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1993 - 1999 the Columbine High School massacre in-depth
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1993 - 1999 the Columbine High School massacre in-depth
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Phrack #43 - Magazine papers Exploit
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Eric David Harris
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How a teen misfit's hate turned into murder | World news | The Guardian
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Jack Nicholson calls Blackjack Pizza. Jack Nicholson calls Blackjack Pizza, prank phone call, comedy spoof, with Jack and lines from "A Few Good Men".

Jack Nicholson calls Blackjack Pizza - YouTube
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1993 - 1999 the Columbine High School massacre in-depth
Jack Nicholson Prank Call - Having A Blast (2018 Celebrity Crank Calls)

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Too Many Requests
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A teenage gang's fantasy of Nazism, devil-worship and hatred became brutally real when two members slaughtered their peers and teachers.
But 'they were weeping and crying at what they saw,' said District Attorney David Thomas.
She is talking to a police dispatcher, begging for help.
Peggy, who survived, says desperately: 'I've got students down.
Kids, stay on the floor.
Oh, God - kids, just stay down.
Bae Gottini, a 15-year-old with braces on her teeth, said it was not 'random shooting' - it was worse than that.
Bae was cowering under a table with her friend Cassie Bernall when Harris - with 'a dumb giggle' and covered in blood - took Cassie by the hair and pulled it, handgun to her head.
In the yearbook photo, Cassie wears a smile and a cross; Harris knew she was religious and had just been to Britain with her church.
So for this murder he elected to play the Almighty.
Another girl, Rachel Scott, was also hiding behind the table but looked over the edge to see a bloodied, giggling face staring at free msn blackjack />For the slaying of Isaiah Shoels, Harris lived another of his miserable fantasies.
Not God this time, but Adolf Hitler, whom he admired and whose 110th birthday it would have been on 20 April.
Isaiah's yearbook picture shows him with a puckish grin; he wanted to go into the music business.
Despite heart problems as a child, Isiah was a remarkable athlete - a prime qualification to become one of Harris's victims.
And he was one of the few black kids at Columbine, which had led to trouble with Harris and Klebold's gang, the Trenchcoat Mafia.
Another witness, Craig Scott recalls Harris calling to Klebold: 'Hey look, there's a nigger over here.
Investigators believe the pair may have wandered through the school after their initial attack in the library for up to an hour before returning there to kill themselves.
They also strongly believe they had help in preparing for their attack.
They brought into the school an arsenal including a TEC DC-9 semi-automatic assault pistol, two illegal sawn-off shotguns and a short-muzzle carbine military-style rifle used by two students in another schoolyard massacre last year in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
They also brought more than 30 homemade explosive devices and may have posted their plans to kill on the Internet.
Thirty-six hours after the outrage, Isaiah's father Michael is sitting on a bench in blackjack pizza prank call falling snow, a burly, bearded, kindly man wearing glasses and a Dallas Cowboys football jacket.
He had, he says, told harrahs atlantic city tournament officials about his son being bullied before by the 'Mafia'; nothing happened.
Hey, if you hated my son, you had a problem.
And I'm upset at their parents.
If my child had six butane tanks in the garage, don't you think I'd want to know abut it?
Everything happens for a reason.
America is still grappling to find language to speak about Columbine High School, where so many nightmares collided.
There is the nightmare of racism.
The slaughter came on Hitler's birthday.
Last year, the city of Denver was the arena for a spate of blackjack pizza prank call - two fatal - by skinheads on black students.
In the early Nineties.
The nightmare of guns: the National Rifle Association is due to hold its conference in Denver this week and debate will rage at article source volume.
There is the nightmare of a series of schoolyard shootings: in Oregon, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Arkansas - and now Colorado.
The nightmare of satanism among the young: the Colorado killers shared the cheap thrills of the black occult with their predecessors who shot their classmates in Jonesboro, Arkansas.
There is the nightmare of cliques and gangs.
America found a new monster this week: the 'Trenchcoat Mafia' with its black tunics, long black 'Duster' trenchcoats, berets, and sunglasses even in class.
They greeted each other with the Nazi salute instead of a high five and kept to themselves.
There is the nightmare of violence in mass popular culture.
The parents of the blackjack pizza prank call in the Kentucky schoolyard massacre made history this month by sueing the makers of the film The Basketball Diaries in which a trenchcoated Leonardo DiCaprio mows down schoolmates.
The Kentucky killer cited the movie as having inspired him, and Basketball Diaries was a favourite of Harris and Klebold too.
There are violent video games, Doom and Quake, whose designers and producers are also being sued by the Kentucky parents.
Above all, for Harris it was Marilyn Manson: the infamous 'Antichrist Superstar'.
The cross-gendered, demonic deviant was due to play Denver next weekend but cancelled and sent his 'condolences to the students and their families'.
Manson was Harris's abiding obsession; his favourite tracks were 'Irresponsible Hate Anthem' and 'Beautiful People'.
He and Klebold had tickets for the gig.
And yet none of these nightmares alone explains what happened.
Eric Harris grew up in rural New York state, at Plattsburgh Air Force base not far from the childhood home of Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh, alongside whom Harris will take a place in history.
His father was a decorated airforce major and the young Harris an exemplary all-American kid - a Little League baseball star.
The adolescent Harris continued with his sports but played in the shadow of elder brother Kevin, the gregarious athlete, who became a 'Jock', one of the sporting elite.
Although a shy boy, the girls noticed Eric and he was friendly to those around him.
He was 'well, cute,' recalls Kimberly Teel, now 18.
He was also strange.
One of his early dates, Tiffany Typher, came to his home one night to find him 'sprawled on the ground by a large rock, with blood splattered everywhere, as if he had bashed his head on the rock.
It was fake blood'.
After a year, Harris befriended Klebold, who came from a more affluent background.
Dylan drove his own black BMW.
Young Dylan was, says a friend Nick Hand gold european blackjack multi, 'a follower type, always looking for someone to lead.
Harris fulfilled that role'.
Suddenly, both blackjack collective gave up sports to nurture their passion for computers.
He and Klebold challenged each other https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/blackjack-insignia-mobile-strike.html more and more violent computer games.
The 'outcast crowd' was a self-conscious minority in a school full of clans blackjack pizza prank call cliques - that was how you defined yourself.
As Kridle explains: 'The 'Jocks' and 'White-Caps' play sports, the 'Preppies' are real straight, the 'Stoners' smoke marijuana and like Pearl Jam, the 'Hicks' dig country music'.
Athletic prowess was highly valued, and the 'Jocks', including the adored Kevin Harris, were therefore the elite clique.
To counter the taunts of the Jocks, the 'outcasts' formed the counter-cultural 'Anachronists', who were also computer fanatics.
Then a pupil called Joe Stair, who graduated last year, turned this clique into the Trenchcoat Mafia, which Harris joined 20 months ago.
The 'Trenchcoat Mafia', about eight click here all, were labelled 'gay' and 'inbred'.
There were rumours - still circulating - that close sexual ties did exist between the Mafia's members.
Harris and Kiebold closed ranks with the rest, about https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/what-is-a-blackjack-game.html in all, and began wearing only black.
The Mafia cultivated its Nazi mystique, blended it with anarchism and nihilism, took industrial quantities of drugs and spent lunch hours together under a flight of steps, never in the canteen.
But, says Stair, he is appalled at what happened.
Another member, Kristen Thiebault, says now that 'we're all completely sick.
We honestly never thought anyone could do that, that we know.
Harris and Klebold were not doing things 'just for fun'.
Chris Reilly was in the same video production class, and remembers their effort: it was a dry run for Tuesday's carnage.
It showed them, he recalls, stalking the corridors of the school with guns, shooting 'Jocks'.
By last year, Harris had shed all his friends beyond the 'Mafia'.
Friends like Brooks Brown with whom he had hung out and played sports since the second year at school.
Later, Harris posted a message on his website urging anyone interested to 'hunt down' and kill Brown.
Brown's worried parents went to the police, three times, to alert them to Harris and the mafia's website.
They didn't do anything, and because of that, people have died.
The websites became rabid - Harris's own site was spotted by the Simon Weisenthal Centre, which monitors Nazi propaganda.
It boasted about 'shooting everyone' at Columbine High; it showed a montage of a gunner brandishing a Tech-9 automatic pistol, banned in 1994 but still the main weapon of choice last Tuesday.
Harris got work on a fireworks stall and asked to be paid in fireworks, which he would then detonate while at his other job in the Blackjack Pizza parlour.
They were sent on an link Management' class.
Some chance: for propelling much of this, agree all of his peers, was Harris's immersion in the angriest and most deranged voice in American counter-culture, that of Marilyn Manson, the self-described satanist rock priest plus German 'industrial' bands such as KMFDM, which stands for 'Kein Mehrheit fur die Mitleit' - 'No Pity for the Majority'.
Harris began to reply to the Jocks' taunts in German, and to plan a 'prank' on Hitler's birthday, 20 April.
Recently Harris had seemed, says Brooks Brown, to have 'cooled down'.
He started being cool and making jokes and being nice.
Still, no one raised the alarm.
At Columbine, students get to telecast a 'message of the day', and on the morning of 20 April it read: 'Bet You Wish You Weren't Here.
Harris, he says, called over: 'Hey man, Brooks, I like you.
Get out blackjack pizza prank call here.
He saved my life, basically'.
While Brooks pulled on his cigarette, the evils that have recently ravaged poor-town schoolyards in the South now assailed cushy, conservative, Jefferson county, Colorado.
Professor Carl Raschke has become America's leading secular critic of what he calls the 'psycho-therapeutic la-la land tolerance' of 'what is no longer an aberration, but a phenomenon of neo-Nazi terrorism with just as much of a religious basis as Islamic terrorism or Christian fundamentalists blowing up an abortion clinic.
It's a pop outgrowth of the decadent and occult movements of the last century in France, Germany and England, which formed the basis for Nazism.
Same nihilism, same sordid fantasies.

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Fry: Hello? Pizza delivery for uh... I.C. Wiener? Aww crud. I always thought by this point in my life I'd be the one making the prank calls.

How a teen misfit's hate turned into murder | World news | The Guardian
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Captcha Challenge…
This issue should really piss every security professional off.
Well, actually, none of them should ever see it because only two people have registered their subscriptions.
But, then again I think we all know that the whole world is FULL of lying, thieving people who just don't care about other people's property.
No, smarty, not hackers.
CASE 1: The Computer Emergency Response Team.
Bastions of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
CERT had been on the Phrack mailing list previously, and was sent a copy of 42 as was everyone to give them the opportunity to subscribe.
Rather than do the right thing and let us at Phrack know that they were not interested in paying, and to take their name off the list, Ed DiHart instead forwarded off several copies to his cronies.
Luckily for us, Ed is not the best typist, and the mail bounced all the way back to Phrack.
I called Ed and asked him why he would do such a thing, which was clearly a direct violation of US Copyright Law.
Ed claimed he didn't know of any new rules for Phrack, and that he had always forwarded off a few copies to his pals.
I told Ed that this practice was unacceptable and that if he wanted to continue to get Phrack he and his pals would all have to register their subscriptions.
Ed said that he did not want to pay and to take CERT off the list.
It sure is IRONIC that someone whose goal in life was to invade other people's privacy would be attending a conference on protecting privacy.
While talking to Ed about Phrack I said, "You know Ed, it sure is IRONIC that an organization such as CERT, whose main goal is to help protect the property of others would so flagrantly violate US Copyright law and completely disregard someone's property rights.
CASE 2: BT Tymnet.
Dale Drew, security guru, made the statement on IRC about Phrack, "I have absolutely no https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/million-dollar-blackjack-en-espaol.html to pay for anything having to do with hackers.
With prior knowledge Phrack was not free, he willingly used company property to commit a crime.
At most companies, that is grounds for termination.
Luckily for Dale Tymnet doesn't give a shit.
In fact, Dale several times since has gone back on IRC stating, "People here are Tymnet are kind of upset about Phrack 42.
Since they could care less about MY property, then why should I care about theirs?
Maybe I should print a list of all Tymnet internal NUIs!
Well, two wrongs won't make a right, so I better not.
I did, however, send email to Dale stating that we were aware of Tymnet's transgressions and that we may be forced to take legal action.
I have decided to offer BT a sweet deal on a company-wide site license.
We shall see if they take me up on this offer, or continue to click the following article Phrack.
CASE 3: Gail Thackeray.
A woman sworn by the court to uphold the laws of the land.
This woman had the audacity to tell me that unless I enforced my copyright, it was worthless.
Unless I enforce it.
What the hell does that mean?
Am I supposed to raid companies myself and go dig for evidence that they have stolen my information?
Gail's disgusting interpretation of the law, that unless you are big enough to stand up for yourself then you have no recourse, is a festering sore on the face of the American Legal system and I personally am appalled that this woman is allowed to act as a law enforcement professional.
Oh well, as you can tell I've had a little fun with all this.
And I have effectively proven my point.
Security people, corporate professionals, and law enforcement types are just as unscrupulous and unethical as they have always claimed that we are.
Winn Schwartau, and a man at Mitre.
It's amazing that they are the only ones with any scruples, isn't it?
Well, let's get on with the issue.
This one is pure, unadulterated evil.
Only the strong will survive this time.
We've got Cellular, we've got Novell, we've got 5e, we've got PHRACK TRIVIA!
Get comfortable, grab your favorite intoxicant, and enjoy.
This file was sent to both myself and E.
I was told by the author that 2600 was not printing it.
Well, we got permission from 2600 to print it here too since its such a good file, and since I spent like 8 hours dealing with the author correcting and editing it.
In the future gang, if you send something to Phrack AND to 2600, TELL US BEFOREHAND!
The last thing I want to hear is, "Phrack is plagiarizing 2600.
In addition to the above, you may notice that we were a bit late in distributing this issue.
As many of you saw through the "resubscribe" blurb sent over the mailing list, Phrack is not going through Stormking.
The struggle to relocate put us into further delays but I've managed to take care of securing a new distribution site.
We want to thank everyone at Stormking for shipping Phrack out for so long, and wish them the best in their future endeavors.
You are instructed to read this agreement and comply with its terms and immediately destroy any copies of this publication existing in your possession electronic or otherwise until such a time as you have fulfilled your registration requirements.
A form to request registration agreements is provided at the end of this file.
Individual User: If you are an individual end user whose use is not on behalf of a business, organization or government agency, you may read and possess copies of Phrack Magazine free of charge.
You may also distribute this magazine freely to any other such hobbyist or computer service provided for similar hobbyists.
If you are unsure of your qualifications as an individual user, please blackjack pizza prank call us as we do not wish tropicana ac blackjack withhold Phrack from anyone whose occupations are not in conflict with our readership.
Any continued use or possession of this Magazine is conditioned upon payment by company of the negotiated fee specified in a letter of confirmation from Phrack Magazine.
This magazine may not be distributed by Company to any outside corporation, organization or government agency.
This agreement authorizes Company to use and possess the number of copies described in the confirmation letter from Phrack Magazine and for which Company has paid Phrack Magazine the negotiated agreement fee.
If the confirmation letter from Phrack Magazine indicates that Company's agreement is "Corporate-Wide", this agreement will be deemed to cover copies duplicated and distributed by Company for use by any additional employees of Company during the Term, at no additional charge.
This agreement will remain in effect for one year from the date of the confirmation letter from Phrack Magazine authorizing such continued use or such other period as is stated in the confirmation letter the "Term".
If Company does not obtain a confirmation letter and pay the applicable agreement fee, Company is in violation of applicable US Copyright laws.
This Magazine is protected by United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions.
Company acknowledges that no title to the intellectual property in the Magazine is transferred to Company.
Company further acknowledges that full ownership rights to the Magazine will remain the exclusive property of Phrack Magazine and Company will not acquire any rights to the Magazine except as expressly set forth in this agreement.
Company agrees that any copies of the Magazine made by Company will contain the same proprietary notices which appear in this document.
In the event of invalidity of any provision of this agreement, the parties agree that such invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this agreement.
In no event shall Phrack Magazine be liable for consequential, incidental or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the delivery, performance or use of the information contained within the copy of this magazine, even if Phrack Magazine has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
In no event will Phrack Magazine's liability for any claim, whether in contract, tort, or any other theory of liability, exceed the agreement fee paid by Company.
This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Texas as they are applied to agreements to be entered into and to be performed entirely within Texas.
The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is specifically disclaimed.
This Agreement together with any Phrack Magazine confirmation letter constitute the entire agreement between Company and Phrack Magazine which supersedes any prior agreement, including any prior agreement from Phrack Magazine, or understanding, whether written or oral, relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.
The terms and conditions of this Agreement shall apply to all orders submitted to Phrack Magazine and shall supersede any different or additional terms on purchase orders from Company.
It is for and by the hacking community.
ISSN 1068-1035 Contents Copyright C 1993 Phrack Magazine, all rights reserved.
Nothing may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the Editor-In-Chief.
Phrack Magazine is made available quarterly to the amateur computer hobbyist free of charge.
Any corporate, government, legal, or otherwise commercial usage or possession electronic or otherwise is strictly prohibited without prior registration, and is in violation of applicable US Copyright laws.
To subscribe, send email to phrack well.
Phrack Magazine 603 W.
That would be politically-incorrect.
Maybe someone else is decrypting our mail for us on another machine that isn't used for Phrack publication.
Introduction by The Editor 24K 2.
Phrack Loopback Part I 38K 3.
Line Noise Part I 39K 5.
Line Noise Part II 43K 6.
Phrack Pro-Phile on Doctor Who 15K 7.
Conference News Part I by Various Sources 53K 8.
Conference News Part II by Various Sources 58K 9.
How To Hack Blackjack Part I by Lex Luthor 52K 10.
How To Hack Blackjack Part II by Lex Luthor 50K 11.
Help for Verifying Novell Security by Phrack Staff 48K 12.
My Bust Part I by Robert Clark 56K 13.
My Bust Part II by Robert Clark 55K 14.
Playing Hide and Seek, Unix Style by Phrack Accident 31K 15.
Guide to the 5ESS by Firm G.
Cellular Info by Madjus N.
LODCOM BBS Archive Information 24K 19.
LODCOM Sample Messages 52K 20.
Step By Step Guide To Stealing a Camaro by Spy Ace 21K 21.
Acronyms Part I by Firm G.
Acronyms Part II by Firm G.
Acronyms Part III by Firm G.
Acronyms Part IV by Firm G.
Acronyms Part V by Firm G.
International Scene by Various Sources 51K 27.
Phrack World News by Datastream Cowboy 24K Total: 1152K Another reason why the future is wireless.
He tells me that you are currently editing Phrack.
I hope you are well.
Recently the EFF sysadmins, Chris Davis and Helen Rose, informed me that eff.
They did some investigation at my request.
We determined that Phrack traffic alone was responsible for over 40% of the total bytes transferred from the site over the past year or so.
This is several gigabytes per month.
All in all, the CuD archive, which contains Phrack, CuD, and other publications accounts for 85% of our total traffic.
All of the email to and from EFF, Usenet traffic, and other FTP from the EFF archive, the CAF archive, and others constitutes about 15%.
The fundamental problem is that Phrack is so popular at least as a free good to cause real expense in transmission costs.
Ultimately the users are going to have to pay the costs because bandwidth when measures in gigabytes anyway isn't blackjack rules />The 12K per year it costs us to carry Phrack is not something which EFF can justify in its budget.
I'm sure you can understand this.
On July 1, eff.
I wanted to raise this issue now to let you know in advance of this happening.
I have also asked Chris and Helen to talk to Brendan Kehoe, who actually maintains the archive, to see whether there is anything we can do to help find another site for Phrack or make any other arrangement which will result in less loss of service.
Looks like EFF's move to Washington is leaving behind lots of bad memories, and looking forward to a happy life in the hotbed of American politics.
We wish them good luck.
We also encourage everyone to join.
In all fairness, I did ask Mitch more detail about the specifics of the cost, and he explained that EFF was paying flat rate for a fractional T-1, and whenever they went over their allotted bandwidth, they were billed above and beyond the flat rate.
Thank GOD for Len Rose.
Phrack now has a new home at ftp.
I am writing you guys as a last resort.
Could you point me in the right direction?
Maybe an access number or something?
Thanks you very much.
They will be more than happy to send you loads of info.
Be the life of the party!
Gain and influence friends!
Attain the worship and admiration of your online pals.
They are as follows tested on Searchlight BBS System v2.
It took me about 10 minutes to figure it out, but BOY WAS I MAD!
Entries should be single-spaced paragraphs, Double-spacing between paragraphs.
The subject should center on an aspect of the Computer Culture blackjack pizza prank call be click here 20-30 pages long.
No Rights Reserved 1993 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Technomancer can be reached at: af604 FreeNet.
THE TECHNOMANCER I have taken all knowledge af604 FreeNet.
This is probably the worst piece of garbage I've received, so I had to print it.
I can only hope that it's a private joke that I just don't get.
Uh, please don't try to write something worse and submit it hoping to have it singled out as the next "worst," since I'll just ignore it.
It just so happened that the same day I had gotten extremely busted for a program which was infinitely more indetectible.
I got off pretty well being an innocent looking female so it's no biggie.
Anyway, I deleted the program the same day because all I could think was "Shit, I'm fucked".
I rewrote a new and improved version, and decided to submit it.
The basic advantages of this decoy are that a there is no login failure before the user enters his or her account, and b the program defines the show users command for the user so that when they do show users, the fact that they are running out of another account doesn't register on their screen.
There are a couple holes in this program that you should probably be aware of.
Neither of these can kick the user back into the account that the program is running from, so that's no problem, but the program can still be detected.
So basically, don't run it out of your own account.
It's really no problem though, because most users wouldn't even know what this meant.
That's not a big deal either, however, because not many people would sit around randomly deciding to redefine show.
The reason I was caught was that I not even knowing the word "hacker" until about a month ago was dumb enough to let all my friends know about the program and how it worked.
The word got spread to redefine show, and that's what happened.
The decoy was caught and traced to me.
Lady Shade I wrote the code.
The role of the dummy file in this program is to tell if the program!!!!
A login screen with a message informing someone of new mail wouldnt!!!!
This is the main body of the program.
It simulates the system login!!!!
It also grabs the username and password and sticks them in!!!!
Sends the user into their account!!!!
Control has been returned to your account!!!!
Simulates a failure if the password is null, and also if the!!!!
After the third failure, the system usually sends the screen back!!!!
The system keeps a timeout check in the login.
If a username is not!!!!
There is a feature in this program which sets the terminal to!!!!
This is wonderful for!!!!
So, in the case where a!!!!
This section is optional.
There are many ways that you can implement!!!!
If this option is!!!!
This is much safer, and my recommandation.
This section is how one covers up the fact that the account which has!!!!
Basically, the area of the show!!!!
This section first writes the show users data to a file and alters!!!!
I have written only two!!!!
Notice that what happens to activate this section!!!!
The words following show become variables!!!!
Also, by incorporating a third data!!!!
If the user did happen to controlY!!!
That is a bad thing as we are trying to!!!
This is the section of the program which is executed in place of the!!!!
It does grab their login and execute it to prevent!!!!
They redefine the show and sys commands so that the user can!!!!
I wish I could bring myself to use a VMS and try it out.
By the way, "innocent female" is an oxymoron.
Greetings sweet Phrack and Mr.
Your "loopback reports" is really cool invention and I sorry for egoisthic "I" with pleasure wasting time for his reading ex.
But how he knew it???
I need to talk with him!
Please mail me at security.
I totally wrote program which gets file listing from target vicitim's home directory in current host.
After that I decided to contribute it for You.
I hope this will help.
Here is the complete C code.
Looking similar articles like ".
Resulting from abovewritten reason and I let myself to add some elite oops word too complexsome bogus and little deposit to Your lb.
He written in classic plagiarize style.
I hacking and phreaking.
I know what it is horrible don't read it please - this message to Bartbut Final, blackjack table top uk speaking doing it all the time today already 3 month.
I have not much time to write, and here is the subject - I broke into one military computer and stole their mail about new security bug!!!
Description: The huge security hole was there and waiting!
All what You need to know its just root's password, but it pwsure, can be easily obtained from real root, by asking him root.
click the following article our hotline 900-FBI-PRIVATE 24 a day,please not in dinner time or in time of "Silence of the Lamb"leave Inet address of your system and number of private credit card.
DISCLAIMER: Above document written by CERT, DDN and FBI - all pretension to them.
If You won't think what I am toady - I wanna say also thanks to TK and sure Erik Bloodaxe.
And also - IF after E911 incident you are more carefully, feel free to replace "stole" to "got" when you'll post itand do not forget to add https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/blackjack-tournaments-uk.html with permission".
Illegal activities on Netsys cannot and will not be tolerated.
Netsys is at the hub of major Internet connectivity.
Netsys is a system for professionals in both the Internet and Unix community.
The public image is important to us.
Illegal activities cannot be tolerated.
Netsys has every feature you could possibly need.
Netsys is lightly loaded, extremely reliable and dedicated to providing full time 24 hour Internet access.
Support: 24 hour emergency response service.
Dialups: Palo Alto area, High Speed V.
Newsfeeds: We offer both nntp and uucp based newsfeedswith all domestic newsgroups, and including all foreign newsgroups.
SPECIAL FEATURES THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN PROVIDE Satellite Weather: Netsys has available real time satellite weather imagery.
Images are available in gif, or Sun raster format.
Contact us for NFS mirroring, and other special arrangement.
These images are directly downlinked from the GOES bird.
Contact Steve Eigsti steve netsys.
Members of Netsys can obtain substantial discounts for the purchase and service costs of this revolutionary method of Usenet news distribution.
Both Unix and MS Windows software available.
Paging Services: Netsys is offering Pagesat's Internet to Pager mail service.
Members of Netsys can obtain critical email to pager services.
Pagesat has the ability to gateway any critical electronic mail to your display pager.
Leased Line Internet Connections Pagesat Inc.
Since Pagesat is an FCC common carrier, our savings on leased lines can be passed on to you.
For further information, contact Duane Dubay djd pagesat.
We offer other services such as creating domains, acting as MX forwarders, and of course uucp based newsfeeds.
Netsys is now offering completely open shell access to Internet users.
For accounts, or more informationsend mail to netsys netsys.
Netsys prides itself on it's excellent connectivity including multiple T1's, and SMDSlightly loaded systems, and it's clientele.
We're not your average Internet Service Provider.
Len Rose for allowing us to use ftp.
It takes a steel set of huevos to let such an evil hacker publication reside on your hard drive after serving time for having dealings with evil hackers.
Netsys is not your average site, INDEED!
We challenge the legitimacy of the claim that this is a "public interest" advocate.
Dowd, of the Division of Public Https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/blackjack-card-counting-1-deck.html, provided us with a list dated January 21, 1993containing the following information.
No response was given to a phone request by FINS directly to EFF, for permission to inspect and copy the most current IRS Form 990 information.
Tell you guys what: Send Phrack that much money and we will give up our ideals and move to a new location, and forget everything about what we were all about in the beginning.
In fact, we will turn our backs on it.
I was talking about me moving to Europe and giving up computers.
Don't read anything else into that.
A1: 1: hh pmantis.
Instructions on how to use the remailers are in the remailer directory, along with some unix scripts and dos batch files.
Mail to me here menudo.
While you are there, take a look around.
Lots of groovy free stuff.
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Keep the good work!!!!!.
I only have your latest issue, and I never read previous ones, so this is maybe old stuff.
Greetings from South America, LawEnforcer.
Datapac I personally scanned some time ago, but almost ALL of the 100K of NUA's I found still work.
Maybe someone should take my script and re-scan it.
This is an account which will archie for you, or take you to a few select BBSs or any of many boring things to do.
You simply log in as HYTELNET, there isn't a password, and go through the menus.
Now, that's where the fun begins.
Unfortunately, if you close see more disconnect, it will return to the HYTELNET menus, and you can't open a new connection, since you're already connected.
So, what you do is SPAWN whatever process you want.
SPAWN with no arguments the shell escape does not work, however.
This works from any captive account that telnets.
So, you can telnet to a VAX that has HYTELNET, log in as HYTELNET, do what I told you, and then hack to wherever, since the reports from the target site will show that HYTELNET insert.
Now I'm sure to get grief on IRC from someone coming from an odd site.
The pop idol faces her arch enemy on the fields of ninja combat and in the arms of love.
G Envelope Stuffing Scam" by Hanover Fiste.
How to get money.
Make Sally Struthers proud of you.
Story 'bout a sad guy who laughs at birds.
Oi's a kooky guy.
Unknown to most, Tequila Willy thew his hat in the ring for the 1992 presidential election.
Here's the paper detailing his positions on all the important issues.
Better luck in '96, eh?
Introductory guide to cryptology which also includes a good list of other sources to look into.
Buncha poems about lots of things.
It's a whole mess of things you and your puny little mind might not have noticed about this popular kiddie hah!
Geriatric porn with some doggy flavor.
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Upload text to The Polka AE, or my Internet address, or send disks or hardcopy to the cDc post office box in Lubbock, TX.
All the information for sysops to get going running Factory Direct Outlets.
It should be available from wherever you got this Update.
ZIP is out containing cDc t-files 201-225.
Factory Direct Outlet sysops should get this and put it up on their systems.
See ya in May.
Box 53011, Lubbock, TX 79453.
Any word on those cDc Glow in The Dark Toilet Seat Covers?
I've got my 29.
Nearly everyone who promised me a file about their country flaked out.
You'll see who did send me a file later in this issue.
Other countries: get off your duffs and send me a file!
We want to know what goes on there!
Boards, Busts, History, Hackers, Hangouts, Groups, Greats, Legends, Lore, EVERYTHING!
Could you tell me which one s?
Also, do you know of any sites which have virus listings archived?
You might check around for 40hex.
Personally, I think virii are vastly overrated hype driven onward by McAffee and other self-serving interests.
That is why we ignore them.
That is also why I don't mention them when I lecture on computer security.
But there was no information on how to access it.
What are the ACNS For the Sprintnet?
Is there a Phrack out that details use of the SprintNET.
Would appreciate ANY and ALL, as I've never heard of it being used widely like the Internet, and would like to know how to use it.
You and your Internet.
Remember when Arpanet was like a 20 or so Universities and Contractors, and tied to about 100 bases thru Milnet?
To answer your question, Sprintnet used to be Telenet, and always will be to me is a public packet switched network.
It can be accessed in nearly EVERY city in the USA, city blackjacks football schedule in many large cities in other countries.
The Toll-Free dialups are: 300-2400: 800-546-1000 9600 v.
Then to find a local dialup, at the this web page type MAIL.
Login as username PHONES password PHONES.
I was also wondering about bluebox tones.
I had thought these lines were digital, and therefore, would not require tones of any type.
As for the MF tones.
Depending upon the way the call is routed, your particular pick of LD carrier and the equipment between you and the destination, you may hear these tones.
You may even be one of the lucky ones, and be able to seize a trunk.
Using certain LD carriers you can still box, but usually you are stuck with a trunk that can't get out of the area.
I found out about Phrack while researching a paper for my public policy class, on the ECPA and shit.
Well, I gave a fabulous 45-minute presentation on it all and then wrote an even better paper for which I was rewarded with an A as well as an A for the class.
Turns out John Perry Barlow and Mitch Kapor are heroes of my professor as well.
So now I'm hooked.
For my thesis I'm writing a user manual for librarians on the Internet and helping teach a class in telecommunications.
Just wanted to let you phrack-types know you're my heroes and I want to be a member of the phrack phamily.
Can't send any money, though.
You are very lucky to have had such an instructor.
Congrats on the just click for source and good luck with your thesis!
I was just glancing through Phrack 42, and read the portion that sez that all computer professionals essentially have to delete this and even old copies of Phrack.
Coupla questions: I'm a Network Administrator for a University, do I have to comply?
It's not like I am a thug from Bellcore or anything like that.
Although one of the things I am concerned with, professionally, is the security of our systems, I am no Cliff Stoll.
If I were to catch an unauthorized visitor, I would give him the boot, not chase him down with prosecution in mind.
I have, of course, deleted all my old Phracks as well as 42, but I would like to be able to re-snarf them.
Of course, we don't have the SS as our own personal thugs to go break your legs if you don't comply.
As far as issues prior to 42 go, KEEP THEM!
They are visit web page from anything, and are arguably public domain.
Anyway, are there any good war dialers or scanners out there for Macintosh?
I need something that picks up PBXs and VMBs as well as Carriers.
I was just wondering if you knew of any FidoNet site that carries back issues of phrack.
The main reason behind this, as my link through the Internet is basically through a FidoNet-type network and I am unable to ftp files.
Any help would be appreciated!
I would be very surprised if it wasn't on a ton of fido sites.
However, I have no idea of what those sites may be.
If anyone knows of any, let us know!
I've no idea how to contact them, so that's why I'm asking you.
Box 752, Middle Island, NY, 11953-0752.
To submit articles write to 2600 Editorial Dept.
Box 99, Middle Island, NY, 11953-0099.
Note: If you are submitting articles to 2600 and to us, please have the courtesy of LETTING BOTH MAGAZINES KNOW IN ADVANCE.
It may still be in Houston, but methinks the Big H has had about enough of dFx.
We'll let you know when we know for sure.
How rich they are, where they vacation, who they socialize with.
You name it, we're interested in seeing if it's out there.
All for a good cause.
If you're willing to advise this computer-ignorant reporter, or dig in and get the dope on these volunteers, please contact him at tye nws.
Help especially appreciated from anyone in the BOSTON area.
This showed up in my box in late June, so it should still be going.
I would recommend watching yourselves in any dealings with journalists.
Take it form one who has been burned by the press.
And who has a journalism degree himself.
I don't know if this will get to Dispater or to the new editor.
Since the change in editorship, the proper way to contact Phrack has become sort of a mystery.
The new address wasn't included in Phrack 31.
Anyway, I'm writing to bitch about the quality of 31.
I've got two main beefs: 1.
The article about fake-mail was GREAT until it turned into a "how-to" primer on using the info given to cause damage.
That is exactly the kind of thing that will end up getting you sued.
I have some legal background, and I'm pretty sure that the author of that article and possibly even Phrack itself and its editors are now open to a damn good argument for tortuous negligence if anyone follows the instructions and damages someone on Compuserve, etc.
The argument will go something like, "Phrack set into motion a chain of events that led to my client being damaged.
The article on "Mall Security Frequencies" was copied directly from Popular Communications, Nov.
Hell, that was even their cover story.
Can we say "copyright enfringement?
If I was still practicing, I'd call 'em up and ask their permission to sue on contingency.
It would only take a week and one filed complaint.
Point is, you have opened yourselves up to get sued and lose EASILY.
As much as I've enjoyed reading Phrack over the years, if this new staff continues in this manner, I'll be stuck with back-issues.
Cyber 305 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- To find out more about the anon service, send mail to help anon.
Due to the double-blind system, any replies to this message will be anonymized, and an anonymous id will be allocated automatically.
You have been warned.
Please report any problems, inappropriate use etc.
But to answer your points: 1 As long as there is a first amendment, Phrack will continue to print articles that some may or may not agree with.
Printing the blueprints for an atomic bomb does not make you an accomplice to those who build it and detonate it.
Can we even spell "copyright infringement?
Obviously it must have been guitar, and not law.
Such a litigious society we live in.
Suing Phrack would accomplish nothing.
It would not even hinder its publication.
Since Phrack systems blackjack card counting no money, nothing would be gained.
Even if fined, Phrack could not be forced to sell its computer equipment to pay fines, since this would share blackjack counting chart apologise removing the livelihood of the publisher, thus it would continue its quarterly publication.
Where on Earth did you get such ideas?
You obviously know nothing about lawsuits.
Any lawyer would laugh at the thought of suing Phrack since it would gain nothing financially, and provide such a huge amount of bad publicity that even if a judgement were reached in their behalf it would not be worth it.
Oh wait, you were a lawyer.
Now I know why the past tense.
But you are correct on one point: we cannot print copyrighted material without permission.
You may have noted that last issue among other changes Phrack no longer includes full text of news items without prior permission from the publisher.
That was the ONLY thing that worried me about publishing Phrack, and so I changed it.
We at Phrack welcome constructive criticism, but at least have the nerve to email directly, rather than hide behind an anonymous remailer.
That way, someone could have responded to you in a more direct and expeditious manner.
We use unix and I would be interested in getting a copy of su switch user which looks for the user file passwd.
I don't know much about unix, but I do know it would need to run from my home directory and access the kernel.
Many thanks for any help you may be able to give.
In any case, if anyone would care to draft up this modification to su and send it in I'll print it in the next issue's line noise.
I've attached a writeup of comments; you're welcome to a forward it to him, b shitcan it, or c publish it.
As a result, many simple cryptosystems are continually being reinvented by people who haven't ever made even a simple study of cryptosystems.
Imagine if someone came up to you and said "Wow!
I just found a totally K00L way to send fake mail!
No one's ever thought of it before!
An even more important reason for their 'tude is that cypherpunks are suspicious by nature.
A key principle of crypto is that you can only trust algorithms that have been made public and thoroughly picked over.
Without that public scrutiny, how can you trust it?
The fedz' Digital Signature Standard DSS got raked in the crypto and industry press because the fedz wouldn't disclose details of the algorithm.
Random Hacker has come up with a scheme faster and more secure than, say, RSA.
If JRH won't share the details, no one will use it.
Racketeer goes on to talk about DES.
One important thing to note is that the unix crypt function has NOTHING to do with DES.
Here's part of the SunOS 4.
Methods of attack on such machines are widely known, thus crypt provides minimal security.
It's fairly clear that for a known-ciphertext attack i.
Various schemes for parallel machines and so forth have been posted in sci.
Does the NSA have something that can crack DES?
Remember that DES is mostly used for short-lived session keys.
ATMs are a good example; they typically use a DES key for one communication session with the central bank.
New session, new key.
Now, on to PGP.
Pretty Good Software was indeed threatened with a lawsuit by Public Key Partners PKP.
PKP holds the patent on the RSA public-key algorithm.
Many people, me included, don't think that the patent would stand up in court; so far, no one's tried.
The nice thing about PGP is that it offers IDEA and RSA in a nice package.
When you encrypt a file, PGP generates an IDEA session key, which is then encrypted with RSA.
An opponent would have to either a exhaustively search the entire IDEA key space or b break RSA to decrypt the file without the password.
Racketeer also mentions source PGP can optionally compress files before encryption.
There's a solid crypto reason behind this, too.
One well-known and successful way to attack an encrypted file is to look for patterns of repeated characters.
By compressing files before encrypting them, PGP is moving the redundancy out of the text and into the small dictionary of compression symbols.
I printed a file that was several KBytes short of complete.
I was misinformed, and should have known better than to print a file I should have known was incomplete.
About the other gripes: Rack, care to reply?
I sent the supplied form letter and carbon copied my congressman and senators.
Today I received a reply from the USPS Records Office.
April 1, 1993 Dear Mr.
Rosen: This concerns your recent Privacy Act request for accountings of disclosure of mail forwarding information you have provided to the Postal Service.
Disclosure of your forwarding address might have been made to individual requesters by post offices or to subscribers to the National Change of Address File NCOA by an NCOA licensee.
The NCOA is a consolidated file of all forwarding information provided by postal customers and stored on automated media.
Listholders may subscribe to NCOA to obtain the new addresses of individuals for whom they already have in their possession the old address.
For disclosures made by post offices, we are in the process of querying the Washington, DC postmaster for any accountings.
For disclosures made from the NCOA system, we will begin querying NCOA licensees all of which keep logs identifying the particular subscribers to whom they have given NCOA information.
This accounting will not identify with certainty the subscribers who have in fact received your new address, but will give you a list of all subscribers receiving NCOA service for the relevant time period and thus might have received your address.
Because a large number of requests like yours are being received, there will be a delay in responding.
Requests are being processed in order of receipt and you will be sent the accountings as soon as possible.
Your patience is appreciated.
Amazing that someone in the maze of red tape even thought to make a form letter to respond.
I think I'll demand a disclosure as well.
It was actually made by Dispater and ZIBBY.
I like many others have a large number of problems with the chip and the problems it may bring in the future.
Why should we believe that this algorithm is robust?
For years and years the NSA has backed DES click at this page the encryption standard, when cryptoanalysts have consistently brought its strength into question.
Additionally, the NSA has forced companies to submit their routines for analysis before allowing them to be distributed commercially.
At times they have even requested that the algorithms be purposely weakened we will assume that this was so they could more easily decipher the encrypted data.
With this in mind, why should we now meet anything endorsed by the NSA with anything but suspicion?
And the fact that they refuse to release the algorithm for security reasons even further adds to the suspicion that this chip is either inherently weak and easily broken by the NSA or that there is a backdoor in the algorithm that will allow the NSA to effortlessly view any data encrypted with the Clipper.
Assuming that the government is on the level for onceand they cannot decipher Clipper-encrypted data without legally obtaining keys from the assigned escrow agents.
The idea that the government will have to go before a judge and show just cause for needing the keys pacifies some, but from my own personal experience, the government will always get what they want.
If the Secret Service could get https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/what-is-a-soft-hand-in-blackjack.html search warrant to enter my home based solely upon one posting to an electronic bulletin board, they could certainly obtain the necessary keys needed to decipher my speech.
In fact, most non-technical persons will become needlessly suspicious upon the mere mention of someone using encrypted speech mechanisms and be more easily swayed to release the keys to law enforcement.
Should Clipper be adopted by various government agencies for use, this could have serious trickle-down effects upon the lives of regular citizens.
Let's say the military decides that they will use Clipper.
They will then most likely require their various contractors to use it as well.
Then after continued use, the contractor may begin to tell its other customers to communicate with them using Clipper also.
Usage could grow exponentially as more and more people become comfortable with the use of the secure communications devices until it becomes a defacto standard without any legal pressures to use it ever mandated by Congress.
Should Congress mandate its use in any form, even if only within the government itself, this potentiality will rapidly become reality.
If Clipper eventually receives such accepted use, anyone using any other type of encryption will be immediately suspect.
What do you have to hide?
As the world's computer networks creep ever further into our daily lives, and the speed and power of supercomputers multiplies every year a rather frightening scenario emerges.
Since the government is a major funder of the Internet, who is to say that Clipper won't become the basis for encrypting over its lines?
Imagine if you will, a massively parallel supercomputer, the likes of which may not exist yet, in a special room in Ft.
Meade, or buried underground in New Jersey, that consistently decrypts all communications and sorts it according to communicating parties.
Then through the use of AI, the computer decides whether or not such communication presents a threat "to national security.
The purpose of the NSA allows for such an arrangement.
The advances in computer technology will give the potential for such an arrangement.
If Clipper is tainted, yet accepted, there will be no more privacy in America.
Perhaps my view of the government and their ultimate intentions is way off base.
I sincerely hope so, as I do not want to be forced to take the mark of this beast to conduct my business dealings and to live my life in peace.
In fact, some of it is downright obscure.
Answer the questions, expand the acronyms, explain the numbers.
The five highest scorers by the next issue or the first 5 to get perfect scores win COOL STUFF!
Send your answers to phrack well.
Jourgensen had a hand in.
Slippery forced to locate?
Bonus 1 3 pts Name three bodies of work by Andrew Blake.
Bonus 2 3 pts Name three currently available titles with N.
Bonus 3 4 pts Why would I hate Angel Broadhurst?
He was going to install something.
He should be bak.
Mebbe i should go log em.
Oh hey, I got certbot online.
Ill send it to go log.
Hey, letz deop them and take over the channel.
WAREZZ heh I dunno.
Ill dcc you a filelist.
Whats this one called?
Fuck your list man.
More crackrs have them than we do!
I'm sick of those dicks using my own holes against me!
What is your list about this time?
I wish I got to travel more.
I am gonna be in Ct.
I may want to call their admins.
I have no desire to pay for anything done by hackers That reminds me.
Did anyone subscribe to Phrack?
Who wants on it?
I gotta speech in the morn you are getting old.
Box 50246 Boulder, CO 80321 12.
Pact Press "TERMINAL COMPROMISE" by Winn Schwartau A high tech thriller that comes from today's headlines!
Karen Forcht, James Madison University "Terminal Compromise" is a highly praised novel about the inva- sion of the United States by computer terrorists.
Since it was first published in conventional print form, ISBN: 0-962-87000-5 it has sold extremely well world-wide, but then again, it never hit the New York Times Bestseller List either.
But that's OK, not many do.
Recently, someone we know very well came up with a real bright idea.
They suggested that INTER.
PACT Press take the unprece- dented, and maybe slightly crazy, step to put "Terminal Compro- mise" on the Global Network thus creating a new category for book publishers.
The idea is to offer "Terminal Compromise," and perhaps other titles at NOVEL-ON-THE-NET SHAREWARE tm rates to millions of people who just don't spend a lot of time in book- stores.
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We know that we're taking a chance, but we've been convinced by hackers and phreakers and corporate types and government representatives that putting "Terminal Compromise" on the net would be a fabulous step forward into the Electronic Age, Cyberspace if you will and would encourage other publishers to take advantage of electronic distribution.
It's still in the bookstores, though.
To the best of our knowledge, no semi-sorta-kinda-legitimate -publisher has ever put a complete pre-published 562 page book on the network as a form of Shareware.
So, I guess we're making news as well as providing a service to the world's electronic community.
The recommended NOVEL-ON-THE-NET SHAREWARE fees are outlined later this is how we stay in businessso please read on.
It is being distributed electronically so hundreds of thousands more people can enjoy it and understand just where we are heading with our omnipresent interconnectedness and the potential dangers we face.
PACT Press maintains all copy- rights to "Terminal Compromise" and does not, either intentionally or otherwise, explicitly or implicitly, waive any rights to this piece of work or recourses deemed appropriate.
C 1991, 1992, 1993, Inter.
Schwartau explains complex technology facilely and without condescension.
He makes it clear that the most important assets at risk are America's right to privacy and our democratic ideals.
A potentially catastrophic situation.
TERMINAL COMPROMISE: SYNOPSIS "It's all about the information.
Homosoto promises revenge against the United States before he dies.
His passion- ate, almost obsessive hatred of everything American finally comes to a head when he acts upon his desires.
With unlimited resources, he free blackjack casino style online up with the ultimate way to strike back at the enemy.
Miles Foster, a brilliant 33 year old mathematician apparently isn't exactly fond of America either.
The National Security Agency wanted his skills, but his back- ground and "family" connections kept him from advancing within the intelligence community.
His insatiable - borderline psychotic- sex drive balances the intensity of waging war against his own country to the highest bidder.
Scott Mason, made his fortune selling high tech toys to the Pentagon.
Now as a New York City Times reporter, Mason under- stands both the good and the evil of technology and discovers pieces of the terrible plot which is designed to destroy the economy of the United States.
Tyrone Duncan, a physically huge 50-ish black senior FBI agent who suffered through the Hoover Age indignities, befriends Scott Mason.
Tyrone provides the inside government track and confusion from competing agencies to deal with the threats.
His altruistic and somewhat pure innate view of the world finally makes him do the right thing.
As Homosoto's plan evolves, Arab zealots, German intelligence agents and a host of technical mercenaries find the weaknesses in our techno-economic infrastructure.
Victims find themselves under attack by unseen adversaries; Wall Street suffers debili- tating blows; Ford and Chrysler endure massive shut downs.
From just click for source White House to the Pentagon to the CIA to the National Security Agency and FBI, a complex weaving of fascinating politi- cal characters find themselves enmeshed a battle of the New World Order.
Sex, drugs, rock'n'roll: Tokyo, Vienna, Paris, Iraq, Iran.
Enjoy reading "Terminal Compromise.
The NOVEL-ON-THE-NET SHAREWARE tm fees for us as a publishing company are no different than the fees for software application shareware publishers, and the intent is the same.
So please, let us continue this form of publishing in the future.
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NOVEL-ON-THE-NET SHAREWARE Fees For Businesses: We hope that you put "Terminal Compromise" on your internal networks so that your employees will have the chance to enjoy it as well.
It's a great way to increase security awareness amongst this country's 50,000,000 rank and file computer users.
Plus, it's a hell of a good read.
One company plans on releasing a chapter every few days throughout its E-Mail system as a combination of security aware- ness and employee 'perc'.
Try it; it works and your employees will appreciate it.
Because they'll all talk about it - bringing security awareness to the forefront of discussion.
Would you like us to coordinate a special distribution program for you?
Would you like in Postscript or other visual formats?
Give us a call and simple blackjack strategy odds wizard of see what we can do.
Recognized Educational institu- tions are entitled to use "Terminal Compromise" at NO COST, as long as you register with us that you are doing so.
Please pro- vide: School name, address, etc.
Also, we'd like to hear from you and tell us how it went.
SHAREWARE-NOVEL Fees for Local, State and Federal Governments.
You have the money.
Government employees: You are The People - same fees are appreciated.
GETTING TERMINAL COMPROMISE: You can get your copy of Terminal Compromise from a lot of sites; if you don't see it, just ask around.
Currently the novel is archived at the following sites: ftp.
Details at end of this file.
Feel free to post all five files of "Terminal Compromise" any- where on the net or on public or private BBS's as long as this file accompanies it as well.
Please forward all NOVEL-ON-THE-NET SHAREWARE fees to: INTER.
PACT PRESS 11511 Pine St.
It's not the smartest thing in the world to send cash through the mail.
We are NOT equipped at this point for credit cards.
Remember, "Terminal Compromise is copyrighted, and we will vigor- ously pursue violations of that copyright.
Lawyers made us say it again.
If you ABSOLUTELY LOVE "Terminal Compromise," or find that after 50 pages of On-Screen reading, you may want a hard copy for your bookshelf.
ISBN: 0-962-87000-5 Enjoy "Terminal Compromise" and help us make it an easy decision to put more books on the Global Network.
Thank you in advance for your attention and your consideration.
PACT Press READING "TERMINAL COMPROMISE" "Terminal Compromise" will come to you in one of two ways: 1 Original Distribution Format From Inter.
Pact Press contains only two -2- files.
ME 13,927 Bytes That is this file you are now reading and blackjack pizza prank call an overview of "Terminal Compromise" and how NOVEL-ON-THE-NET Shareware works.
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Run PKUNZIP to expand the file into four -4- readable ASCII files.
We did not address security visit web page associated with classified, secure communications networks used by and for governments.
The study was conducted as part of our ongoing research into the vulnerabilities of various software components of cyberspace.
Our approach was to conduct research through field interviews with a broad range of experts, including people we characterize as "good hackers," about security issues and vulnerabilities of cyberspace and the activities of the international "malicious hacker" community.
While the specific results of the study are proprietary to SRI, this brief report summarizes our general conclusions for the many individuals who kindly participated in our field interviews.
As we indicated during our field interviews, the original research for this project was not part of any other kind of investigation, and we have not revealed the identify of any of our respondents.
The study aimed to understand "malicious hackers," that is, people who have and use the technical knowledge, capability, and motivation to gain unauthorized access, for various reasons, to systems in cyberspace.
It is important to understand that by no means all hackers are malicious nor does most hacking involve unauthorized access to cyberspace systems; indeed, only a small fraction of computer blackjack media group involves such activities but gives hacking an otherwise undeserved bad reputation.
While we attempted to focus on technical software vulnerabilities, our interviews led us to look more at the broader motivations and different approaches to cracking into various networks and networked systems.
MAIN CONCLUSIONS Our main conclusion is that social, organizational, and technological factors still combine in ways that make much of cyberspace relatively vulnerable to unauthorized access.
The degree of vulnerability varies from one type of communications system to another.
In general, the PSTN is the least vulnerable system, the PDNs are somewhat more vulnerable than the PSTN, the Internet is relatively insecure, and as is widely known, the cellular phone system is the most vulnerable of the four major areas we addressed.
The main vulnerabilities in most communications networks involves procedural, administrative, and human weaknesses, rather than purely technical vulnerabilities of network management, control systems, and hardware, and software.
There are technical vulnerabilities--poor system design and specific security flaws in software--but they are mainly exploitable because of the above problems.
Highlights of the study's conclusions include: o Malicious attacks on most networks and networked systems cannot be completely prevented, now or in the future.
More than enough information is publicly available to hackers and other technically-literate people to preclude attempts at prevention of intrusions.
However, security is generally improving as a result of dealing with past threats and challenges to system security.
For instance, responses to the most recent serious threat to the Internet, the so-called Internet Worm in 1989, included improved security at sites vulnerable to this sort of worm.
On the contrary, doing so is inconsistent with the stated ethics and values of the hacker community, which are to explore cyberspace as a purely intellectual exercise without malicious intent or behavior.
Some individuals who operate outside this informal ethical framework, however, can and do damage specific systems and occasionally use systems for personal gain or vindictive activities.
This development could mean that networks and networked systems could become more likely targets for attacks by hardened criminals or governments' intelligence services or their contractors i.
This threat does not appear to be significant today but is a possible future scenario.
They relate more to the ways in which hackers can gain critical information they need in order to exploit vulnerabilities that exist because of poor systems administration and maintenance, unpatched "holes" in networks and systems, and so on.
However, on the Internet and similar systems, software-based access controls for instance, password systems constitute significant problems because of often poor system maintenance and other procedural flaws.
RECOMMENDATIONS Based on our research, we recommend the following: 1.
Protection of organizational information and communications assets should be improved.
Issues here range from those involving overall security systems to training employees and customers about maintenance of security on individual systems, handling and disposition of sensitive printed information, and dealing with "social engineering.
Techniques used to protect physical assets should be improved.
For example, doors and gates should be locked properly and sensitive documents and equipment guarded appropriately.
Organizations and their employees should be made aware of the existence and role of moles in facilitating and enabling hacker intrusions, and care taken in hiring and motivating employees with the mole problem in mind.
Software- and hardware-based vulnerabilities should also be addressed as a matter of course in systems design, installation and maintenance.
Organizations concerned with information and communications security should proactively promote educational programs for students and parents about appropriate computer and communications use, personal integrity and ethics, and legitimate career opportunities in the information industry, and reward exemplary skills, proficiency and achievements in programming and ethical hacking.
Laws against malicious hacking should be fairly and justly enforced.
SRI's believes that the results of this study will provide useful information to both the operators and users of cyberspace, including the hacker community.
We are planning to continue our research in this area during 1993 within the same framework and conditions i.
We invite hackers and others who are interested in participating in this work through face-to-face, telephone or email interviews should contact one of the following members of click to see more SRI project team: A.
After all what does a guy that writes for GQ, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Time know about the computer underground?
Well to my surprise the authors, Paul Mungo and Bryan Clough a member of the Virus Strategy Group, which is coordinated by New Scotland Yard's Computer Crime Unitdid a pretty good job at presenting the facts as they are.
For the first time I heard a reporter and a computer crime expert give real figures at how much computer crime has really cost.
Other than a few minor technical errors and the fact that they fail to mention some people and groups especially in the virus sectionthe book was enjoyable to read.
The book covers the history of the underground starting with its beginnings in the 60's, from phreaking to the adventures of Captain Crunch and the rest of the bunch to the not so long ago Operation Sundevil and the raids all over the country on members of the LOD, MOD and DPAC.
It also goes through the events that led to the German hackers spy trials, and to the new generation of virus writers that are creating the new kind of living organisms that roam cyberspace.
They also discuss the gray scale that categorizes hackers, from the good hackers to the bad to the ones not that bad.
Hopefully all the readers of the book, hackers, security specialists, reporters and the general public will get a better understanding of what motivates hackers to do what they do by learning where they come from.
To the hackers let them learn not to repeat their past errors.
I hope that the time of raids and sting operations has passed, but the late developments in the Washington 2600 meeting have pulled a shadow over my hopes.
Has no one learned?
Have the SS and FBI nothing better to do?
Just a few moths back someone pulled one of the greatest scams of all by see more up a fake ATM click to see more stealing a few thousand dollars.
live action are the kind of people the authorities should be after.
And to the hacker, don't sell yourself!
Remember this is a learning trip, once you start forgetting to learn and start making money out of it, it is just another job, an illegal one at that.
Approaching Zero was an exciting and interesting surprise.
It has given me the hint that maybe someone out there understands and I hope that everyone that reads it and you must, you must read and learn all you can will also understand.
I just leave you with these words: Hacking comes from the heart - sometimes in the form of an obsession, sometimes in the form of a hobby - once that dies, there is nothing left to do.
No more traveling trough the nets!
No more exploring new systems!
You might as well turn the power off.
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For those virus writers out there, use your tallen to create life.
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It has even gotten bad press from fellow hackers.
Included in this file is a security hole the size ofoh, any of the older IBM mainframes.
With a little curiosity, persistence, and down right stubbornness I came across this rather obvious hole in the system.
However, this hole may be so obvious that it has remained relatively hidden until now, especially since the decline of DCL users.
On most VAX systems, there is something called explain files.
These are usually help files that are made up by the system operators or borrowed from somewhere to help better explain the way certain features of the system work, whether they be general VAX commands, or system-specific programs.
go here ahead and take a look around these just to get a feel of what it looks like.
It should be a menu driven list of text files to view or programs to run!!!
Most system operators only set this up to show various text files describing commands like mentioned above.
Now comes the fun.
Many systems will also allow users to set up there own explain file.
A really nice way to make it easy for other users to view text files or run programs that you have set for group or world access.
The first thing someone needs to do is make a file called INTRO.
LKT which will contain whatever introduction text that you would like displayed before your explain file menu is displayed i.
You can use any editor to do this like EDT a line editor or TPU a full screen editor.
Now you must create a file called INDEX.
LKI which will contain the file directories, filenames, and short descriptions of the files that you want to have displayed.
You do this in the same manner as above, by entering an editor, and creating the file.
Now, to explain these three lines.
The first one will look for the program in your main directory.
The second line will look for the program listed after it on the device called Click to see more and in the HACK directory within the AKNIGHT directory.
Adding DCL programs will be explained in a minute, but first lets get this up and https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/stratgie-de-base-blackjack.html />Now, that you have typed in the text files you want, and saved this file you need to set the protection on your main directory and any others that need accessing like the text files to group and world access.
LKT file and then a message along the lines of "Hit to continue".
When you hit return a menu will appear very similar to the normal explain file menu except with your files listed and their descriptions which were accessed by the computer from your INDEX.
It would look like this or something similar in the above example.
{a print out of my INTRO.
B VMS T-A guide to hacking VMS systems.
Now you have an explain file.
I typed out number C the way I did, because when it has to access a directory other than it's main one, it will usually do this.
I think there is away around this, but to be quite honest I haven't bothered figuring it out yet.
When you quit, you will be dropped back off at your main prompt.
The reason you need to set your protections, is because even thought from your account, it may look like it is working, if you don't set your protections as described above, NO ONE else will be able to view it!!
Now, comes the fun part.
COM files into your explain file.
These are put into your index just like any text file.
So you could type up a program to let someone copy the public files you have in your account to their directory, or something similar.
The security flaw comes in here and it is a big click at this page />Since a user is accessing your explain file from their account, any file that they run, issues commands in their account.
Returns them to their main directory.
Their files are now read, write, execute,!
Here is another idea.
Say you create a text reader in DCL, to allow people to jump around in the text files you have, skip pages, etc.
COM in your main directory.
Anytime you can fool people into thinking that the computer is taking a little time to think, you can insert some major commands, i.
Another important command to know is the following which will cause the next text output from the VAX to be sent to a NULL device, so it will essentially be lost and not printed to the screen.
In case, you haven't realized this yet, this all has A LOT of potential, and what I have mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg and really mostly small and even foolish things to do, but the fact comes down to ANYTHING the user can do in their account, YOU can do in there account if you please click for source the right commands and have the patience to nest them into a.
COM file well enough.
When you have created the.
COM file and added it to the INDEX.
You now have it a fully functional explain file that is only held down by your imagination.
Remember, malicious actions aren't the sign of a true hacker, so don't delete a users complete directory just because you want to show of your power.
Most people won't be impressed.
If your a SYSOP, fix this DAMN HOLE!!!
And if your a user well, learn the system quickly, explore, absorb, and discover some other hole before the above SYSOP patches this one.
Well, now your on the net and you're targeting some certain establishment, and you know which part of the net they own, but the hell if you know what the actual IP addresses of their hosts are.
MIL is no help, their records are a year old.
Might as well have been 10 yrs ago.
So you type every possible IP address in.
After a while that shit gets tiring.
Well, hell let the computer do it, that's what its there for.
More speed, no sore fingers, no bitching, and it runs when you're not there.
Program Details ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DCL is the language and it runs on Vaxen.
A,B,C,D respectively represent the starting IP address.
E,F,G,H respectively represent the ending IP address ex.
If you what to start at 4.
The prog game blackjack tutor a data file FINAL.
DAT that holds all successful connections.
If you run it in batch, it also creates a.
This by far takes up most of the memory.
When the program quits, delete it.
This prog is just one big loop.
It finds a good telnet address and then reIFINGERs there, saving it.
Program Changes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you run it in batch, then you might probably have to define where the IFINGER or FINGER program is.
Make sure it is the one for FINGERing remote hosts, the commands for it vary.
Why do you have to define it?
Because the dumb-ass sysop couldn't think of why anyone would want to use it in batch.
Problems ~~~~~~~~ The IFINGER FINGER command might not connect to some hosts from your system.
Why can you TELNET there but no IFINGER?
It all probably has to do with the other host it has tight security, too far away, doesn't support FINGERing, etc.
No Solutions Just one ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You say if I can TELNET to more places than IFINGERing, why not base the scanner on the TELNET command?
Two reasons: 1 the security with the TELNET command requires its output goes to a terminal, never to run in batch; 2 the TELNET command does not give the character address at least not on the system I use.
To have the character address is valuable to me.
The program lists the IP address, the character address, then whatever finger came up with.
When running in batch, the program will quit eventually do to MAX CPU time or exceeded disk quota.
This can be a pain especially if its CPU timeyou can always get more memory.
Try changing the file specifics in the prog, and run many versions of it at once, to get as much cpu time as possible.
For memory, clear your account, or get more of them.
Another problem is when your program has stopped and you have nothing in FINAL.
So where do you start the batch off again?
All I can say is count the number of failed connections and add 'em to your previous start address, start at that address.
More Ideas ~~~~~~~~~~ If you want the net area of an establishment then ftp to NIC.
MIL and get the hosts listing, or TELNET there and search for the name.
Some areas of the net do not like to be scanned.
Your sysop will get nasty calls, and then you will get nasty e-mail if you for instance scan the Army Information Systems Center.
Or any other government org.
Of course, this program wouldn't hurt them at all, it would bounce back.
But they will bitch anyway.
After you run this program for awhile, you'll notice the net is really a big empty place.
Hosts are few and far between at least address wise.
Are you agoraphobic yet?
click the following article do you do with all this room?
It is part of a total revamp of the telephone network, with the telephone companies trying to get people to spend more money on their systems.
CID is just one of the newer CLASS services, which will eventually lead into ISDN in all areas.
Caller-ID allows a receiving party to see the number that is calling before they pick up the phone.
It can be used for everything from pizza delivery to stopping prank callers.
Ah, the wonders of modern technology.
Caller-ID starts by a person making a call.
When the person dials a number, the local switch rings the calling number once, and then sends a specially encoded packet to the number, after checking to see if that caller has access to the Calling Number Delivery service.
The packet can contain any information, but currently it holds a data stream that contains flow control, and error checking data.
The specifications state that several signals can exist, however, only the Caller-ID signal is used currently.
The CID packet begins with a "Channel Seizure Signal".
The CSC is 30 bytes of hex 55, binary 01010101, which is equivalent to 250 milliseconds of a 600 hz square wave.
The second signal is the "Carrier Signal," which lasts for 150 milliseconds, and contains all binary 1's.
The receiving equipment should have been "woken-up" by the previous signal and should now be waiting for the important information to come across.
Next are the "Message Type Word", and the "Message Length Word".
The MLW contains the binary equivalent of the number of digits in the calling number.
The data words come next, in ASCII, with the least significant digit first.
It is padded in from with a binary 0, and followed by a just click for source 1.
A checksum word comes after that, which contains the twos-complement sum of the MLW and data words.
The checksum word usually signals the end of the message from the CO, however, other messages for equipment to decode can occur afterwards.
Caller-ID can usually be disabled with a 3 digit sequence, which can vary from CO to CO.
Several of these have been mentioned in the past on Usenet, in comp.
Caller-ID chips are available from many sources, however, remember that you must connect these chips through an FCC-approved Part-68 Interface.
Several of these interfaces are available, however they are fairly expensive for an amateur electronics hacker.
If you have any more questions on CID, mail me at the above address, or post to comp.
This does NOT give you the right click view or decode premium cable channels; without proper authorization from your local cable TV company.
Federal and various state laws provide for substantial civil an criminal penalties for unauthorized use.
This file will money blackjack apps to give an overview of this network.
The hosts on this network are connected via 9600-baud links.
Among them are: At the time of this writing, several of the machines were unreachable.
They are marked with "No info available" hum - Humboldt State University CDC Cyber 180-830 NOS 2.
You may use CDCNet to connect to the following hosts: ATL SunOS, eis.
From it, you can connecting to most PAD hosts plus a few more.
The extras are: access - Connect to eis.
This is all well and good, but how to you access CSUNet?
It can be reached via Internet, using the Humbolt PACX pacx.
There's a ton more to be said about using this network, but its little quirks and surprises can be left to you to figure out.
What I can do here is give a few hints on using CDCNet and the PAD.
Using the PAD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once you're at the X.
When in doubt, type "help ", or just "help" for a list of subjects that help is available on.
Using CDCNet ~~~~~~~~~~~~ When a CDC Cyber says "You may now execute CDCNet Commands", this is your cue.
His handle is Dr.
When almost everyone was still mystified by Telenet, Dr.
Who was busily exploring Europe's PSN's like PSS and Datex-P.
When the Internet was in its infancy, Dr.
Who was there with an account on BBN.
When the world was short of NUI's, Dr.
Who discovered and perfected Pad-To-Pad.
When the world still thought COSMOS was the end-all-be-all, Dr.
Who was lurking on 1A's.
One of the early LODers and one of the longest lasting.
And to top it all off, a close personal friend.
How elite can you get?
I am probably leaving out some.
How did you get your handle?
From the TV show, of course - I had a hard time defending it from other people, so would sometimes add 413my home area code, to identify which one I was.
Skinny Puppy was from the band of course, and Saint Cloud was from the location of a system I was playing with, in France.
How did you get started?
But lusted after the TRS-80 model-I when I used it at Radio Shack.
I finally got a computer in 1981 when I was in 9th grade.
I took to programming instantly, and within a few months had a reputation as the best programmer blackjack pizza prank call my school.
In a 1982 "Popular Communications" magazine article, I discovered the world of loops and test tones and started playing with those.
I later tried to make free phone calls by using a tape recorder as a red box but failed, looking back probably due to inadequate volume.
The seeds had been planted.
I wanted all sorts of software, but I had no money, and my parents wouldn't buy very much.
One computer-club meeting, someone brought in about 15 disks of pirated software, and I had a chance to copy about 4 disks.
They guy told me about pirate BBSs, and people trading software.
In a few of the games I copied, there were numbers to different BBSes, and when I was at a friends house on Cape Cod in the summer of 1983, we used his 300 baud acoustic modem to call them.
I remember calling Pirate's Harbor in Boston, and I think we called Pirate-80.
I wanted a modem badly, but they were too expensive.
I convinced a friend to split the cost with me, and on January 2, 1984 my networker modem arrived.
I was becoming obsessed with being on the modem, and on the computer in general.
I was never a good student, and my parents and teachers found a way, they thought, to entice me to do my homework - hold computer usage over my head.
But this just succeeded in making me sneak access when no one was looking - during lunch at school, or when my parents went shopping at home.
Soon they locked the computer room the den, really when they left, but I used a ladder to get in to the second story window until I had a copy of the key.
To this day I think if they let me indulge myself in my interest, I would have become a much more normal computer geek, and done better in school.
My inhibitions in breaking the law melted away because it interfered with my enjoyment of knowledge - had there been opportunities to pursue this avocation without breaking the law, I probably would have done so.
A hacker was born.
What are your interests?
Women: Tall, thin, brainy, blue eyes.
It seems as though I attract all the psychos.
Right now, I am FREE of any relationships and haven't decided whether I am enjoying it or not.
Cars: Cars are the greatest things.
I got my license later than most people, and have learned to enjoy the freedom wheels bring, especially for someone who lives in a rural area.
Right now, I own two cars, one running barely and entirely generic, the other one very unique, beautiful, and broken.
The story of my life!
Not a vegetarian in the least.
But don't eat much, I am too busy.
I survive on Coffee.
Music: I have been 'alternative' for a while now, kind of Gothic, sometimes I dress that way, sometimes I don't.
Favorite bands: Joy Division, Skinny Puppy, old Cure, but I have been starting to like Techno more and also Classical.
Favorite authors: Ayn Rand, Ann Rice, Robert Anton Wilson, George Orwell, Douglas Adams, J.
Ballard Favorite Book: Atlas Shrugged Favorite Movies: Brazil, 1984, The Holy Grail, Heathers, Blade Runner, Max Headroom, Slacker, Subway, Drowning by Numbers, Dune Favorite TV: Doctor Who of courseThe Avengers, Miami Vice, Hawaii Five-O What am I?
What are some of your most memorable experiences?
My parents called up my high-school and left a message for me to call home immediately.
When I did, they informed me that the Secret Service and TRW Hi Mr.
Braum had been more info our house and removed everything.
A nosy neighbor saw the whole incident, and within days our entire town knew about the raid.
Some three and a half years later they pressed charges.
So much for due process and right to a speedy trial.
Expecting to meet Mark Tabas but meeting his father instead.
Tabas had run away from home, and his parents found some notes indicating that he might turn up in New York at Eddie's for the TAP meeting.
Tabas' dad hopped on a plane to NYC, rented a car and staked out the meeting.
Everyone inside, already convinced that they were under surveillance, became very aware that they were being watched by some guy in a suit and a rental car.
Eventually, he came inside and asked if anyone knew where Tabas was.
We said "Who wants to article source />Tabas was not even in New York.
The whole summer of 1985 - staying at home, hacking and loving being a https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/free-blackjack-card-counting-games.html geek.
Four days straight on an Alliance Teleconference once, being woken up each morning by blasts of touch-tone!
Philadelphia Cons, back in 86.
McD: Becoming an XRAY Technician.
Wallpapering my room with Sprint Foncard printouts Most of the rest of my most memorable experiences are in my love life, which is none of your business!
Also memorable were The Legion of Doom, Osuny, WOPR, Black Ice, and lots more.
My favorite boards were the ones where there was a lot of activity, and a lot of trust between the users.
While a board that doesn't crash all the time is important, an expensive computer does not a good board create.
There are a lot of people who I would like to mention that have helped me greatly and who I have known for a very long time: Lex Luthor - Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people AREN'T out get you.
Mark Tabas - He really does look like Tom Petty.
Bill from RNOC - Should sell used cars.
RC Modeler - I hold you wholly blackjack pizza prank call for the Clashmaster incident : Tuc - Well, he's just Tuc.
What else can you say?
X-Man - Is he an FBI agent yet?
Karl Marx - Only person I know with his own dictionary entry.
Next: the social register.
Bigchip - Who is that?
I'm sure you are all asking The Videosmith - see entry for Luthor, L.
Parmaster - Should have followed Lex's advice.
Kerrang Kahn - His accent is finally gone.
Terminal Man - So long and thanks for all the codes.
This man knew The Condor?
The Marauder - Has taken up permanent residence on IRC.
Shatter, Pad, Gandalf - PSS Junkies.
What those guys wouldn't do for an NUI.
New York - Don't Mess With Texas Everyone Else - Sorry I couldn't think of anything clever to say.
One I would like single out is Erik Bloodaxe, who I have known over the phone for 9 years now, but will meet for the first time at this year's Summercon, if I get there.
How do you see the future of the Underground?
It's not going to go away.
There will always be new challenges.
There are always new toys for curious minds.
There may be a split into several different, only partially interlocking 'undergrounds' involving different types of technological playing.
In spite of Caller-ID and advanced security functions of the new digital switches, there will still be many ways to phreak click to see more the phone system: taking advantage of the old Crossbars in remote areas, and by finding some of the 'pheatures' in new switches.
Hacking on the Internet will always be around despite who controls the net, though I am sure there would be a lot more destructive hacking if the mega-corporations take it over.
Security of systems is more a social problem than a technological one, there is always a segment of the population that is gullible, stupid, or corrupt.
There will always be some smartass out there making trouble for the Organization.
Constantly evolving systems and brand new systems will present security holes forever, though they may be harder to understand as the systems grow more complex.
With more computers networked there will be a lot more to play with.
Socially, I am worried about the huge wars that have developed, LOD v.
While hackers have always been contentious, as well they should be, the ferocity of attacks has me somewhat stunned.
I will leave out blames and suggestions here, but I will just make the observation that as any community grows large in size, the intimacy that it enjoys will be diminished.
When the underground was small, isolated, and revered as black magicians by outsiders, it was as though we were all part of some guild.
Now that there are many life blackjack people who have knowledge of, and access to, the hacker community, there is little cohesiveness.
I see this getting worse.
The solution may be tighter knit groups.
But an outbreak of wars between mega-gangs could be a real catastrophe.
The cyberpunk aesthetic seems to have captivated the underground.
Some people have to be aware that the community was here before William Gibson was patron saint, and that most of us still can't successfully "rustle credit" - which means this is a hobby, not a profession.

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Eric David Harris April 9, 1981 - April 20, 1999 After Eric and his friend Dylan Klebold entered Columbine High School, killed 12 students and a teacher, and injured 23 people, they shot themselves to death in the school library.
I the shooting, This web page used a sawed-off shotgun and a Hi-Point semiautomatic rifle.
They had also hidden several bombs around on the school, but luckilly many of them didn't go off.
In the garage of Eric's house the police found bomb making equipment, and they also confiscated a computer and some written notes.
His diary it shows that the crime was well-planned, the diary dates back to April, 1998, blackjack card counting 1 deck they had already started the planning of the shooting.
After Eric had been identified as one of those responsible for the shooting, his family said they were devasted.
They also issued a statement where they called the rampage a senseless tragedy.
The family ask the blackjack pizza prank call to pray for everyone touched by the shootings.
The statement expresses the family's sympathy for the victims, their families and the Columbine High School community.
As the one-year anniversary of the shooting approaches, the family of both gunmen have issued separate statements.
This is Wayne and Kathy Harris' statement: We continue to be profoundly saddened by the suffering of so many that has resulted from the acts of our son.
We loved our son dearly, and search our souls daily for some glimmer of a reason why he would have done such a horrible thing.
What he did was unforgivable and beyond our capacity to understand.
The passage of time has yet to lessen the pain.
We are thankful to those who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers.
Friends describe him as smart, kind and computer savvy.
They also said that he never was accepted on the school, because he was quite odd and didn't fit in.
Eric and Dylan met eachother in seventh or eight grade at Ken Caryl Middle School.
Before that, Eric had moved a lot around in the country with his family, because of his father's job in the military.
Eric was forced to start over to make friends often.
But when his father retired in 1993, he moved his family back to his native Colorado.
When the family lived in N.
But he was a timid player who wouldn't swing when it was his turn to bat, Terry Condo, his Little League coach in Plattsburgh, N.
It struck me as him really wantng to fit in".
In Colorado, Wayne, Kathy, Kevin Eric's big brother and Eric Harris rented a house a few blocks south of Columbine.
The girl next door, Sarah Pollock, used to walk with Eric to school.
She told her mother that Eric was "preppy and dork", but oherwise nice and polite.
At age 14, Eric started at his freshman year at Columbine High School together with Dylan.
They were good friends with their other classmates, and fit in to the environment.
Eric felt mistreated at school, especially by a small group of jocks athletesand he felt ignored by teachers and administrators.
It was in this period of his life that Eric and Dylan started hanging out with a group who's members was united by their differences.
This angry and rebellious group would later become known all over the U.
People said they always wore black trenchcoats, therefore the name.
Classmate Ryan Whisenhut could never figure out why Eric liked him when they were freshmen, then wouldn't talk to him when their sophomore year started.
This pattern he would repeat to all his former friends.
And Dylan remained loyal to Eric to the very end.
Eric and Dylan started to work at a local pizza joint, Blackjack Pizza, at the end of their sophomore year.
A lot of people say they don't like school.
I said it all the time.
It just shoots up.
We stole a cone one time when they did road construction in the parking lot.
We would see how high we coul shot the cone.
The manager wrote him up and told him to never do that again.
Shortly afterward, Dylan quit Blackjack.
Kim and Sara grew closer to Eric.
He complained that some jocks were bullying him.
Sara never witnessed any taunting, but she did see classmates give Eric weird looks.
She thought it was because of how he dressed.
The boy who wore khaki when he started at Blackjack now draped himself in black cargo blackjack pizza erie colorado and black T-shirts.
Kim and Sara couldn't understand why their classmates didn't like Eric.
He would call Sara "Ohzay BooBoo", a phrase he had gotten from the movie "Ace Ventura -Pet Detective".
When Eric got his senior pictures taken and whined about how stupid he looked, Kim and Sara cooed about blackjack pizza prank call cute he was and helped him choose prints.
When Eric harped that girls wouldn't have anything to do with him, Kim and Sara invited him to hang out with them.
Sometimes he went bowling, but many times he refused, telling them he thought he wouldn't fit in.
Eric did join Kim and Sara and their friends' homecoming night of their junior year.
They had skipped the school dance for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Denver.
When they arrived to pick up Eric, they had to wait 10 minutes until his mother came home.
He worked with Nate Dykeman at Tortilla Wraps.
He wanted to save some money to buy a new computer.
Eric's employer raved: "He was a real nice kid", David Cave said.
He was kind of quiet, but everyone got along with him.
One was Susan Klebold, the otehr one was Columbine English teacher Jason Webb, one of his favorite teachers.
Webb", classmate Jeni LaPlante said.
Webb a Christmas present.
Most of them outgrew that hobby, Eric never did.
article source nickname, Reb, was inspired by a character in one of his favorite computer games, Doom.
Family story Eric's father, Wayne Nelson Harris, was a Colorado native.
He was attending Englewood High School, Class of 1966.
According to his former classmates, he was a quiet and smart boy.
Wayne's father, Walter, worked as a valet at the Brown Palace Hotel.
His mother, Thelma, stayed home with Wayne and his older sister, Sandra.
Eric's mother, Katherine Ann Pool, was also a Colorado native.
She attended George Washington High School, Class of 1967.
Her father, Richard Pool, was retired military, and ran a hardware store on Holly Street in southeast Denver.
The Pools still live in the more info where Katherine and her two sisters grew up.
Wayne and Katherine had a church wedding at First Presbyterian in Englewood on April 17, 1970.
Three years later, Wayne joined he Air Force and it was off to Okalhoma for pilot training.
Wayne and his wife criss-crossed the country, Washington, Kansas, Ohio.
Their first child, Kevin, was born in 1978 in Washington.
Eric David came along three years later while the family was stationed in Wichita, Kansas.
At his 20-year high school reunion, Wayne Harris wrote that have what are craps dice made of and goal was to "raise to good sons".
The highlight og his life, according to the reunion questionnaire, had been the birth of his boys.
Katherine Harris stayed home when Kevin and Eric were young, busying herself with military-wives luncheons, volunteer projects and school functions.
Former friends in military towns describe Eric as a good kid.
And cute, always cute.
By the time Wayne Harris retired from the Air Force, he'd risen to the rank of major and tackled some prestigous assignments as a test pilot and flight instructor.
He earned a Meritorious Servic Medal for his work on B-1 bombers.
Then, like many military bases in the early 1990's, Plattsburgh Air Force Base in New York closed.
In 1993, after 20 years of military life, Wayne and Katherine returned to Colorado.
Wayne got a job at Flight Safety Services, an Englewood company that makes military flight simulators.
Katherine was hired by Everything Goes, an Englewood caterer.
At first they rented an apartment.
Wayne and Katherine drilled the value of homework and hard work into the boys.
Kevin Hofstra, who hung around Eric mostly in middle school, said Eric and his brother Kevin always had to do homework before they could goof off.
Sport was a big thing in the Harris family.
Sunday afternoon football on TV, Wayne coaching Kevin's rec-league basketball team.
Eric sometimes took off work when Sparky got sick.
At some point in high school, Eric's parents realized their son had problems more serious than they alone could fix.
They took him to a psychiatrist, who prescribed Luvox, an antidepressant used to treat obsessive-compulsive blackjack pizza prank call />Eric's bedroom was in the basement.
His shelves were lined with boxes of old firecrackers and a collection of miniature cars.
A poster with one of his favorite musical groups, KMFDM, was taped to the ceiling.
Another band Eric liked was Rammstein, a German band.
Eric studied German, and used to translate the songs to his friends.
KMFDM and Rammstein feature music with brooding and violent lyrics that Eric often copied and sent out to friends through the internet.
School In their senior year, Eric and Dylan went for some pretty cerebral subjects: psychology and creative writing.
One theme dominated Eric's homework assignments: guns.
As part of Eric's government and economics class, students marketed a product and made a video of it.
His product was the Trench Coat Mafia Protection Service", classmate Matt Cornwell said.
Some people did Hit Man For Hire.
Most of them were funny.
This wasn't funny at all.
After it was over, everybody was like, 'Whoa, that was weird'".
Once in creative writings class, students were asked to describe themselves as an inanimate object.
Eric chose a shotgun and a shell.
But Brooks Brown, a classmate and a friend of Eric's, doubts that Eric took the assignment seriously.
Although some students in the class adored the teacher, Judy Kelly, they said Eric clearly felt superior to her.
Kelly was concerned enough about Eric's papers to talk to his parents at a parent-teacher conference in March.
Wayne Harris had justified his son's fascination with weapons by saying he had been in the military and Eric hoped to join the Marines.
But then there was the dream.
To psychology teacher Tom Johnson, Eric's dream wasn't much weirder than a lot of others that landed on his desk.
Eric and Dylan was in class together in fifth period, after lunch.
They would show up early, sit side-by-side and talk openly with other kids in the small, friendly class.
Dream analysis was optional.
Students would type up a recent dream and hand it in.
No names, no grades.
But the class blackjack pizza prank call out which one was Eric's because it had so many references to "me and Dylan".
Guns were involved, and the continue reading was somewhat violent.
But at the time it seemed fairly normal in the surrealistic dream world.
But it didn't strike me as being particularly obsessive or compulsive", Johnson said.
To him, Eric wasn't much different in his senior year, just more gothic, longer hair and darker clothes.
But Eric was still motivated and worried about grades.
He had a 99 percent.
After graduating at Columbine, Eric had no spesific plans on what to do.
Though he was smart, and could have gotten into a good college, he had thought about joining the military like his father and grandfather, who was a World War II veteran.
Eric told friend that he wanted join the Marines to pursue the toughest challenges, to prove himself.
But the Marine Corps recruiter told the family that Eric could not be a Marine because he was taking the drug Luvox.
He told them that Eric had to be Luvox-free for six months before trying out again for the Marines.
Friends Brooks Brown had been a friend of Eric's for several years when Eric suddenly started to behave weirdly.
Eric had blamed Brooks for vandalizing a classmate's house.
Someone had toilet-papered tree, set a bush on fire and glued the locks.
But Judy Brown, Brooks' mother, knew her son had been home that night.
Judy and Randy Brown are the kind of parents who know a lot about their kids' lives.
Brooks used to tell his mother everything, and what he didn't tell her, she mamaged to find out.
Judy talked to the homeowner whose house had been vandalized and she called deputies and told them Eric was responsible.
The deputies said they would talk to Eric's parents.
One day as Brooks was driving by the bus stop near his house, Eric threw a chunk of ice, breaking his windshield.
Brooks told his mother, who immediately drove to the bus stop and confronted Eric.
She got his backpack and told him she was going to talk to his mother.
He grabbed onto her car, screaming, his face turning red.
He reminded her of an animal attacking a vehicle at a wild-animal park.
Katherine Harris was in her driveway when Judy Brown pulled up.
Judy can still recall the plaid flannel shirt she was wearing.
Katherine's eyes were teared up when Judy described Eric's behavior.
Later that day, Brooks talked to Katherine, too, telling her that Eric had been slipping out of the house at night, pulling pranks and setting off fireworks.
Wayne Harris called the Browns.
Your son is terrifying.
Your son is violent.
He waited in the car while Eric went inside.
But in March 1998, Brooks came hom from Columbine one day.
He said a friend ahd tipped him about a web-site Eric had made.
The friend was Dylan Klebold.
What the Browns read on the Web page terrified them.
Eric threatened to kill Brooks, stab meteorologists who had made wrong predictions with broken baseball bats, and take a shotgun to anyone who blocked his path in the hallways.
If I don't like you or I don't like what you want me to do, you die.
God I can't wait till I can kill you people.
Now our only problem is to find the place that will be ground zero.
Dylan was one of the sweetest kids they knew.
They figured Dylan stand bust blackjack or never let Eric get really violent.
In Brooks' senior year, he found himslef in two classes with Eric.
The this web page hadn't talked in more than a year.
They decided to patch things up, mostly for Dylan's sake.
That way, Eric could go along if Brooks invited Dylan for a smoke.
Dylan wouldn't feel torn between his two friends.
Brooks shook his family up one night when he announced at the dinner table that he and Eric were friends again.
Judy Brown looked at her son in disbelief.
Brooks didn't believe her.
In their creative writing class, he even volunteered to read one of Eric's essays.
Girls and dating Eric asked many girls out, but many of them said "no".
Brenda Parker said "yes".
They met eachother at Southwest Plaza in late January 1998, in Eric's junior year.
Eric and Dylan were hanging around there, and they ended up talking about what they were doing that night.
Cruising in her 1996 Mustang, Brenda said.
That night, Eric drove to Westminster, where Brenda lived.
Brenda would turn 23 in three weeks.
Only she didn't know that.
When he talked about school, she didn't know he meant Columbine.
She thought he meant a community college.
They went to Bandimere Speedway.
She thought he was nice.
He bought her Mountain Dews.
Eric taught Brenda in the picture how to download Doom and other computer games, and how to use the Internet.
Eric liked to visit her Westminster apartment because she lived alone.
Sometimes Dylan came along, but he rarely said a word.
Once, Eric called Brenda late and whispered for her to come get him, that he was going to sneak out of the house.
Then blackjack pizza prank call drove to Dylan's house and picked him up.
The trio drove up to the mountains and drank.
They decided to spend the night in her Mustang because they were worried about drinking and driving.
Eric was a little tipsy and we went for a walk and it was really dark.
He was holding on to me and he tripped and he took me with him", Brenda said.
She described their brief relationship as a "friendship but more than a friendship".
One of the reasons it ended was because Eric was grounded and couldn't get away yo see her much.
Brenda thinks the last time she saw Eric was about five months before the shootings.
They met at the Macaroni Grill in Westminster.
In early 1999, Brenda came home to find three messages from Eric on her answering machine.
He kept calling back because her machne cut him off.
There's something we need to talk about.
I'll be 18 in three months.
But it was something else that prompted Brenda to call right away.
He had left some Rammstein CD's at her house.
He told her she could have them because he wouldn't be needing them anymore.
She wanted to see if he was all right.
And she also wanted to make sure he click to see more clear about their relationship.
Eric couldn't find a date for the evening, he asked a few girls, but they turned him down.
So he made some plans with a girl he had talked to at Blackjack the night before, Susan DeWitt.
She came to his house, and they watched a video, and then Susan went home, blackjack uk Eric met Dylan and some other friends and their dates to an after-prom party.
Everyone he talked to that night said he seemed normal.
On the other side of the law While in their junior year, Eric and Dylan bumbled as thieves.
Sitting in Eric's gray Honda Prelude, they were listening to a real money online blackjack usa CD.
Bored, they set off some fireworks and broke some bottles.
But they were still bored.
Afterwards, the police got different versions of what happened next: From Dylan: "Almost at the same time, we both got the idea of breaking into this white van.
At first I was very uncomfortable and questioning with the thought", was Eric's version of the events.
They hauled a briefcase, electrical gear and sunglassesout of the van, then took off in Eric's car.
They parked off Deer Creek Canyon Road to check out the loot.
Minutes later, a Jefferson County sheriff's deputy confronted them.
Both insisted they found the property stacked by the roadside.
Yeah, right, thought the blackjack pizza prank call />They were arrested, charged with theft, criminal mischief and criminal trespassing and then released to their none-too-happy parents.
They both insisted this was their first crime.
Their fathers were there, and backed them up.
Eric and Dylan were sent to a diversion program, a mix of community service and counseling.
When John DeVita chose the https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/blackjack-roofing-tar.html, he had no idea that Jefferson County detectives had just received information about other criminal activities by Eric and dylan.
No one had bothered to forward him the report, which contained, among other things, information of that they were sneaking out at night and setting off homemade bombs.
The detectives knew this because of Eric bragged about it in a web site filled with his viperous writings.
Just days cool gifts the hearing, Judy Brown, the mother of Brooks Brown, had turned over a transcripf of Eric's Web site.
But noone cared about her.
Two months after this was written, was April 20th.
Preparation When Eric's friend Brenda saw Eric the last time, about five moths before the shootings, she said that he looked "really bummed out".
He kept calling and wanting to see me but I didn't want to because I had a boyfriend at the time", she said.
I asked about what and he wouldn't tell.
In December, they bought three guns, a Hi Point 9mm carbine rifle and two shotguns, at a gun show.
Robyn already had turned 18, and Dylan and Eric apparently thought they needed her along.
Actually, at 17, either of them could have bought the guns from an unlicensed dealer at a gun show.
Robyn has said she figured Dylan and Eric wanted the guns for hunting, or maybe they were collectors.
To her, these were just cool guys she had fun with.
They gave her cash.
She showed the seller her driver's license.
They got their guns.
About a month later, Eric and Dylan went to another gun show.
They met up with one of their Blackjack buddies, Philip Duran, and his friend, Mark Manes.
Philip knew Eric and Dylan were scouting another gun.
He put them in touch with Mark, who owned a TEC-DC9 semiautomatic pistol.
Monday, April 19 Eric and Dylan ditched their second to last class of the day with two other classmates, Brooks Brown and Becca Heins.
They decided to go to McDonald's for lunch, but first Eric and Dylan had to drop by Eric's house.
They told Brooks and Becca that they would meet them at McDonald's.
Later that day, neighbours heard glass breaking and explosive sounds from Wayne and Kathy Harris' garage.
Eric asked Mark manes to buy ammo for the semiautomatic pistol, although Eric was old enough to buy it himself.
That night, Eric drowe the few blocks to Mark's house to get the ammo.
Thy talked infront of the Manes' house.
Mark asked if he planned to go target shooting in the night.
Eric told him no, he needed blackjack pizza prank call ammo for the next day.
Tuesday, April 20 Eric and Dylan skipped the classes they had before lunch.
foxwoods daily blackjack tournament Brown, who had walked outside for a cigarette, saw Eric and confronted him in the parking lot, telling him he was an idiot for missing an important test that morning.
Get out of here.
According to Eric's diary, the plan had been to kill at least 500 people at the school.
Luckilly, many of the homemade bombs thay had placed in the cafeteria never exploded, and their weapons jammed repeatedly.
In the end, Eric and Dylan returned to the library, where 10 of the fatally injured victims were.
Art teacher Patti Nielson, hiding in a cabinet, heard voices in unison count: "One!
Eirc and Dylan died next to each other.
In his diary, Eric wrote: "My belief is that if I say something, it goes.
I am the law.
Feel no remorse, no sense of shame.
If anyone have the copyright on anything here, pleaseand I will remove it.

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How a teen misfit's hate turned into murder | World news | The Guardian
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Eric David Harris April 9, 1981 — April 20, 1999 and Dylan Bennet Klebold ; September 11, 1981 — April 20, 1999 were an American duo who killed 13 people and wounded 24 others on April 20, 1999 at in .
Harris and Klebold simultaneously committed in the library, where they had killed ten of their victims.
This became known as the.
Harris and Klebold were at the school, making the attack just weeks before the pair were due to graduate.
The has called them "cultural icons" for disenfranchised youth.
Harris and Klebold's shooting spree still remains one of the most infamous shootings in history.
The shooting would also go on to cause a massive moral panic in society, leading more schools to implement.
While Klebold stayed situated all of his life in Colorado, Harris moved around frequently due to his father being a transport pilot.
Harris finally settled in in 1993, when his father was forced to retire.
Harris and Klebold blackjack training drills met sometime while they were in the 7th grade at Ken Caryl Middle School.
Over time, they became increasingly close.
By the time they were juniors, they were described as inseparable.
There are differing reports: some say Harris and Klebold were very unpopular students and frequent targets of bullying, while others say they weren't near the bottom of the school's social hierarchy and each had many friends.
The pair were known to have near theme tu 160 blackjack supersonic bomber something personalities.
Harris was described by his peers as more outgoing andwhile Klebold was known to be more quiet and shy.
They were both arrested in January 1998 for breaking into a van and stealing equipment.
They got into ato help the boys stay out of any more trouble by going to frequent meetings with their psychiatrists and doing community service, while expunging their if they passed, which they successfully did at the beginning of 1999.
From their journal entries, Harris and Klebold had seemed to begin planning the attack by May 1998.
Throughout the next year, Harris and Klebold meticulously built explosives and gathered an arsenal of weapons.
The pair left behind many journal writings and home videos, foreshadowing the massacre and explaining their actions, with what they hoped to achieve.
They would often cite the 1995 as an inspiration and as a goal to surpass the bombing's casualties.
After the massacre, it was widely believed Harris and Klebold were part of a in school called the "Trenchcoat Mafia", a group of misfits in the school who supposedly rebelled against the jocks.
Although this turned out to be untrue, as neither Harris or Klebold had any affiliation with the group.
Others attributed bullying, mental illness or poor parenting to the attack.
The answer proved not to be simple thought blackjack guide mwo did investigators, but the pair's journals and recordings gave insight into Harris and Klebold's mindsets.
The concluded that Harris was a broodingwho showed in his journal writings a lack of empathy, and unconstrained aggression.
Klebold, however, was concluded as an angry.
Klebold showed in his journal writings great agony and feeling of no self-worth, who wanted to get revenge on those who did him wrong.
Since neither Harris or Klebold were diagnosed with any mental disorders prior to the attack, it is unclear if they suffered from any mental illness.
Klebold's mother believes the pair had a "magnetic attraction" to one another.
The FBI's conclusion is often disputed, such as people arguing Harris was also depressed because he took the anti-depressant ; and Klebold was the first to mention a killing spree in a 1997 journal entry.
The for the attack remains inconclusive.
Harris and Klebold have had a significant impact onwith the pair often through movies, television shows, video games, music, stage plays, documentaries and books.
Many killers since the Columbine massacre from the two, hailing them as heroes, icons and martyrs.
Harris and Klebold also have a fanbase who call themselves "Columbiners", who make blog posts, and on them.
Others have also dressed as Harris and Klebold for or.
Eric Harris Eric David Harris was born on April 9, 1981 in .
Eric's parents were both born in Colorado but while his father Wayne Harris was working in the Air Force as a transport pilot, Wayne held 11 different positions at six different bases inand.
His mother, Katherine Ann Poole, was a.
The family moved to, in July 1993.
The Harris family lived in rented accommodations for the first three years that they lived in the Littleton area.
While Harris was in 7th grade, he met Dylan Klebold.
In 1996, the Harris family purchased and settled at a house south of Columbine High School.
Eric's older brother, Kevin, attended college at the.
Harris entered Columbine High School in 1995 as a freshman.
Columbine had just gone through a https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/blackjack-chips-set.html renovation.
From all accounts, he had many friends and was on the soccer team for his freshman and sophomore year.
Harris, during his freshman year, met Tiffany Https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/blackjack-online-free-with-other-players.html, who was in his German class.
Typer later recounting Harris quickly wooed her.
Harris asked her to homecoming and she accepted.
After the event, it appeared that Typher click no longer interested in seeing Harris anymore.
It is unknown why Typer was reluctant to be with Harris anymore.
So, when she refused to go out with him again, Harris staged a fake 'suicide', sprawling on the ground with fake blood splashed all over him.
She was screaming for help then Harris and his friends began laughing and Typher stormed off, yelling at Harris to get help.
Dylan Klebold Dylan Bennet Klebold was born on September 11, 1981 in to Thomas and.
His parents were and attended a church with their children.
Both Klebold and his older brother, Byron, attended classes in accordance with the.
As had been cannery blackjack tournament case with his older brother, Klebold was named after a renowned poet.
At the family home, the Klebolds also observed some rituals in keeping with Klebold's maternal grandfather's heritage.
Klebold attended Normandy Elementary School for first and second grade and then transferred to Governor's Ranch Elementary School where he was part of the CHIPS Challenging High Intellectual Potential Students program for gifted children.
He appeared somewhat sheltered according to reports at Governors Ranch Elementary.
When he transitioned to Click to see more Caryl Middle School, he found it very difficult because he was a shy individual.
During his earlier school years, Klebold played T-ball, baseball and soccer.
He was in Cub Scouts with friend Brooks Brown, whom he was friends with since the first grade.
Brown lived near the house Harris' parents had bought when they finally settled in Littleton, and rode the same bus as Harris.
Shortly after, Harris introduced Klebold to his friend Nathan Dykeman, who also attended their middle school, and they all became a tight-knit group of friends.
Personalities Harris and Klebold were described, by people that knew them, as almost having opposite personalities.
Both boys were known to be highly intelligent, especially with computers.
Harris and Klebold were enrolled in a few tech related classes during their tenure at Columbine High School.
Harris was described as very nice and likeable when growing up, who often hugged his female classmates and on one occasion even gave his favorite teacher a Christmas present.
Many adults even referred to Harris as.
Harris often secretly bragged about his ability to deceive other people, once stating in a tape that he could make anyone believe anything.
Despite people's great remakes on Harris's personality, this didn't last.
By his junior year, Harris was also known to be ill-tempered.
Many people noticed this odd change in his behavior.
Unlike before, Harris would be angry with everyone and seemed that no one was good enough for his standards.
This seemed more evident by his journal entries, which included Harris ranting about all kinds of groups of people, based on race, sex, sexual orientation and social status.
Meanwhile, Klebold was described by his peers as painfully shy and quiet.
Although some people said he became more outgoing as he got older.
Judy Brown, mother of Brooks, said her son and Klebold were younger, that Klebold was the shyest child she had ever met.
Klebold would often be fidgety whenever someone new talked to him, rarely opening up to people.
However, like Harris, Klebold was prone to angry outbursts and was known to have had verbal altercations with his teachers and his boss at.
Unlike Harris, not many people had been worried about Klebold, as many people have stated that Klebold's personality stayed mostly consistent throughout high school.
Friendship Much of the information on Harris and Klebold's friendship is unknown, on their interactions and conversations, aside from the Basement Tapes, which only transcripts have been released of.
Harris and Klebold met at Ken Caryl Middle School during their seventh grade year.
Over time, they became increasingly close, hanging out by often going out bowling, carpooling and playing the video game over a private server they connected their personal computers to.
By their junior year in high school, the boys were described as inseparable.
Chad Laughlin, a close friend of Harris and Klebold, said that they always sat alone together at lunch and often kept to themselves.
A rumor eventually started that Harris and Klebold were and romantically involved, but it is unknown if they were aware of this rumor.
Judy Brown believed Harris was more emotionally dependent on Klebold, who was more liked by the broader student population.
Although, seemingly from Klebold's journals, Klebold felt that he wasn't loved or accepted by the general student population.
Due to this, Klebold possibly sought validation from Harris.
Klebold's mother believes Harris's rage and hatred for society, intermingled with Klebold's poor self-esteem and wanting to die, caused the boys to feed off of each other and enter in what eventually would become an infernal friendship.
Columbine High School At Columbine High School, Harris and Klebold were active in school play productions, operated video productions and became computer assistants, maintaining the school's computer server.
According to early accounts of the shooting, they were very unpopular students and targets of.
While sources do support accounts of bullying directed toward Harris and Klebold, accounts of them being outcasts have been reported to be false, since both of them had a close knit group of friends.
Harris's father erroneously stated that his son was "a member of what they call the Trenchcoat Mafia" in a call he made on April 20, 1999.
Klebold attended the high school three days before the shootings with a classmate named Robyn Anderson.
The read article linked their personal computers on a network and played video games over the Internet.
Harris created a set of levels for professional blackjack by stanford wong game Doom, which later became known as the 'Harris levels'.
The levels are downloadable over the internet through.
Harris had a web presence under the "REB" short for Rebel, a nod to the nickname of Columbine High's sports teams and other online aliases, including "Rebldomakr", "Rebdoomer", and "Rebdomine".
Klebold went by the names "VoDKa" and "VoDkA".
Harris had various websites that hosted Doom and files, as well as team information for those he gamed with online.
The sites openly espoused hatred for people in their neighborhood and the world in general.
When the pair began experimenting withthey posted results of the explosions on the websites.
The website was shut down by after the shootings and was preserved for the FBI.
Initial legal encounters On January 30, 1998, Harris and Klebold broke into a locked van to steal computers and other electronic equipment.
An officer pulled over the duo driving away.
Harris shortly after admitted to the theft.
They were later charged with,and.
They both left good impressions onwho offered to expunge their if they agreed to attend a diversionary program which included and.
Harris was required to attend classes where, again, he made a favorable impression.
The boys' discharged them from the program a few months ahead of schedule for good behavior.
Of Harris, it was remarked that he was "a very bright individual who is likely to succeed in life", while Klebold was said to be intelligent, but "needs to understand that hard work is part of fulfilling a dream.
In the letter, Harris expressed regret about his actions; however, in one of his journal entries dated April 12, he wrote: "Isnt america supposed to be the land of the free?
Fucker should be shot.
Hitmen for Hire In December 1998, Harris and Klebold made Hitmen for Hire, a video for a school project in which they swore, yelled at the camera, made violent statements, and acted out shooting and killing students in the hallways of Columbine High School.
Both also displayed themes of violence in their projects; of a Doom-based story written by Harris on January 17, 1999, Harris's teacher said: "Yours is a unique approach and your writing works in a gruesome way — good details and mood setting.
In exchange for her cooperation with the investigation that followed the shootings, no charges were filed against Anderson.
After illegally acquiring the weapons, Klebold his Savage 311-D 12-gaugeshortening the overall length to approximately 23 inches 0.
The shooters also possessed awhich had a long history.
The manufacturer of the TEC-DC9 first sold it to -based Navegar Incorporated.
It was then sold to Zander's Sporting Goods inin 1994.
The gun was later sold toLarry Russell.
In violation of federal law, Russell failed to keep of the sale, yet he determined that the purchaser of the gun was twenty-one years of age or older.
He was unable to identify the pictures of Anderson, Harris or Klebold shown to him by police after the shooting.
Two men, Mark Manes and Philip Duran, were convicted of supplying weapons to the two.
The bombs used by the pair varied and were crudely made from canisters, galvanized pipe, and metal bottles.
The bombs were primed with matches placed at one end.
Both had striker tips on their sleeves.
When they rubbed against the bomb, the match head would light the fuse.
The weekend before the shootings, Harris blackjack pizza prank call Klebold had purchased propane tanks and other supplies from a hardware store for a few hundred dollars.
Several residents of the area claimed to have heard glass breaking and buzzing sounds from the Harris family's garage, which later was concluded to indicate they were constructing pipe bombs.
The two boys purchased six more propane tanks on the morning of the attack.
More complex bombs, such as the one that detonated on the corner of South Blackjack pizza prank call Boulevard and Ken Caryl Avenue, had.
The two largest bombs built were found in the school cafeteria and were made from small propane tanks.
Only one of these bombs went off, only partially detonating.
It was estimated that if any of the bombs placed in the cafeteria had detonated properly, the blast could have caused extensive structural damage to the school and would have resulted in hundreds of casualties.
Harris left and Klebold right on a surveillance camera on the day of the shooting On April 20, 1999, just weeks before Harris and Klebold were both due to graduate, Brooks Brown, who was smoking a cigarette outside during lunch break, saw Harris arrive at school.
Brown had severed his friendship with Harris a year earlier after Harris had thrown a chunk of ice at his car windshield; Brown reconciled with Harris just prior to the shooting.
Brown approached Harris near his car and scolded him for skipping his morning classes, because Harris was always serious about schoolwork and being on time.
Harris replied, "It doesn't matter anymore.
Get out of here.
At 11:19 am, he heard the first gunshots after he had walked some distance away from the school, and informed the police via a neighbor's cell phone.
By that time, Klebold had already arrived at the school in a separate car, and the two boys left two gym bags, each containing a 20-poundinside the cafeteria.
Their original plans indicated that when these bombs detonated, Harris and Klebold would be camped out by their cars and shoot, stab and throw bombs as survivors of the initial explosion as they ran out of the school.
And at noon, cars setup in the pair's cars would detonate, killing first responders and other personnel.
When these devices failed to detonate, Harris and Klebold launched a shooting attack against their classmates and teachers.
It was the deadliest attack ever perpetrated at an American high school until the on February 14, 2018.
Harris was responsible for eight of the thirteen confirmed deathsDaniel Rohrbough, teacher Dave Sanders, Steve Curnow,Isaiah Shoels, Kelly Fleming, and Daniel Mauserwhile Klebold was responsible for the remaining five Kyle Velasquez, Matthew Kechter, Lauren Townsend, John Tomlin, and Corey DePooter.
There were 24 injured 21 of them by the shootersmost in critical condition.
Suicide At 12:02 pm, Harris and Klebold returned to the library.
This was 20 minutes after their lethal shooting spree had ended, leaving 12 students dead, one teacher dying, and another 24 students and staff injured.
Ten of their victims had been killed in the library.
It is believed they came back to the library to watch their car bombs detonate, which had been setup to explode at noon.
This did not happen, as the bombs failed.
Harris and Klebold went to the west windows and opened fire on the police outside.
No one was injured in the exchanged.
Between three and six minutes later, they walked to the bookshelves near a table where Patrick Ireland lay badly wounded and unconscious.
Student Lisa Kreutz, injured in the earlier library attack, was also in the room, unable to move.
By 12:08 PM, both gunmen had killed themselves.
In a subsequent interview, Kreutz recalled hearing a comment such as, "You in the library," around this time.
Harris sat down with his back to a bookshelf and fired his shotgun through the ; Klebold went down on his knees and shot himself in the left temple with his TEC-9.
An article by stated that Patti Nielson overheard them shout "One!
Nielson said that she had never spoken with either of the writers of the article, and evidence suggests otherwise.
Just before shooting himself, Klebold lit a Molotov cocktail on a nearby table, underneath which Patrick Ireland was lying, https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/blackjack-stratgies.html caused the tabletop to momentarily catch fire.
Underneath the scorched film of material was a piece of Harris's brain matter, suggesting Harris had shot himself by this point.
President Clinton's Remarks to the Columbine High School Community on May 30, 1999 There was controversy over whether Harris and Klebold should be memorialized.
Some were opposed, saying that it glorified murderers, while others argued that Harris and Klebold were also victims.
Atop a hill near Columbine High School, crosses were erected for Harris and Klebold along with those for the people they killed, but the father of Daniel Rohrbough cut them down, saying that murderers should not be memorialized in the same place as victims.
Motivations Harris and Klebold wrote much about how they would carry out the massacre, but less about why.
A journal found in Harris's bedroom contained almost every detail that the boys planned to follow after 5:00 a.
In journal entries, the pair often wrote about events such as thethethe and other similar events, including blurbs and notes on how they wished to "outdo" these events, focusing especially on what did in Blackjack pizza prank call City.
They mentioned how they would like to leave a lasting impression on the world with this kind of violence.
Much speculation occurred over the date chosen for their attack.
The original intended date of the attack may have been April 19; Harris required more ammunition from Mark Manes, who did not deliver it until the evening of April 19.
Harris and Klebold were both avid fans ofan band led by German multi-instrumentalist.
It was revealed that lyrics to KMFDM songs "Son of a Gun", "Stray Bullet", "Waste" were posted on Harris' website, and that the date of the massacre, April 20, coincided with both the release date of the album and the birthday of.
Harris noted the coincidence of the album's blackjack pizza prank call and release date in his journal.
In response, KMFDM's Konietzko issued a statement that KMFDM was "against war, oppression, fascism and violence against others" and that "none of us condone any Nazi beliefs whatsoever".
An April 22, 1999 Washington Post article described Harris and Klebold: They hated jocks, admired Nazis and scorned normalcy.
They fancied themselves devotees of the Gothic subculture, even though they thrilled to the violence denounced by much of that fantasy world.
They were white supremacists, but loved music by anti-racist rock bands.
The attack occurred on Hitler's birthday, which led to speculation in the media.
Some people, such as Robyn Anderson, who knew the perpetrators, stated that the pair were not obsessed with Nazism nor did they worship or admire Hitler in any way.
Anderson stated, in retrospect, that there were many things the pair did not tell friends.
In his journal, Harris mentioned his admiration of what he imagined to beand wrote that he would like to put everyone in a super Doom game and see to it that the weak die and the strong live.
On the day of the massacre, Harris wore a white T-shirt with the words "Natural selection" printed in black.
Bullying At the end of Harris's last journal entry, he wrote: "I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things.
And no don't … say, 'Well that's your fault,' because it isn't, you people had my phone number, and I click at this page and all, but no.
No no no don't let the weird-looking Eric KID come along, ooh fucking nooo.
You're fucking gonna pay for all the shit!
We don't give a shit.
Because we're gonna die doing it.
Vanderau noted that a "cup of fecal matter" was thrown at them.
They couldn't fight back.
They wore the ketchup all day and went home covered with it.
This made him reluctant to take his shirt off in gym class, and other students would laugh at him.
Certain groups certainly got preferential treatment across the blackjack pizza prank call />I caught the tail end of one really horrible incident, and I know Dylan told his mother that it was the worst day of his life.
Journals and investigation Harris began click here a journal in April 1998, a short time after the pair was convicted of breaking into a van, for which each received ten months of juvenile intervention counseling and community service in January 1998.
They began to formulate plans then, as reflected in their journals.
Harris wanted to join thebut his application was rejected shortly before the shootings because he was taking the druganwhich he was required to take as part of court-ordered anger management therapy.
Harris did not state in his application that he was taking any medications.
According to the recruiting officer, Harris did not know about this rejection.
Though some friends of Harris suggested that he had stopped taking the drug beforehand, the autopsy reports showed low therapeutic or normal not toxic or lethal blood-levels of fluvoxamine in his system, which would be around 0.
After the shootings, like claimed that the prescribed to Harris after his conviction may have exacerbated his aggressiveness.
In April 2009, Professor Aubrey Immelman, PhD of thepublished a personality profile of Eric Harris, based on journal entries and personal communication.
Immelman's profile believes the materials https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/be-a-blackjack-dealer.html behavior patterns consistent with a ".
The report notes that such a profile should not be construed as a direct psychiatric diagnosis, which is based on face-to-face interviews, formaland collection of collateral information.
Page after page was covered in hearts, as he was secretly in love with a Columbine student.
Although both had difficulty controlling their anger, Klebold's anger had led to his being more prone to serious trouble than Harris.
Klebold was known to swear at teachers and fight with his boss at Blackjack Pizza.
After their arrest, which both recorded as the most traumatic thing they had ever experienced, Klebold wrote a letter to Harris, saying how they would have so much fun getting revenge and killing cops, and how his wrath from the January arrest would be "god-like".
On the day of the massacre, Klebold wore a black T-shirt which had the word "WRATH" printed in red.
It was speculated that revenge for the arrest was a possible motive for the attack, and that the pair planned on having a massive gun battle with police during the shooting.
Klebold wrote that life was no fun without a little death, and that he would like to spend the last moments of his life in nerve-wracking twists of murder and bloodshed.
He furthermore wrote that what fun is life without death.
He concluded by visit web page that he would kill himself afterward in order to leave the world that he hated and go to a better place.
Klebold was described as being "hotheaded, but depressive and suicidal.
Harris and Klebold reportedly discussed their motives for the attacks in these videos and gave instructions in bomb making.
Police cite the reason for withholding these tapes as an effort to prevent them from becoming "call-to-arms" and "how-to" videos that could inspire copycat killers.
Some people have argued that releasing the tapes would allow psychologists to study them and would help identify characteristics of future killers.
Media accounts Initially, the shooters were believed to be members of a clique that called themselves the "Trench Coat Mafia", a small group of Columbine's self-styled outcasts who wore heavy black.
Early reports described the members as also wearing German slogans and swastikas on their clothes.
Additional media reports described the Trench Coat Mafia as a cult with ties to the Neo-Nazi movement which fueled a media stigma and bias against the Trench Coat Mafia.
The Trench Coat Mafia was a group of friends who hung out together, wore black trench coats, and prided themselves on being different from the 'jocks' who had been bullying the members and who also coined the name Trench Coat Mafia.
The trench coat inadvertently became the members' uniform after a mother of one of the members bought it as an inexpensive present.
Investigation revealed that Harris and Klebold were only friends with one member of the group, Kristin Thiebault, and that most of the primary members of the Trench Coat Mafia had left the school by the time that Harris and Klebold committed the massacre.
Most did not know the shooters, apart from their association with Thiebault, and none were considered suspects in the shootings or were charged with any involvement in the incident.
According to Supervisory Special Agent Dwayne Fuselier, the FBI's lead Columbine investigator and a clinical psychologist, Harris exhibited a pattern of grandiosity, contempt, and lack of empathy or remorse, distinctive traits of psychopaths that Harris concealed through deception.
Fuselier adds that Harris engaged in mendacity not merely to protect himself, as Harris rationalized in his journal, but also for pleasure, as seen when Harris expressed his thoughts in his journal regarding how he and Klebold avoided prosecution for breaking into a van.
Other leading psychiatrists concur that Harris was a psychopath.
According to psychologist Peter Langman, Klebold displayed signs of — he struck many people as odd, was very shy, appeared to have had disturbed thought processes and constantly misused language in unusual ways as evidenced by his journal, considered notable due to Klebold's peers that often described him as very intelligent.
He appeared to have been delusional, viewed himself as "god-like" and wrote about he was "made a human without the possibility of BEING human.
Reaction of Sue Klebold See also:mother of Dylan Klebold, initially was in denial about Dylan's involvement in the massacre, believing he was tricked by Eric into doing it, among other things.
Six months later, she saw the Basement Tapes made by Eric and Dylan, and acknowledged that Dylan was equally responsible for the killings.
She spoke about the Columbine High School massacre publicly for the first time in an essay that appeared source the October 2009 issue of.
In the piece, Klebold wrote: "For the rest pokerstars vip program my life, I will be haunted by the horror and anguish Dylan caused", and "Dylan changed everything I believed about myself, about God, about family, and about love.
And so more info every other mother in Littleton was praying that her child was safe, I had to pray that mine would die before he hurt anyone else.
It was co-written by Laura Tucker and included an introduction by winner.
It received very favorable reviews, including from the New York Times Book Review.
It peaked at No.
On February 2, 2017, Klebold posted a titled, "My son was a Columbine shooter.
This is my story.
The site listed Klebold's occupation as "activist", and stated: "Sue Klebold has become a passionate agent working to advance mental health awareness and intervention.
In August 2003, the families of five other victims received undisclosed settlements from the Harrises and Blackjack pizza prank call />Main article: describes the legacy of Harris and Klebold as deadly, as they helped in usher a new area of mass gun violence in the United States.
Napa Valley Register have called the pair "cultural icons".
Author Dave Cullen called Harris and Klebold the fathers of the movement for disenfranchised youth.
Harris and Klebold have also, as referred to, left their inevitable mark on pop culture.
Copycats The Columbine shootings influenced subsequent school shootings, with many praising Harris and Klebold, referring to them as martyrs and heroes.
According to psychiatrist of thea legacy of the Columbine shootings is its "allure to disaffected youth.
In 2015, journalist writing in magazine proposed a of school shootings in which Harris and Klebold were the triggering actors in "a slow-motion, ever-evolving riot, in which each new participant's action makes sense in reaction to and in combination with those who came before.
A month after the massacre, in had a shooting which Attorney General called a Columbine "copycat".
A friend of Harris and Klebold, Eric Veik, was arrested after threatening to "finish the job" at CHS in October 1999.
In 2001,the shooter, reportedly told his friends that he was going to "pull a Columbine," though none of them took him seriously.
In 2005,an American Indian who wore a trench coat, killed his grandfather, who was a police officer, and his girlfriend.
He took his grandfather's weapon and his squad car, and drove to his former high school in and murdered several students before killing himself.
In an apparent reference to Columbine, he asked one student if they believed in God.
The perpetrator of the wrote a note praising Harris and Klebold.
Convicted students Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik of in Idaho, whomentioned Harris and Klebold in their homemade videos, and were reportedly planning a "Columbine-like" shooting.
The perpetrator of the praised Harris in his diary.
In November 2007, Pekka-Eric Auvinen imitated Columbine with a inFinland.
He wore a shirt saying "Humanity is Overrated".
In December 2007, a man at a center in Arvada, Colorado and another two at the New Click here Church in Colorado Springs before killing himself.
He quoted Harris prior to the attack under the heading "Christianity is YOUR Columbine".
In a self-made video recording sent to the news media by prior to his committing the Virginia Tech shootings, he referred to the Columbine massacre as an apparent motivation.
In the recording, he wore a backwards baseball cap and referred to System betting and Klebold as "martyrs.
In 2017, two 15-year-old school boys from in England were charged with conspiracy to murder after becoming infatuated with the crime and "hero-worshipping" Harris and Klebold.
Thein which ten people were killed, strongly resembled the Columbine massacre; the perpetrator, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, used a pump-action shotgun macau minimum bet homemade explosives, wore similar clothing as Harris and Klebold including a black trench coat and combat boots and reportedly yelled "Surprise!
The also appears to have been directly inspired by Columbine.
In popular culture Main article: In the 1999 black comedywhich is inspired by the Columbine shooting, the two shooters are played by William Hellfire and Joey Smack, who also co-wrote, directed and produced the film.
The shooters are named "Derrick and Derwin", a play on Harris' and Klebold's first names.
The 2002 documentary film focuses heavily on a perceived American obsession with handguns, its grip onand its role in the shooting.
The 2003 film depicts a fictional school shooting, though some of its details were based on the Columbine massacre, such as one scene in which one of the young killers walks into the evacuated school cafeteria and pauses to take a sip from a drink left behind, as Harris himself did during the shooting.
In the film, the click are called "Alex and Eric" after the actors who portray them, and Eric Deulen.
In the 2003 filmwhich was inspired by the Columbine shooting, the two shooters are played by Andre Kriegman and Cal Gabriel and called "Andre and Calvin" after their actors.
Also in 2003, the film was released.
The film's main plot focuses on two bullied students, Daniel Lynn and Barry Shultz, who plan to carry out a school shooting on the last day of school after being tortured by the school jocks.
Barry, the main character, has second thoughts and quits at the last minute, while Daniel carries out the plan with a female accomplice, Dara McDermott.
Barry is played by Michael Belyea, Daniel is played by Kett Turton, and Dara is played by Elisabeth Rosen.
The film is believed to have been inspired by several shootings that are listed before the credits, Columbine being among them.
In 2007, the massacre was documented in an episode of the documentary series The Final Report.
In the 2009 filmwhich was written and directed by Andrew Robinson, who was a senior at Columbine High School during the shooting, the single shooter, Ben Harris, is played by Benjamin Chrystak.
The 2016 biographical filmbased on the journals of Rachel Scott, includes glimpses of Eric Harris' and Dylan Klebold's lives and of interactions between them and other students at Columbine High School.
Harris is played by David Errigo Jr.
Retrieved on April 25, 2015.
The school's location is on Pierce Street, which runs north-south through Columbine, roughly one mile west of the Littleton city limit.
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Paton of the in analyzed the videos created by post-Columbine school shooting perpetrators.
A recurring set of motifs was found, including explicit statements of admiration and identification with previous perpetrators.
Paton said the videos serve the perpetrators by distinguishing themselves from their classmates and associating themselves with the previous perpetrators.
Ghost Road Publishing Group.

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