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888poker researches whether poker or blackjack offers a better chance to be a winner of big sums of money.. Some players will stay in on all their opening cards (these are truly the worst. Picking games that are beatable.

Blackjack FAQ - Negative Variation, Insurance, Heat
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is blackjack really beatable

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A lot of people think you can't win at blackjack unless you're a card counter.. gaining an edge, when they're really not doing anything special.

Why is Blackjack still Beatable? - Blackjack and Card Counting Forums
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Why is Blackjack still Beatable? - Blackjack and Card Counting Forums
How to Win Blackjack Every Time REVEALED

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The fact-of-the-matter is that there are beatable games in a casino and you ought to. Just about everyone knows blackjack can be beaten with card counting.. However, if you learn to influence the results of your throw ever so slightly, then ...

Blackjack: A Loser's Game
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Is this the End of Card Counting? - Does Card Counting still work?
Blackjack has one of the lowest house edges of any game in a casino.
Even the with the worst rules have a lower than many other games in a casino.
Of course, players must use perfect to get the lowest house edge.
The best blackjack games not only have the lowest house edge in a casino but they might even be a beatable game.
Playing blackjack with perfect basic strategy and good rules can get the best blackjack games to house edge below 1%.
When and bet spreading is blackjack really beatable added to the more info, the edge can turn in favor of the player.
Casinos have learned to quickly spot card counters and remove them from the games.
The small player edge adds up over time.
There have been individual is blackjack really beatable and teams of players over the years using different strategies to count cards over the years.
First, changes have limited the number of games that are playable for someone looking to swing the edge to their side.
In a recent interview witha professional is blackjack really beatable player in Las Vegas estimates there are only about 100 is blackjack really beatable blackjack players in a city with a casino everywhere you look.
However, it is possible for some to make a living by playing blackjack.
The player says there are more than 35 beatable blackjack games around town.
Leaving the Vegas Strip and heading to downtown Las Vegas and the suburbs is the easiest way to find a blackjack game with player-friendly rules.
Finding the good game is only link the battle.
Players must keep their counting under the radar from pit bosses and surveillance.
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A lot of people think you can't win at blackjack unless you're a card counter.. gaining an edge, when they're really not doing anything special.

The Death of Blackjack and What Games Are Replacing It | The Motley Fool
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is blackjack really beatable

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game of Blackjack that proved once and for all that Blackjack was beatable.. Few players attempting to use Thorpss card counting methods were actually.

Blackjack FAQ - Negative Variation, Insurance, Heat
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The Death of Blackjack and What Games Are Replacing It | The Motley Fool
is blackjack really beatable

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If you're looking to find what the most mathematically beatable game is in a. actually give me the better odds, and which ones diminish my odds?”. always take place in games of Blackjack, followed by Craps and Roulette;.

You Can Still Make A Living Playing Blackjack In Las Vegas
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Blackjack Is Still Beatable
is blackjack really beatable

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It perpetuates the myth that blackjack is beatable," says Ma, explaining that amateur counters will try it and "fall apart at the table." Few people are prepared for the chaos of a real casino.. Blackjack is a game of probability, and each dealt card reveals valuable information about the remaining cards.

Counters Culture : The Simple Rule of Blackjack is That the House Reigns--To Win Consistently Takes Skill, Luck and the Art of the Con - Los Angeles Times
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Top 8 Reasons Why Most Blackjack Players Lose
If a store sold goods below the cost of what it paid for them, that store would not last very long.
All businesses need to make a profit to stay in business, and the bigger that business is, the more pressure there is to increase profits year in and year out.
If you have stockholders the pressure to increase profits becomes monumental.
Casinos are big business - they are some of the biggest businesses in the world today.
And they want to make as much profit as they can.
Many casino companies have shareholders and these companies have to keep increasing their profit year after year.
And little is blackjack really beatable are not all that welcomed.
Hungry shareholders want more and more.
That means each and every game must make the casino money and every year the casinos expect them to make more money than the year before.
And, thankfully for them, each and every game does make them money, although not each and every game comes through each and every year with increased profits.
We are now seeing some interesting changes in the gaming landscape - one very good and one very bad.
Vegas is heralding these changes but you will soon see them in Atlantic City, Tunica, Biloxi and the Midwest.
Blackjack is a wonderful example of a game that started off in the 1940s and 1950s a far distant second behind the lion-king of craps, but with the publication in the 1960s and 1970s of card counting systems intended to beat the game, blackjack zoomed into the stratosphere.
While hundreds of thousands of players now knew that blackjack was beatable and flocked to the is blackjack really beatable, only a few hundred had the savvy, discipline, knowledge and bankroll to actually please click for source the edge over the house.
It wasn't smooth, however, because the casinos panicked.
When it first came to light that blackjack could be beaten, the casino executives immediately changed the rules of the game and added multiple-deck games.
That panicked reaction first resulted in decreased play as blackjack players could see that they were losing more playing the same way as they had before.
The new rules were rotten, the multiple-deck games torturous.
If is blackjack really beatable player loses more, the tendency on many players' parts is to stop playing.
So the casinos put back all the old rules, although they did keep the multiple-deck games in ipad blackjack inventory, and blackjack profits then soared into the blackjack-o-sphere.
Today blackjack has five times as many players as does craps.
Only those infernal slot machines have surpassed blackjack in the moneymaking category but that's another story.
Blackjack is the king of the table games.
However, a strange wrinkle is creasing the face of the blackjack king.
In recent years to increase profits on their blackjack games, Vegas casinos have instituted reforms.
Bally's created a single-deck game with a 6 to 5 payout for blackjacks instead of the traditional 3 to 2 or 6 to 4 payout.
In these games, the dealer also hit on soft-17 a casino-friendly rule and the players were limited in their splitting and doubling options.
Using the normal basic strategy for single-deck blackjack, the house edge zoomed from about two-tenths of one percent to about 1.
That means this "new" blackjack game could really bring in the money if the players started to play it.
This new single-deck game has spread to many Vegas casinos.
It is now in Atlantic City and I believe there are some tables in Tunica.
The next innovation was called the "continuous shuffle machine" which could keep the game going without any pause to shuffle the cards.
The dealer just keeps dealing out of this machine and there is never any lag time.
This increases the number of hands the players can play by 20 percent - a huge increase.
That should translate into about a 16 percent greater take on the basic strategy blackjack player and an even greater take on the average blackjack player.
With the imposition of these two "new" blackjack games you would have to guess that the Vegas blackjack profits have gone through their glittering roofs.
You would have to guess that the executives who brought these games in are smiling up a storm and being patted on the back by happy shareholders.
The fact is that blackjack profits for the past three years are down in Vegas.
Fewer people are now playing the game.
Our guess, and it's just a guess, is that even non-expert blackjack players can see they are losing more than ever before at these new blackjack games and they have cut down or stopped playing.
While these "new" games do have substantially higher house edges, with much fewer people playing them, the house is not making its money.
A restaurant that wants to increase its clientele and its profits cannot do that if they deliberately offer poorer food than they did before.
That is business suicide.
So for all we know blackjack might be in the early stages of its death knell.
But the good news is that the old lion-king of craps is making a comeback in Vegas.
In fact, the profits recently have gone up by 26 percent!
Now why is that?
What has changed to make craps a more attractive game for players to play?
Nothing about the game has changed but something about the players has.
It is now common belief in a large part of the craps-playing community that craps can be beaten by controlled shooting; that players can get an edge over the house by taking care with their rolls.
If you go to a craps table today, you will see many more shooters setting the dice on specific numbers and attempting to have those numbers hit or that dreaded 7 not hit.
There are more dice setters today than ever before.
And just about all of them are losers.
Recall what happened with blackjack in the 1960s and 1970s - the profits went up as knowledge that the game could be beaten went out into the public sphere.
A few people could beat the game, yes, but thousands more could not and the casino profits went up.
That's what's happening in craps today.
The profits are starting to go up - at least that seems to be the indicator.
Now, if no panic occurs among casino executives, we should start to see more and more people being attracted to the game of craps - and helping those casino profits continue to go up.
Of course, if you play the traditional game of blackjack with the 3 to is blackjack really beatable payout for naturals, with the dealer standing on soft-17, with the ability to double on any first two cards, split any pairs, and double after splits, and you know your basic strategy, you are still playing one of the best games ever brought into a casino.
That game is, in fact, still beatable by savvy players - so get out there and play that game and ignore the blackjack como jugar bien versions.
Frank Scoblete european blackjack the 1 best selling gaming author in America.
His newest books are Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines; Everything Casino Poker: Get the Edge at Video Poker, Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo and Pai Gow Poker!
Frank and Casino City Times columnist Jerry "Stickman" teach https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/does-blackjack-secret-code-work.html lessons in dice control.
Frank's books are available at Amazon.
Call 1-800-944-0406 or write to Frank Scoblete Enterprises, PO Box 446, Malverne, NY 11565.
Frank can also be reached by email at fscobe optonline.
His newest books are Slots Conquest: How to Beat the Slot Machines; Everything Casino Poker: Get the Edge at Video Poker, Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi-Lo and Pai Gow Poker!
Frank and Casino City Times columnist Jerry "Stickman" teach private lessons in dice control.
Frank's books are available at Amazon.
Call 1-800-944-0406 or write to Frank Is blackjack really beatable Enterprises, PO Box 446, Malverne, NY 11565.
Frank can also be reached by email at fscobe optonline.
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YOU are responsible for determining if it is legal for YOU to play any particular games or place any particular wager.
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Under faux-bamboo canopies, 80 blackjack tables hum like hives.. Zender offers what is perhaps the Strip's most counter-beatable game, but also its. “That's what they're really in it for,” says Arnold Snyder, publisher of the.

Why is Blackjack the only mathematically beatable game in a casino? - Quora
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Top 8 Reasons Why Most Blackjack Players Lose
Blackjack, as played, has enough of click here history that is, a history with the current deck, not a history as in "500 years ago.
Compare that to roulette.
Every spin of the roulette wheel has the exact same odds, which favor the casino.
By the end of a particular blackjack shoe, the odds might slightly favor the player.
If you know that, and bet high when the odds are in your favor and low when they are not, you can come out ahead.
There are lots of ways that casinos prevent this, but it is at least conceivable to do.
With roulette, it's impossible.
I am unfamiliar with the rules of most other games, but I don't believe any have a known history like blackjack.
This is the correct answer IMO.
No other game in a casino has this running history like single, double, six deck shoes in blackjack read more alters the edge throughout the end of the shoe.
Which is also why casinos love the continuous shuffle blackjack variety because the history is non-existent and the edge is always in the casinos favor I think.
Baccarat is another game that is played with a shoe, usually 8 decks.
Also most casinos will charge a commission for the banker bet.
I've hear there is a way to count but the edge is very small.
It's funny to me you mention Baccarat because it's been a game I've heard talked about so much especially from the old guys at the BJ tables.
They would make it sound so fun but I just have always loved playing Blackjack that I never really got into it and I am not looking to pay the casino to learn if you catch my drift.
Fancy version of flipping a coin Am i crazy or was that first dealer also the blackjack dealer in Rain Man?
Edit: According to IMDb he really worked as a dealer in Vegas.
A dealer at MGM Grand in Vegas absolutely destroyed me Griswold style playing War.
I refused to stop playing because his "luck" was unbelievable, and I of course took that as a challenge.
Fuck Casino War, that dealer, and click the following article MGM Grand Las Vegas.
That was around 10 years ago.
It's people like you who come here and blow the family nest egg that built this town.
Except heads will come up slightly less and el blackjack only pays half your bet in certain situations It is like flipping a coin.
Except heads will come up slightly less and tails only pays half your bet in certain situations Tails pays 95% If you really want a coin flip game most casinos I've been to lately all have war now.
So you get your card dealer gets theirs and high card wins Its not even money in War.
Most casinos have some rule when you pair that puts the odds ever so slightly in their favor.
Go play roulette, bet on black.
It's like coin flipping but the house has an extra advantage 0 and 00.
If I lost in the double down I would hang around at penny slots drinking til I felt I made it worth blackjack quotes />Disclaimer: not a mathologist Yeah, any time I'd watch James Bond looking all cool playing Baccarat, I'd scoff at the screen.
There is absolutely no skill involved in the game whatsoever.
Kind of fitting though, as it's a game blackjack super about image, and aesthetic is very important to the character The only reason I know what baccarat is, is the James Bond Game Boy game.
You could play baccarat in-game.
Was that the game that allowed you to tune the gameboy colors' infrared to TV remotes, allowing you to change the channel on TV?
EDIT: It was Mission: Impossible for the GBC, not James Bond.
Was scanning the comments to make sure I wasn't just remembering an old dream.
Spent more time in that Baccarat part than the actual game.
Better odds than another other games.
After least with Baccarat, you have a better chance.
I find gambling fun when the table is lively and talkative.
Baccarat is fun if you have a good group at the table.
I keep an eye out and join tables like that.
It's just as much fun as a hot craps table, but the odds are a is blackjack really beatable better.
It also takes longer to play a hand than to roll the dice, so if things go badly, you won't blow your wad so quickly.
I went to a casino once for some free lessons.
I didn't lose any money but I lost a ton of those little fake plastic coins Same here, and afterwards I met up with some ladies who gave me their business cards.
They asked me to smell this powder they had.
It smelled terrible and burned my nostrils, but boy howdy that was a fun night.
This is true of many carnival games ultimate Texas, three card poker, high card flush, pai gow, etc.
That's how roulette makes money.
While occasionally you can get the odds in your favor on blackjack it's not possible on any other game.
The only bet I can think of that doesn't have an edge for the house is the odds bet on craps.
That's also why baccarat tables tend to be high minimums.
We were just in Vegas for EDC over the summer and couldn't find an affordable table to save our lives.
Old Vegas and the strip both all had high limit tables from what we saw So I was just recently in Vegas, my sister who has never played black jack before was asked to cut the deck.
When she did so she jokingly put it after the very first card and then moved it to the middle.
It was made clear by the dealers reaction that it was either not allowed or was really looked down upon.
What would they do if you cut the deck after the first card, or after ten cards multiplayer hacks blackjack that matter in order to increase your ability to read the deck.
Btw, at this particular casino they reshuffle the deck when you reach the break point.
If anything the increased shuffling makes it more random and reduces your ability to count.
In WA state, you must cut at least 1 deck from either end of a shoe.
It's all about laws, we dealers know it makes no shittin difference where you put a cut card.
Most casinos I've been to use a six deck shoe and reshuffle at the yellow card, which usually lived at the 70% done part if the sack.
Is counting cards still a viable strategy when so many cards are un-revealed?
Yes, because you still know what you started with, and what's still left in the deck.
The only way to change that would be to start each hand with a new shuffle, putting all the cards from the previous hand back into the deck.
It's not cheating as long as it's just you and you're keeping the count in your head, but they can kick you out for whatever reason they want to, they're private businesses; I believe gaming regs say they have to let you keep your winnings, though.
They can only prosecute if you're actually cheating, like using an electronic device of some kind.
All the poker room games are so beatable as you're playing other players rather than the house.
It could be argued that poker can't be 'mathematically' beaten in that the house always wins while the conglomerate of individual players will always lose.
Of course players can beat other players due to skill or luck but beside the pointwhile the other games in the casino can only be beaten by luck.
You can make that argument under those terms only.
You can win poker, only have to beat the rake.
Not everyone can do it, but then, far fewer beat games like black jack.
I went to casino and had like a grand just to have fun with and played blackjack with out knowing really what I was doing.
I ended up ruining a guys hand like four times to the point he wanted to fight me.
His drunk ass was escorted out real fast.
There are no games outside of blackjack that continue to use a deck after the hand is over except Baccarat, but in baccarat the house follows a very specific set of rules and the player has no say in the outcome of the hand so counting techniques don't work.
Edit: forgot about baccarat.
Roulette also can be exploited.
There was a case where they analyzed results and found that every wheel produces uneven results, due to manufacturing.
You only need a small error to exploit.
Same thing happened with electronic slots.
They literally weren't randomly distributed.
The first exploits were shockingly simple.
Yes, you can track a wheel.
You'll need about 1000 on the same wheel see more the same ball, before the wheel gets https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/sportsbook-live-blackjack.html which happens regularly.
Now assuming you won't get shafted by a rebalance, and there's a greater that 8% wheel bias edge on double 0 roulette is like 5.
Given that dealer spins per hour are like 20-30 on a decently busy game, https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/blackjack-speluitleg.html need to match like a hawk, never miss a number or a ball switch for at least 300 hours to get a decent sampling.
There's a Spanish film about a family that travelled around the world doing exactly this.
Its name is "The Pelayos" and it's based on real events.
There are lots of ways that casinos prevent this Yes, if you display any signs of using it to your advantage then they kick you out, and if you're caught repeatedly then you'll be banned from all casinos as they share their security information to some extent.
Basically, you're not allowed to win too much at a casino.
Automatic shuffling machines have removed that edge, so you're free to count cards as much as you want in most modern casinos.
No, continuous shufflers remove the players ability to count cards.
Automatic shufflers are typically for 6 deck shoes, and are only used to speed up the game so that the house doesn't waste time and money waiting on a dealer to shuffle 6 decks.
While one 6 deck shoe is being played, the shuffler is working on a second 6 deck shoe.
When one shoe is done, it is dropped in to be shuffled, and the other shoe is pulled out to play.
If the house catches you counting, they will find a reason to kick you out.
Counters will play minimums until they see an advantage.
Then they're betting big- to win money, as well as recoup possible losses when they were betting small.
A card counter, an effective one, knows that their time to play is limited.
They try to maximize that time with high bets.
Play perfect strategy and let's say you're at 45% odds in doing such, you get to play for a long time, only losing a nominal amount BUT YOU GET ALL THE FREE DRINKS YOU WANT WEEEEHOOOOO Every spin of the roulette wheel has the exact same odds, which favor the casino.
To be specific, there are 36 numbers, which pay 36 to 1 odds.
Because there's a zero, and sometimes a double-zero.
So there are 38 numbers, which pay 36 to 1.
It's 35-1 not because of ease of math, but because it is the correct number since you get you bet back as well when you win Fun story.
I took my family on a Caribbean cruise a few years back.
Found myself in the casino on a sea day and played some roulette.
After an hour I was asked to play something else like blackjack.
The roulette dealer was my best friend for the rest of the cruise after that.
Tipped the guy out close to 3k in that 2 hours.
A corner bet covers 4 numbers, not 6.
A 6 number line bet would have a 5:1 payout, and a 4 number corner bet would pay 8:1 so I'm not sure where this guy played.
What am I missing here?
I'm fairly certain he was saying he was playing pokernews tonybet the 6 number line bets amd getting 7-1 because it was mislabeled.
It sounds like the dealer or casino was over paying, hence the odds were actually in the player's favor.
Before I try this, either pull up a picture of a roulette layout, or if you are familiar with it, get a mental picture.
Ok, now understand that not only can you bet on single numbers, but you can also bet on 2,3,4,5, or 6 numbers.
You accomplish this by placing the chip on the edge of a number or on the intersection of 3 or more numbers.
For instance you can bet on the numbers 2 or 3 coming out by placing a chip on the line that borders both the numbers 2 and 3.
You can do that with any two adjoining numbers.
That bet pays 17-1.
You can bet on a row of three numbers such as 1,2,3 or 4,5,6 etc.
For instance if you wanted to bet on 1,2, and 3 you would put your chip on the border of the number 1 that is on the outside edge.
That bet pays 11-1 For betting four numbers you would place the chip on the spot where 4 numbers meet such as the spot where 1,2,4, and 5 meet.
That bet would pay 8-1.
Betting five numbers is rare but it's called the bucket bet.
The only way to do this would be to place the chip at the spot where 0,00, and 3 intersect.
This would give you 0,00,1,2,and 3.
It pays click to see more, I think.
I'm not really familiar with that bet, I just know it exists.
Finally for betting 6 numbers you would place the chip on the outside edge just like betting three numbers, but you would place it at the intersection of two numbers on the https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/blackjack-insignia-mobile-strike.html />For instance if you wanted to bet 1-6, you would place the chip on the outside edge right at the spot where the 1 and 4 meet.
And like stated earlier whenever you win a bet, you get the payout plus your original bet back.
Hope that helps Wtf?
Who on earth offers casino games and then fucks up basic math???
What cruise was this?
Cuz I'm booking asap.
I don't know I'm only 21 and never been to a casino so I have no damn clue what you're talking about.
In roulette, the table lay out will allow you to place a single bet to cover multiple numbersyou put your chip on the corner where the numbers meet.
You can't really beat roulette or craps, per se, but you can hedge your losses with the right betting strategy and if you know when to walk you can come out ahead.
But they didn't build a whole bunch of fancy resorts in the middle of the desert by letting people win.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I this web page that all roulette bets are effectively the same.
You can reduce your risk, but you reduce your payout by the same ratio.
All you change is how many spins it takes to get there and the variance.
Every bet on the board has the same expected payout, with the loan exception being the top line or basket bet on the American roulette.
Never make this bet 0, 00, 1, 2, 3 for the one simple reason that it is the only wager you can place that the house edge is considerably higher.
Bet on one number, it pays 36-1.
Bet on two, 18-1.
I sincerely doubt you article source asked to play a different game.
Sometimes people have good runs on roulette and the casino doesn't actually care since they're making their money on every other sucker.
If anything the casino would insist he continue playing and give comps to ensure that.
It's not like they were afraid visit web page his psychic number-choosing skills or anything.
EDIT: I see what is saying now.
I didn't catch the inflated payouts on line bets my first read through.
I was comped beverage packages, an upgrade to suite and free excursions read more rest of the trip.
The odds were mislabeled and they definitely wanted me playing something else.
They shut the table down after I left and wouldn't let anybody add click to see more while I was playing.
They more info the payouts and then they comped you for winning not losing or quitting?
Instead of just closing the table?
Theoretically roulette has the exact same chance of landing on each number but over time the dealer may start to introduce some bias into the system because they have a certain preference in timing for when they spin and release the ball and how much force they put into it.
One of the main reasons that casinos change the dealers regularly is to prevent this from happening.
There are ways to beat roulette but they all involve cheating eg placing bets late, using electronic devices to predict ball land quadrant.
While possible ex croupier herethat is also why there are hazards diamond shaped studs on the roulette wheel.
Blackjack is the only game where the odds change.
You start with a known amount of, and type of cards.
As you work through the deck, if you can keep track of which cards go through, you can estimate the odds of the coming cards.
Other casino games start fresh every time.
In a real casino they shuffle a lot of decks together.
They also replace the cards before they run out.
The ability to count is still slightly significant, but it's much more effective when there is only one deck in play.
My local casino uses 4 decks all shuffled into that dispenser.
Counting cards is going to increase your chances by fractions of a percentage if you play there.
It's not even worth the mental effort.
If you play "correctly" without counting the house advantage is less than a percent.
Counting doesn't have to boost your odds very much to give you an advantage.
From there it's your bankroll deciding how much you can exploit that small advantage.
Also playing perfectly isn't very hard.
Every Vegas dealer I've had will happily tell you what the correct play is.
You might change that play due to count if you're reallygood at counting or multitasking.
I just adjust my initial bet based on the count but not my strategy.
Which is all I care about.
Edit: spelling Blackjack is the only game who's outcome is dependent upon past actions.
Like, once an ace is played and discarded players know that ace is gone and won't be seen again.
Keeping track of what cards have been played can give a player good prediction of what will come up.
Knowing that they can adjust their bets so they win big when odds are good and loose little when odds are bad.
Casinos fight against this by using multiple decks of cards, re-shuffling at random times, and good old intimidation.
Some say it's as high as 1%, some say 0.
But, no matter what, it won't make you rich over night.
To see a 0.
Those who did get rich with card counting did it with a team.
And, don't forget, casinos can ask anyone to leave for no reason at all.
If you're statistically winning more than you should, you may get a tap on your shoulder.
So, mathematically, yes, you'll have an advantage in blackjack because it is a continuing, past dependent, outcome.
But, in real life, you simply won't be allowed to sit at a table and take the Casino's money.
The advantage you have over the house varies based on the cards played.
With 6 decks the player has a 49.
Once the count reaches +6 the net of all high, low, and neutral cards the odds increase.
For every multiple of 6 this goes up or down by.
When I play online I usually wait until I have a 51% chance of winning to bet.
Source: I wrote a blackjack card counting app and used for the math.
And what do you mean you play online?
Online casinos shuffle the deck after every hand.
I play online at 5dimes.
The whole thing is live on webcam and actual cards are dealt to you.
It's still the same rules as Vegas blackjack.
Question on the "tap on the shoulder".
Is it really a thing like the movies have made it out visit web page be?
Like do serious winners get taken to the underground level of the casino and beat up https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/blackjack-der-bodyguard-stream.html something?
Does that or a similar enough version of it really happen?
Or is it just like someone is beating the odds by 5% and they get a genuinely polite tap on the shoulder and get asked to leave?
Nobody gets beaten up.
Maybe there was a day when that used to happen, like back in the 70s when the mob ran casinos, but not anymore.
Now you'll just be politely asked to find another game to play except for blackjack; they may even comp you a room blackjack app win real prizes a meal to ice the sting.
If you keep "advantage playing" at blackjack you will be politely but firmly told to leave.
If you refuse to leave the police will be called.
It's also worth noting that card counting can be extremely difficult to do effectively without giving yourself away.
I'm not saying you have to be a genius, the math is actually quite simple, but to do it quickly enough to get a running count without it being obvious what you're doing requires a very specific kind of brainpower that most don't have.
And even if you do figure out a system to take their money you will be banned is blackjack really beatable like every casino in the world.
And unlike the old days the internet makes such bans effective, more than just a scare tactic.
It depends really how big the casino is, and how much damage you have done to them.
The smaller casinos you can get caught and go back the next month with no problems.
If you do too much damage in Vegas, well you aren't going to have a good time.
If people followed that rule, they would never sit at the table.
Casino's exist because they sell the dream of the big score.
Some players will be up.
Most will be down, but their emotions tell them that they could in fact hit the jackpot.
The longer someone plays, the less luck becomes a factor and the more the laws of probability will take over.
While casinos do get a considerable amount of the profit from everyday players, I wonder what % is from whales who come in and look at it as really just a form of entertainment.
Drop 100k or more in the casino in one night, get comped a room "sorry for your bad luck tonight, here's a free room, remember your friends at the MGM".
Your last line reminded me of Deniro's line in Casino when Ichikawa was up something like 2-3million of the casinos money from playing Baccarat at 30k a hand.
Ace did everything in his power to keep Ichikawa from flying out with the winnings and to get him back in the casino.
Ichikawa couldn't help but play some more and he bet small.
But winning only 10k to Ichikawa used to playing much larger hands really felt like losing 90k.
So he had to up his bets, and then the law of probabilities took hold and Ichikawa ended up down 1 million of his own money.
The longer they play, the more they lose.
In the end the House always wins.
If I just do payout blackjack pair few harrahs atlantic city blackjack tournament I'm sure to win it all back plus some!
learn more here has a memory unlike other games.
Big cards good, small cards bad.
Source: former casino employee and card counter.
I'll start with some terms here: House edge: expressed in a percentage.
The money the house expect to win on each bet.
Basic stragety: a tested theorem that that dictates a players move in a given blackjack hand.
Please Google basic strategy, there's a neat color coded chart you can look at.
Units: the number of increments of the minimum bet that the table maximum will allow.
House edge is a representation of the mathematical advantage that the house has built in its rules.
Here are some examples.
Roulette: straight up bet pays 35 to 1.
I'd you win you get 35 plus your bet.
There is 1 way to win, and on a double 0 wheel, 37 ways to lose.
If you cover every number stupid you lose 38 and win 36.
Deference here is academic in this case, most casinos only for one, but to one is better.
The 30s are for pairs hard click at this page />Let's say you think 11 will come next roll.
There are 2 ways to roll 11, 6-5, and 5-6, if you have problems seeing this, pretend the dice are different and card poker rules />You have 2 ways to win out of 36.
Or, 1 in 18.
This bet at best pays 15 to 1.
So win 16, lose 18.
Bet the pass line with 10x odds.
The edge represents the difference between the true odds vs payable odds.
With me so far?
Here's where things change.
In all other games of "chance", these odds never change.
Short term variance is expected and even necessary, no one would play a game where they always lost.
But blackjack and it's variants of the non continuous shuffle variety are different fundamentally, they have memory.
There a finite number of cards in that games universe if you will.
In a 6 deck shoe suits don't matter in BJ there are 312 cards.
I say least bad, because it is accurate.
There are no good decisions in blackjack because statistically it is still a negative expectation game.
Meaning, over a large sampling, with perfect basic strategy, you will still lose.
So, a recap here.
Most games suck because the odds are bad and built in.
You can chose less bad bets, but all bets are bad, get it?
But wait, you said Black Jack is different!
As I said, basic strategy lets you make the least bad decisions.
Some situations actually have a positive expected outcome, like doubling down when you have 11 vs a dealers up card of 6.
Keep in mind though, that the aggregate of all those situations still places you in the territory of negative expectation.
Card counting: there are plenty of tutorials online to teach this, but as a very simple rule of thumb, because of the rules of hitting and staying that casinos follow for their dealers, big cards favor the player, while little cards favor the dealer.
I'm not going to get into the math here, it's rather lengthy, but suffice to say that knowing the ratio of big cards to little cards remaining in the deck can offer an advantage to the player.
So, why does the dealer have the advantage on black jack?
Those only exist because if they were any more lenient to the dealer no one would play.
Player has 20, dealer busts.
Player wins Scenario 2.
Player has 20, dealer has 20.
Player busts his hand, dealer has 20.
These all seem fair so far.
Here's the one that earns all the house it's money.
Player busts his hand.
Dealer busts his hand.
So, try not to take hits that can bust you unless you statistically need to.
You know that busting loses your money, though paradoxically, standing when you should hit, while reducing your bust %, actually lowers your statical overall win % more.
You know that because 10s are good for you and little cards are bad, if you can keep track of the ratio of that and are in the right situation, you can have an advantage over the house.
The average difference in expressed advantage generally is only 2%.
Let's say the house has a 51-49 advantage over you, sometimes you can make that 51-49 in your favor with counting.
How do you take advantage of this?
It has 7 spots.
You are the only player.
This is blackjack really beatable let's you play all 7 spots if the table is empty.
This is an example only, doing this will get you labeled as a counter on the spot and backed off immediately As you know the deck shoe favors the dealer most of the time it makes sense to expose the least amount of your money to that negative expectation.
When the 10 ratio changes in your favor, you can now expose 700 times that bet to a positive outcome.
So while you're only going to have a %2 advantage, you're now betting 3500 with a better than even chance of winning.
Expose less of you money when you're at a disadvantage and more when it's in your favor.
Counting is the exact reverse of the casino model.
You're eking out wins on a small marking, but unlike the casini, you can alter your betting and actions with this knowledge TL;DR.
Yes, it is a coin flip.
And yes, I've heard of a way to count it.
Here the only situation I know of where it can be counted.
At the beginning of the shoe, the dealer reveals the first card and burns that many cards.
If you can keep track of the 10s in the shoe, and this count of remaining 10 in the deck is equal to burn cards plus the remaining cards in the deck after the cut card is pulled out, theoretically you could guarantee a tie bet, but I'd be willing that this is sore rare in practice, you're better off just studying something useful and getting a career change or a promotion.
Sorry about the spelling, this is a long comment for a phone and my dog has been licking my face Edits: edited for grammar and spelling, as well as an expanded craps section because some random craps player thinks he knows what's going on and was confused.
As always first reddit gold, thanks so much.
Also, for people saying poker, pai-gow, video poker, craps!
I try not to talk about thing I don't know much about, but here: 1.
Poker is beatable if you're good.
No commission pai-gow that let's you bank every other hand is probably close to 50-50.
Don't know for sure, check the math.
Apparently you can count baccarat, just got a link to look at.
Yes, some video poker offers an advantage.
Yes, crops has some good bets.
Pass with 10x odds is like.
Still not 0 6.
Advantage play tons of advanced techniques like shuffle tracking, hole tracking, taking advantage of weak delaers, sure that may make a game beatable.
YMMV The craps explanation was go here />Ironically, I am a craps player and understood every part of the post except the explanation of the one game I play and understand pretty well.
I think he's referring to a hop bet that was mentioned elsewhere in the thread.
But it was a terrible description.
House edge on craps goes down to nearly 1% on some bets.
Yeah I know, it was to show how house edge is calculated on games of chance rather than skill.
I'm aware of of the better bets in crops, and chose not to explain them because of length, limited topical value, and complexity.
You https://yournaughtystory.com/blackjack/atlantic-city-blackjacks-football-team.html your cards to total higher than the dealer will get without going over 21.
In the beginning, it's the same whether you count or not because all the cards are in the deck minus players' cards and one dealer's card you can see.
This is when you play by sticking to the.
Let's say none of the 15 face up cards were 10.
If you had two cards totaling up to 15, you want best scenario would be to receive a 10 on your first hit.
What are the odds of this happening at this moment?
And all the cards so far were A-9 you need to add them up as soon as they are dealt face up.
There are 312 cards, half the deck is 156.
All 96 of the 10 value cards are still in the deck.
If the same scenario happened NOW, what are the odds of receiving a 10 at your first hit?
Everyone will be losing their shit to try to convince you to stay because they don't want you to bust.
Well, you know now that your chance of busting is 0% because the highest card in the deck is a 6.
Keep in mind, unless you're some savant, you're not going to keep track of cards of each value.
You'll be adding and subtracting from a cumulative sum to get a general idea of the sum value of the deck.
Now you're gonna divide this sum by however many deck is left in play.
If no 10's came out so far, obviously the average value of the deck is higher than it was at the beginning of the game.
So when you are getting really high or low average value, usually towards the end of the deck, that's when the value becomes more and more accurate visit web page this is when you start to increase your bet by inconspicuous amounts.
That is the basic idea using really unlikely or lucky examples for emphasis.
Given the same probability every hand or shuffling the decks every handyou will want to stick to the basic strategy.
However, when you have an idea of whether high or low cards make up most of the deck, you will be adjusting that basic strategy.
You see those boundaries where red blocks meet green block or yellow blocks?
Depending on the count, you're gonna play a little more conservatively or bet a little more and massage those boundaries in the appropriate direction.
Apparently there's a character limit?
Here's something introduced to add to the craps section.
Craps: betting on a hop one roll bet pays to 30 for 1, 30 to 1, 15 for 1, or 15 to 1.
The deference here is academic in this case, most casinos are only for one, but to one is better.
The 30x payouts are for pairs hard ways.
Let's say you think 11 will come next roll.
There are 2 ways to roll 11, 6-5, and 5-6, if you have problems seeing this, pretend the dice are different colors.
You have 2 ways to win out of 36.
Or, 1 in 18.
This bet at best pays 15 to 1.
So win 16, lose 18.
Craps examples rely on a ton of terminology, most of which I didn't want to devote the time to explain.
Yes, there a ton of venetian blackjack switch I could have drawn from here but given that craps generally is a 2 state game pre and post come out and quad stage if you want to talk about the differences between pass and don't pass, I felt that the hop bets offered a more concise example of house edge.
You'll note I make distinctions between for 1 and to 1 betting payouts.
I could have made that more clear.
So here that goes: 1.
All odds in craps are based on the total of two 6 sided dice.
While pass, don't pass, come, don't come, place, buy, put, and purchased lay bets all pay the same, craps prop bets generally fall within 2 pay scales; for 1 and to 1.
The next roll of the dice will total 8 and that 2.
The eight will come 5,3 Since the dice are the same color, you can't tell if the 8 comes 5,3 or 3,5.
It makes no difference in reality however, because we know there are 2 ways to make a 5,3 8 just like there are 2 ways to make a 5,6 11.
The difference in the to 1 vs the for 1 look like this.
I bet 1 dollar on 15 for 1 hopping 8.
The dealers will kindly leave your action up for you because: A.
It pisses off players when you take their action down B.
It pisses off the casino when you intentionally remove money from action.
This same example applies to the 30x bets as well, just substitute 29 and 30 respectively.
Last thing on dice.
You can quickly compute the frequency of any number coming up by using 3 methods.
If yes, it's 1 in 36.
Excluding numbers 8-12, the number of combos of a number can be quickly calculated using the formula N-1.
Therefore 7 occurs 6 times, 5 occurs 4 times, 2 occurs once.
All these should be assumed to be out of 36, and since 7 is the average, all numbers above 7 are mirrors of the numbers below and vice versa.
Edit minor spelling and grammar This was fucking glorious.
I worked in the industry for years from everything to owning blackjack tables, to dealing poker to playing poker professionally and I still hear, "oh but my friend wins every time he plays blackjack," so often from otherwise reasonably intelligent people.
I can count cards but most people don't even realize with short term variance you can still lose.
Anyway, awesome, informative post.
People just tend to be fundamentally bad at odds and risk.
The way I like to explain it to people who don't get it is to say let's flip a coin, heads I win and tails you do.
If the winner gives the loser a dollar, this isn't a bad bet, but nor is it a good one.
You might win the flip ten times in a row, but play pokerowned freeroll game long enough, and neither of us is going to end up richer than the other.
This is a really good bet for you.
It doesn't matter if I win ten throws in a row, and you're down for a bit, play the game long enough, and we'd expect you to have taken twice as much money from me than me from you.
The downside of losing is so bad, and the plus is so small, that you would want to pass on this bet.
Now, if you were a casino with millions of dollars of a bankroll, you would want to take the bet.
There isn't much risk of running out of money.
You wouldn't earn much in the short term, but, if you could wait out your opponent, you would earn in the long run.
I come from a family where Blackjack is the Lord's prayer.
As a heathen poker man myself, I say to you sir this has been the best read on the basics of Bj I have ever read.
I'll share it with my kids one day.
I'm sure the guy knows what he's talking about, and I don't mean any offense by this, but how is this an ELI5 explanation?
ELI5: When there are a lot of 10s in the deck you have a higher chance of winning than the house.
When this happens you can bet extra money, so you bet more at an advantage and less at a disadvantage.
The reason its unique to blackjack is that the odds change based on public information from past rounds.
It's a layman-accessible explanation.
It's really lengthy and kind of confusing, but it's layman-accessible.
I'd like to hear from you about that.
I never go super in depth with those techniques because I was out of basic counting by that point, and I didn't want to muddy the topic by talking about general advantage play, but are you in the industry?
Let me clear up some misconceptions in this thread.
Credentials: Professional poker player in Las Vegas for 9 years.
Not a card counter but know plenty who do or did.
This is reduced significantly by bad house rules ie pay 6:5 on blackjack.
You cannot get over 50% without counting and properly adjusting your bets based on the odds for that hand.
The other part is the ability to bet SIGNIFICANTLY more when you have an edge vs when you don't.
The rules are generally worse and favor the house more than in years past.
They're better at spotting counters and teams.
I know a number of people who have made significant money well into 6 figures by counting, and have subsequently been banned or flat bet.
It's a good way to make short-term money if you know what you're doing, but you need a significant bankroll as the swings can be enormous.
Someone hitting when they should stay is just as likely to help you as hurt you, so leave them alone and let supercasino promotions do as they please.
Anyone saying otherwise does not understand statistics.

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