or say you are neutral.
Complete the mission regularly until you get to the point where you activate the Mainframe Terminal.
Configure the Power Grid to "5 Full Region Emergency Output Level.
Go back to Ignacio Rivas, and choose the "I overloaded the plant.
That option will never disappear.
Keep selecting that option to get 350 XP, 3 Stimpacks, and 2 Doctor's Bags.
Once you get the overseer's passcode and enter it into her computer you will be led to the "sacrifical chamber.
You will be given 3 options, "Override" and "Download" for 2 conversations.
Click on the second download and you get 500 XP.
Simply click it again.
You can do this repeatedly to max out your character.
In the southeast corner of the map you will find Cottonwood Cove alongside the river you will meet a man named Aurelius of Phoenix he sometimes wanders off out of the camp.
Speak to him and choose best casino new vegas armor barter with his camp for ammo and supplies.
Clicking on this nets you 35 XP but it does not stop conversation and can be continuously clicked for rapid XP gain.
Even if you have Vilified yourself with The Legion this exploit still works.
You have to be somewhere where there is a spot out of the line of sight of all the surounding NPC's.
Figure out a good spot to hide in and save your game.
Click the right stick while you have selected the item you want to steal, but do not press the A button to steal it.
This will allow you to safely carry the item to your designated hiding spot.
You may lose karma so try it once to make sure you won't have an undesired karma effect.
A great place for this trick would be the Van Graff energy click shop.
You can do this with any of the items on the counter and there is a hiding spot on the back side of the room.

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and sure some of the power armor looks cool but if youre carrying around a small gun as youre main. Sad that this is the best thread I've seen all day.. expected casinos and dense urban/city environments it's the same ****ing desert wasteland bull**** from the last game. uninstalled fallout new vegas.

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... reputation with the NCR, and it would be helpful to have their armor.. The casinos are located on "the strip" which is a walled area inside New Vegas.. When playing Fallout: New Vegas, what factions are the best to join ...

Fallout New Vegas Unique Armor,Outfit,Recipe, Headgear Items Guide
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Tips and Tricks for Fallout New Vegas
How To Get Easy Caps, Ammo, Armor, Mods, etc. in Fallout: New Vegas (Exploit)

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In New Vegas, they provide modest faction armor that is helpful for hiding your identity and. The NCR is probably the biggest faction in New Vegas... Mr. House is the enigmatic owner of the exclusive Lucky 38 casino.

The armor in fallout: new vegas is ugly - League of Legends Community
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Hero Completes Fallout: New Vegas Run That Nobody Thought Was Possible
best casino new vegas armor

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Added Enclave Power Armors Retextured to Clothing Is Not Optional. Added Tops Casino Neon Restored to Poosh.... 400 seems to be the best value for Fallout New Vegas, but it is recommended to play around with it a bit ...

Fallout New Vegas Unique Armor,Outfit,Recipe, Headgear Items Guide
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Top Cotes d'Armor Casino Hotels: Cheap Hotels with Casinos in Cotes d'Armor | Hotwire
Fallout: New Vegas Lucky 38 Armory

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The leather armor is a piece of armor in Fallout: New Vegas.. Locations. Atomic Wrangler Casino, Freeside - the guards in the casino have a set. Goodsprings ...

Tips and Tricks for Fallout New Vegas
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Making Fallout: New Vegas was a battle against time and impolite NPCs
best casino new vegas armor

Free Spins
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Max cash out:
$ 500

Dress-Up New Vegas (or, best mods & cheats for getting armor in. that's fine for the courier or the ladies outside of the Gomorrah casino.

Top Cotes d'Armor Casino Hotels: Cheap Hotels with Casinos in Cotes d'Armor | Hotwire
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The armor in fallout: new vegas is ugly - League of Legends Community
If you're even thinking of being in Vegas, check out the rest of our.
It's stacked with expert advice from locals on what to eat, where to drink, and what to do.
T he only way to beat the house in Vegas, people will tell you, is not to play.
Every bet here is a sucker's bet at some level; all the odds are tilted away from your wallet; and the house, in the long run, always wins.
Do not listen to those people, for if you do, the best you'll do in this life is to die slightly richer yet much, much more bored.
Instead, strap on your big-kid armor and stride confidently in the direction of getting your strategy blackjack best book video kicked by the casinos here.
It's an American rite of passage, after all, and one spiked with the adrenaline rush of watching potentially life-changing sums of money flicker just out of reach.
What you DO want to do, though, is gird yourself against the many subtle tricks that casinos have devised to give them greater edges, even away from the tables and slot machines.
With a few pointers, you can make the right moves and navigate your way through these glittering mousetraps that generations of have financed.
Casinos are windowless traps What time of day is it?
Where is the nearest exit?
Good luck finding some daylight at mega-casinos like the MGM Grand or Caesars Palace.
These palaces of kitschy seduction are designed to numb you to the outside world.
While some newer Vegas casinos like The Cosmopolitan are getting away from this type of design, many still hope to coax you into casino purgatory with a maze-like design of games, shopping, and restaurants, where time seems never to pass and there's nothing else to do but give up your cash.
Good luck cashing out Need chips?
Need to cash out?
It always seems that the casino cage is hard to find, requiring a walk deep into the casino -- past many other games and temptations.
Once you find it, often there is a line with only one person there to service click the following article who are ready to trade in their chips for cash.
It's no coincidence the casino entices you first with more action, a bite to eat, or a visit to the gift shop.
Chips don't seem like real money Julius "Big Julie" Weintraub -- a Vegas legend who popularized gambling junkets from the East Coast to Sin City in the '60s and '70s -- said it best about casino chips: "The guy who invented poker was bright, but the guy who invented the chip was a genius.
They don't seem as precious as real money.
They're easier to risk than real cash -- and the casinos know it.
Some people even collect the chips and take them home, which is just a souvenir you bought from the casino.
Airports are for flying, not gambling It's Sunday afternoon.
You've spent three days getting hijacked at craps tables, fleeced at poker, and robbed blind by the sports book.
Now you're back at the airport, bleary and dehydrated, waiting for the 2:35 direct flight back to Tulsa.
Those machines have among the worst payout percentages in town.
Save your quarters -- and the last of your dignity -- for the next trip.
Wild carpets keep your eyes on the prize This is one of those tiny design details, but you can bet that the casinos are sweating even the smallest of small stuff.
That garishly patterned carpet on the casino floor is there for a reason -- to keep your eyes looking up.
That means you're making eye contact with slots, craps, blackjack, the sports book, instead of gazing down into a visual disruption.
No navel-gazing or staring at the hideous floor -- the casino wants your eyes to be on the ever-elusive prize.
So-called VIP treatment Living the high life comes with a cost.
Whether you're rolling into clubs, booking close-up seats at shows, or hitting the high-end cuisine, absolutely nothing under this roof will come cheap.
And unless you're a Rockefeller, those high-limit and VIP slot areas can quickly drain that gambling bankroll as well.
Nightclub cover charges, drink minimums, and lobster dinners may be nice, but don't get carried away.
Stay alert for discounts, and if you don't see a price on something, do not assume it's within your budget.
Never buy insurance -- and don't split 10s Blackjack, played with discipline, offers you the best odds of any game in Vegas.
So of course casinos have modified it to their advantage.
For instance: Don't bother with "insurance.
This seemingly conservative bet adds as much as 7% to the house edge, and yet people still take it, as if they're somehow making the prudent move.
Speaking of bad strategy, splitting your 10s might be one of the worst plays you can make in the casino.
But, once again, blackjack players do it all the time.
Don't be that guy!
Most experts on the topic say keeping 10s together for a nice 20 is the best play to make in the long run no matter what the dealer is holding.
Be careful who you learn from Many casinos offer free lessons on how to play the games -- but the casino doesn't exactly have a ton of incentive to school you on the bets that give you the best chance to win.
Or go online to memorize a few key strategies to take advantage of the better betting options at the tables and slots -- such as pass-line bets with odds at the craps table and basic strategy at blackjack.
There's no such thing as free booze Casinos know a few Buds or gin and tonics are more likely to keep bettors at the tables or feeding cash into the https://yournaughtystory.com/best/best-california-casino-seafood-buffet.html machines.
You don't have to be a teetotaler, but go easy on the gratis White Russians and you might be able to skip at least one trip to the San best casinos diego near />Never reach for a cash advance on your credit card This is where merely irresponsible behavior becomes best casino new vegas armor gateway to lasting financial scars.
Do not use your credit card to get a cash advance -- essentially, using a charge card to continue at the blackjack table or Lucky 7s slot machine.
This is a bad idea for every reason known to money.
You're already down, so now you're going to chase bad bets by putting debt on a credit card?
If the thought of a cash advance enters your mind, it's time to head to the free stuff: the Bellagio for the fountain show or the Mirage for the volcano show.
Or straight for the airport.
Dirty hidden fees, part one Many casino hotels charge what are called "resort fees" -- daily charges tacked onto the hotel bill for "resort amenities.
Only a few casinos no longer charge the resort fee.
When your bill comes, the restaurant adds a surprise charge for such things as "prime real estate locations.
And it's applied to an entire bill, including taxes -- a tax on a tax!
The club you don't want to be a part of Joining the players club at casinos will earn you "cash back" or "player points" -- the more you gamble, the more perks and points you get, redeemable for things like merchandise, free room and meal comps, or cool jackets.
But remember the big picture -- these clubs are designed to keep players at the tables and slot machines longer.
Curtis argues that players should always join the clubs to get something back, but the casinos wouldn't offer these programs if they weren't getting the better end of the deal.
Don't defy logic by losing hundreds of dollars to earn points that score you a beer koozie.
Know your poker limits Everyone dreams of a big run at the poker tables.
You watch the World Series of Poker on ESPN religiously and dominate that home game with your buddies.
But slow up before you think you're ready to run with the big dogs.
Take a measured approach: Set your limits based on your experience and your bankroll.
As the old saying goes: best casino new vegas armor you look around the table and can't tell who the sucker is, it's you.
But don't get sucked into parlays.
They are seductive: A series of small bets, each of which needs to hit for you to cash in, is a way to get action on several games and can pay out huge.
But parlays conceal lousy odds.
Overcoming point spreads is difficult enough, but getting four or six contests correct to hit a parlay is a proposition that hugely favors the house.
Anyway, do try shopping your sports bets around multiple sports books -- you'll often find the same bets offered at more favorable odds.
Shop 'til you drop Louis Vuitton.
High-end casinos like Caesars, The Venetian, and the Wynn now double as mega-malls for haute couture, with prices to match.
But, hey, it's your money, so do what you want with it.
Email him at or follow him.
His poker book is Raising the Stakes: True Tales of Gambling, Click to see more and Poker Faces and available on.
Like us on Facebook to get the best of both worlds.
You're Good To Go!
We'll finally bring our perforated garbage bags of clothing to Goodwill, and join local adult clubs filled with the city's friendliest socialites, and use the Bikram yoga coupon currently serving as a bookmark for a novel we aren't reading.
But most of us just end up metaphorically clinging to life's hang-glider after our ambition harness detaches mid-flight.
Just kidding haha, I'm fine.
But let's take a moment to appreciate this terrifying -- but legitimizing -- video of a man who was forced to use his upper body strength to survive, when his harness becomes separated from his hang-glider mid-flight.
Everything in the video seems to be going according to plan until minute 2:30, when after a strong gust of wind, the authoritative online casino beste gewinne apologise spontaneously detaches and the pilot is forced to grab the bar and hold on for his dear life.
I was very lucky to come out of this incident alive.
He mentions that, during this time, he couldn't really see where he was headed.
The fact that my crash landing was going into the wind meant that my ground speed was significantly slowed.
I can't say that spiraling after drinking too much wine during your "me time" cooking night is as awful as holding onto a hang-glider for dear life, but it still hits.
Every so often you hear a song that sounds both brand new and like it came from another era.
Restaurants sometimes do this, too, taking a classic culinary style and updating it for the current era, adding modern touches and techniques to traditional cuisine to create something new and delightful.
We found a fistful of such places around the country, starting with in Miami the subject of our updated-classics videowhich echoes 1950s Cuba in its best casino new vegas armor cocktail program and inspired riffs on Cuban fare.
Your New Year's resolution is to eat healthy, cutback on booze, and spend less, https://yournaughtystory.com/best/best-cheap-slots-in-vegas.html mine isn't about eliminating life's simple pleasures.
Sorry, I like pizza, tequila, and shopping.
Instead, my 2020 goals will involve something more exciting than kale and ellipticals -- like, traveling.
As it happens, that dream can also be a reality without sacrificing your new budgeting initiative.
Japan Airlines is giving away 50,000 round-trip flights for free next summer.
According tothe carrier is offering tickets to international tourists for trips between July 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020.
Those dates are intentionally aligned with thewhich will draw a whopping 10 million extra visitors.
The airline is using the promo to encourage tourists to explore other destinations throughout the country in hopes of cutting down on foot traffic in the city brought in by the games.
Participants will have four destination options, flying out of Haneda airport or Osaka's Itami and Kansai airports.
But there is a catch to scoring the coveted airfare -- travelers are required to register with the carrier's Mileage Bank frequent flier program and you won't know where you're heading until after you've signed up.
The application, which opens in February 2020, is pretty easy.
You'll select a departure city, day and arrival time slots, and the number of people you'll be traveling with.
More details on the JAL giveaway will reportedly come available in early January, CNN continues.
And while 50,000 available tickets might seem like a lot, they're available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Check out our fallout new vegas selection for the very best in unique or. NCR Ranger Helmet+Armor+Raincoat, inspired by Fallout New Vegas Video Game... Nuka Cola Clear, New Vegas Casinos Bottle Caps Or Choose Refrigerator ...

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